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Two Worlds Blue Blur Part 6

(Planet Mobius/The Emerald Hill Zone/Emerald Hill Zone music playing)

(Tails along with Knuckles and Amy searching for the Chaos Emeralds)

(A Buzzer appears fires at Tails only for Tails to smash it/Lands right in front of)
(the Blue Emerald/He picks it up/Does a victory pose/Triumph music playing)

Knuckles, Excellent Tails.

Amy Rose, That's five down two more to go.

Tails, And with any luck we'll find them just in time to save Sonic and Shadow.

(The camera swifts behind them/Off screen rumble of thunder)

(Camera switches to the wall of Snow Storm clouds coming in their general direction)
(The Ice Roc Harpy Ocypete emerges from the storms)

Knuckles, Tails Amy you guys finish searching for the last two Emeralds.

Tails, Wait what are you going to do?

Knuckles, I'll stall from some time. Looks like I might have to get my hands dirty after
(cracking his knuckles in excitement)

Knuckles, Now get out of here? Leave her to me. (As he turns towards her direction)

(Ocypete cocks her head down to Knuckles coming at her in full force/Punching her in the)
(face/Ocypete roars/She backs off for a bit)

Knuckles, What's a matter did I hurt you?

Ocypete, And who are you? Little Red Creature?

Knuckles, The name's Knuckles. Knuckles The Echidna. I'm here to punch your ticket.

(Doing a mid air Spin he Homing Attacks her/She recedes back by falling down to the)
(ground where she lands with a monstrous thud/Shaking the area around them)

(She reforms into snow than shifts to a much smaller form/Standing the size of a human)
(Looking around for him/Ground rumbling/Knuckles bursting out the ground uppercuts her)
(hard/Knocking her into the air/Where he leaps high into air then comes down with a)
(powerful slicing Spin Attack/Slicing through Ocypete than lands)

(He body drops to the ground then melts/He stands up with a toothy grin)

Knuckles, Yeah. (Ocypete echoing laughter)

Ocypete's voice, Did you honestly think you have defeated me?

Knuckles, I was counting on it.

Ocypete, So confident little Red Creature. You fail to grasp the full terror of the
Knuckles, Oh please drop the Villain Speech. I've heard all before. Your not the first.
         And you wont be the last.
(She manifest right behind him/Spreading her wings/Knuckles turns around to punch her)
(Disappears a second later then reappears again only for him to miss her again)

(Grunts/Walks around trying to locate her)

Knuckles, Where she go.

Ocypete's voice, Right here. (Looking up)

(Giant Ice Crystals dropping down from the Sky/Knuckles runs and dodges the Ice crystals)
(dropping down towards him/He leaps back into the air/Searching the skies for Ocypete)

(She manifest herself right above him/Gasp/Looking up/She kicks him to the ground)

(Knuckles crashes into the ground hard/Loud thudding)
(Wings flapping as she lands walking over to Knuckles)

Ocypete, Foolish little creature. You can't be me your only stalling the inevitable
(While looks back with a smile on his face)

Knuckles, Is that right?

Ocypete, What?

Knuckles, (Getting up real quick channeling energy through his fist) Chaos Fire!

(Firing a powerful blast of fire from his fist/He scorches Ocypete/Screaming in pain)
(backing away/Covered in flames that dissipates afterwards/Gasping)

(Knuckles channeling green energy in his hands)

Knuckles, I am the Guardian of The Master Emerald. I am able to tap into the power of
         the Chaos Force. The limitless energies of the Chaos Force grants me certain
         abilities to use. The Servers of The Seven Chaos Emeralds. Chaos is Power.
         Power Enriched by the Heart. The Controller is the one to Unifies the Chaos.
         Give me the power to fight her.

(Back on The Floating Island/The Master Emerald glows with a tremendous light)
(The camera pushes away from Knuckles as he glows with powerful light)

(Ocypete shields herself from the bright light/Ocypete gasp)

(Knuckles has transformed into Super Knuckles with a powerful glowing aura around him)
(Sonic Tails Amy and Shadow all look in the direction of the radiant light)

(Ocypete is both shocked and somewhat frighten)

(Knuckles stands their with the massive glow smiles)

Knuckles, You like. This is my Super Form. Let's get down to business. Let's take this
         up a notch.

