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Two Worlds Red Hood Part 5

(Pittsburgh Pennsylvania)

(Wide shot of the city/Chas and Constantine come into view)

Chas, How do we know if she really is in Pittsburgh?

Constantine, Oh she's here mate. I can sense it.

(Pulling out a Amulet from around his neck)

Constantine, The Amulet of Darkness. Design to seek out all and powerful malevolent dark
            spirits. This thing can detect powerful evil spirits anywhere. It's been
            picking up on her spiritual energy. She's here. Where. We'll just have to  
            follow the trail.
Chas, Even if you find her how do we stop her.

Constantine, I have a theory. If I'm right about it. We should make it work. Come on

(Walking out of frame)

(Shadyside Neighborhood)

(The Red Hood Girl standing at the corner on Walnut Street/Crossing the street/A large Semi Truck coming towards the camera/Horn honking/Without even looking she aims her and points to the right then fires a single bullet from her Colt Gun/Shooting the Driver in the head/Drops to the side/The Semi Truck out of control)

(The Truck crashes into one of the building/People running towards/She walks through the crowd/Surround the truck/She turns then snaps her fingers)

(The Truck explodes into a enormous fireball burning all the people that has gathered around the Truck)

(She walks away/Sounds of Police Sirens in the background)

(A close up of the Amulet/It trembles for a second)

Constantine, She's here lets' move.

Chas, Where?

Constantine, Follow the Amulet.

(Continuing farther down the street/The Amulet stops and points to the left)

(Seeing The PNC Park Stadium off into the distance)

Constantine, She's at the PNC Stadium.

Chas, Isn't there a game playing. Not until later on this afternoon.

Constantine, Of course that's why she is there. She's going to kill a Stadium full of
            people later on.
Chas, Then we need to stop her before then.

(The PNC Park/The Girl in the Red Hood sitting on a chair in the middle of the field)
(Eating a large slice of cake and cookies she brought with her)

(Constantine and Chas with armed with guns comes towards her)

Constantine, (Cocking gun) The game is up love. We know what your planning to do.

(She doesn't even acknowledge them as she Constantine or Chas/She continues eating her cake)

Chas, I think she's ignoring us intentionality.

Constantine, Is she now? (He stands and points the gun with one hand) Let's see if she
            ignore this.

(She turns her head slightly in his direction/Gunshots/He fires five rounds into her body)
(She goes limp in her chair tossing her cake into the air)

(Then they wait a minute/