          (The End)

Two Worlds Blue Blur Part 6
I'm back like I said I would. The stakes have gotten higher. Knuckles prepares to fight Ice Harpy Ocypete in Super Form. Can Knuckles defeat Ocypete. All this and more in Two Worlds Blue Blur Part 7. Bye.
Sorry for no updates

Sorry fo not posting anything lately but I came down with a bad summer cold that kept me
off the computer for a week that and my birthday was yesterday. But I'll feeling much
better now and I'm going to finish Two Worlds Blue Blur over the weekend.

But I'm back sorry for the inconvenience for not posting anything. These colds really
take it out of me. But I'm back. Thank you for your patience.
Sorry for no updates
Description in the box. Sorry for not posting anything.
Profile Jester Girls Race

Threat Level 6 to 12
Size Varies

Info, Jester Girls are very old very powerful supernatural race of entities that
resemble humanoid like female Jesters. They are part of the class( Cloudarians)
(which includes Clown Girls Mime Girls) A Jester Girl varies from one species to
another. The placement of the first appearance of Jester Girls is sketchy. The first
official appearance of them was late Pre-First Age to First Age of Solarius-Nargoth.

However others claim late First Age to early Second Age. Whatever the case maybe
Jester Girls have been around for a long time. Jester Girl are incredibly powerful
Reality Benders. They have some of the strongest Reality Manipulation powers ever
recorded. Some range from small scale to planetary to galactic to cosmic. Depending
on the Jester Girl. Majority of Jester Girls are found in Circuses and Carnivals
and Pizzerias similar to Inaba Dark Rabbits. They can also be found at Amusement Park
as well.

To most people they look like ordinary women dressed in Jester like outfits complete
with white face paint varies colors with some while some wearing Domino Masks on their
faces. But unfortunately that's what they actually look like. However they can shape
shift to look like normal women when not in costume. Despite being called Jester Girls.
Jester Girls most of them are not here to amuse you.

True they can entertain you by putting on a show for you and they do entertain children.
but they also are predators as well. Using their reality bending powers they will create
giant circus complete with the latest in modern entertainment. But they do it out of
necessity not for pleasure. Well some do it for pleasure or fun. Depends on the Jester

Some who in the mark for attracting Human Males would put on a very fantastic and very
sexual performance will alluring said man. However the Jester Girls in The Valley of the
Death Dolls they mostly use it for predatory use and the occasional sexual gratification
usage. Either way your going to be eaten or sexually rape by them. What goes down ways
heavily on the Jester Girl. She will either devour you whole or take you back with her
and use you as her personal sex toy. Or if you strike her fancy possibly her husband.

Jester Girls may look like innocent girls dressed up in clown like outfits but if you
take another look at them. You'll see they are not as benevolent as they appear.
Especially if a Jester Girl sets her gaze and sights on you. Your best bet is to run.
Profile Jester Girls Race
Here is a profile on a very strange mysterious race of entities called Jester Girls Race. Enjoy. See you real soon. Bye.
Profile Naga Race Species Part 3

Here is another list of the Naga Race Species. Hope you like it.

Gorgon Naga

Threat Level 7 to 10
Height 260 feet to 300 feet (Head to ground)
Size 320 feet to 360 feet (Head to tail)

Gorgon Nagas are one of the most dangerous species. They have long flowing hair which
can transform into snakes at will. Their skin coloration comes into a variety of colors
ranging from blue black red white peach etc. They are known and feared for their deadly
gaze which isn't true sense they can't turn you to stone just by looking at you. They
use their snake like hair to bite changing the nature of your dermis or skin into a rock
like substance similar to Gargoyles. Gorgon Nagas are sometimes feared by other Naga
Species. Whenever a Gorgon Naga is in the area most other Naga Species will flee but
most often then not They don't necessarily attack other Nagas and are quite usually non
aggressive to other Nagas. They mostly use it for hunting or defensive purposes. The
most famous are Medusa Naja who originally though to be Morganna Grey. Her two equally
powerful twin sisters Stheno Naja and Euryale Naja.

Cobra Naga

Threat Level 9
Height 120 feet to 200 feet (Head to ground)
Size 330 feet to 400 feet (Head to tail)

Cobra Nagas have one the strongest venoms in Solarius-Nargoth. They get their name from
they hood like skin flap in the back of their heads where they can manifest at will.
Their skin coloration is black with dark purple or lavender or dark red. Actually there
are several different types of Cobra Nagas. Ranging from the Emperor Cobra Naga to the
King Cobra Naga to the Spitting Cobra Naga. In either case they are just as dangerous as
normal regular Cobra Nagas. Cobra Naga possesses a very powerful neurotoxin. If injected
can kill a Great Dragon with in seconds not minutes. Though they rarely use it save for
hunting or defense methods. Feed mostly on Giant Albion Forest Deer they will on rare
occasions attack humans. The most famous of Cobra Nagas is Yuriko Tachibana or Aleena
the Fairy Eater and her six other sisters of the Tachibana Clan.

Maid Naga

Threat Level 5
Height 6 feet to 7 feet (Head to ground)
Size 8 feet to 11 feet (Head to tail)

Maid Naga as the name stated are Naga who can manifest maid outfits from their skin.
How is this process is done I have know idea. Maid Nagas lend their services to humans
in terms of house cleaning or working at Maid like Coffee Café Shots all across Solarius
Nargoth. They have red like scales and fair teal skin. With fair lovely eyes and long to
short hair. They will show up at a person's house and offer them their assistance. And
their work ethic is surprisingly high. They can cook clean and fabricate the lining.
And just like human assistance they get paid in cash. Strictly cash. But their is a
dark side to them. If the person requesting their service happens to be a Human Male
she will ask for sexually favors in return. And sometimes wrap themselves around a
sleeping man the proceed to have sexual intercourse with him many times over. To which
they move on to the next person who require their services yet again. Some union.

Mirror Naga

Threat Level 6 to 10
Height 6 feet to 450 feet (Head to ground)
Size 8 feet to 530 feet (Head to tail)

Mirror Nagas are similar to a Mirror Succubus. A Mirror Naga will use mirrors as doorways
to their pocket dimensions. They are very similar to Mirror Succubus with clean white
to transparency like skin similar to cloaking devices in Metal Gear Series or Predators.
Looking almost invisible save for their glowing silver eyes and sometimes reflecting
scales. However unlike a Mirror Succubus a Mirror Naga doesn't possess reality bending
powers so they can't manifest a Mirror like a Mirror Succubus. But they can use anything
that has a reflection as a mirror. Which is windows water puddles light etc. They can
virtually use any surface they desire. A Mirror Naga will use the mirror to lure
unsuspected prey to their mirrors. The human sized one will use it to attract Nagas or
Male Humans. If it's a human they will use their feminine sex voice to lure the man into
her dimension depending on the size and scale of said Mirror Naga she will either eat
him or have sex with him. Either way it's bad. They have often been mistake for Mirror
Succubus. However Mirror Nagas are rare and only found in certain areas.

Ancient Naga

Threat Level 12 (Possibly 13 to 14)
Height 5,000 feet to 7,000 feet (Head to ground)
Size 9,000 feet( Non pun intended) to 12,000 feet

Originally Ancient Nagas were once known as the largest species of Nagas in recorded
history. The Ancient Nagas predate like most Ancient Species appeared during the Pre-
Age of Solarius-Nargoth. They were towering monstrosities that were larger than most
than even the Kaiju Race. Which were said to be the largest of the Pre-Age Era. They
were powerful enough to shatter and destroy mountains and crushes lakes and even wipe
out entire Ancient Kingdoms of the Pre-Age. Though most believed they are extinct and
no longer roam Solarius-Nargoth. But like may legends most Ancient Races don't die out
so easily. Just like Ancient Mermaids or Ancient Harpies. It is possibly for Ancient
Nagas to still exist though in smaller numbers than originally since the world has been
through a since their era. Whether or not they still exist is entirely up to the said
person. However their was one report of a massively sized trail imprint of something
larger than a Cave Naga which is currently the modern largest species after Ancient
Nagas. And no. No Dragonball Z 9.000 pun. It's been done to death.

Rattlesnake Naga

Threat Level 7 to 10
Height 7 feet to 400 feet (Head to ground)
Size 10 feet to 470 feet (Head to tail)

Rattlesnake Nagas also called Diamondback Rattle Nagas getting their name from the
diamond shaped pattern on their scale color which ranges from brown to light brown
to chocolate chip to black with red diamond shapes. Also getting their name for the
rattle like appendage at the end of their tails which they use to warn and ward off any
potential threats even by other Naga species. They have possibly the second most deadly
toxin in next to Cobra Nagas. Rattlesnake Nagas venom also works like a neurotoxin.
Their venom is strong to kill even a something the size of a Kaiju monster. Rattlesnake
Nagas are lonely by nature and tend to stay to themselves however it a hapless Human
Male happens to wonder into their territory they will use their secondary Sex Venom
that is use for stunning said mail also giving him instant erection. She will have her
way with him for several hours if not days. The effects of the Sex Venom is depended on
how much the Rattlesnake Naga injects him with. Either way it spells sexual doom for
said human.
Profile Naga Race Species Part 3
Here is profile number three on Naga Race Species Part 3. Hope you enjoy. Bye.
Two Worlds Blue Blur Part 5

(Planet Mobius)

(Hill Top Zone/Stage music playing)

(Shadow zooming from the clouds below looking back into the background)
(Ocypete flies up from the clouds wind blowing/She spreads her wings firing a barrage)
(of Ice Dagger/Shadow moves from left to right then dodges as the dagger slamming into)
(the ground he jumps up leaping from dagger to dagger coming towards her)

(Ocypete smiles/She breaths a massive ice blade that comes at him/Shadow leaps then)
(runs up the giant dagger as he comes closer/He shouts Chaos Control/Disappearing)

(Come from behind and Spin Attacks through her body/Screams/She shatters to pieces)
(Now she appears behind him in human size/gasp/Super kicks him/Yells)

(Shadow crashing through several mountain ranges/He lands then drops to one knee)

Shadow, Damn it. Hmm? (Shadow looks to the left seeing a bridge overlooking a pit)

(The pit is filled with lava/Suddenly a very large Rexon Badnik/Rexon roars)
(It rises out of the Lava Pit/Roaring/Charging energy/Shooting a blast from it's mouth)
(Shadow rolls to the side an within a beat slices through the Rexon/Roaring as its')
(neck falls back into the lava)

Shadow, Now to find that Harpy. (Shadow jumps over a fireball/Looking back)

(A bunch of Fire Orbinauts or Sols Batniks appearing/The come at Shadow/Throwing their)
(fireballs at Shadow who uses the Homing Attack on all five of them in quick session)

(Lands/Chuckles/Looking back/He finds himself surrounded by more Fire Orbinauts)
(All giving him angry looks)

Shadow, Seems I've attracted some unwanted attraction. Let's do this.

(They all through their fireballs/Shadow zipping and dodging the fireballs with ease)
(Using his Homing Attack on them/Bopping noise freeing the creatures inside)

(He runs into a cavern/Looking inside seeing Spiker Badniks on the walls and ceiling)
(Wings flapping/Looking out/Seeing the giant Ice Harpy flying past the mountain side)

Shadow, There she is.

(He zooms across the cavern/The Spiker Badniks unleashing their spikes/He avoids the)
(spikes/He jumps on a See-Saw with a glowing angry orb looking at him/He jumps on the)
(the See-Saw/It lands then sends him up/Avoiding and Homing Attack the Spiker Badnik)

(Smashing the last Spiker/Leaving the caverns/A long bridge over a massive Lava Pit)
(Seeing the Harpy in the distance flying away/He zooms across the bridge)

(Emerging from the Lava Pits are much larger Rexon Badnik/Multiple roaring/As they rise)
(up smashing their heads and firing energy balls at Shadow as he avoids them)

(A even larger Rexon bursting from behind towering over the others and coming down)
(towards Shadow/A close up of his face with a slight turn to its direction)

(Within a second slices through the gigantic Rexon/Roaring/As it's head falling and)
colliding into the others than falls back into the Lava/Rumbling thudding)

(Reaching the end of the bridge as it falls into the Lava/Off screen clapping)
(Shadow looks towards the sound/Sonic standing there with his back on a sign)

Sonic, Well glad you could make it here. Stellar performance.

Shadow, Sonic? How did you get up so quickly?

Sonic, (Pointing to a alternate route) I took a short cut. (With a smile)

(Shadow eye twitches in irritation then groans with annoyance)

Sonic, What?

         (The End)
Two Worlds Blue Blur Part 5
Well that was well something. Anyway Sonic has reunited with Shadow as they ready to combat the Ice Harpy Ocypete in Two Worlds Blue Blur Part 6. See you soon. Bye.


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Two Worlds One Story is more than just a crossover of Felarya and Solarius-Nargoth. It's a story about many connections to why the seperate worlds are so similiar. What going into Too much details. But it might answer some of the questions but that's up to the viewers whether or not me. Whether the story is canon or not it's all up to you the viewers. Although there's one people on Deviantart who doesn't like my Soloarius-Nargoth. But I wont mention him. But for the rest of you. Enjoy. Thank you.
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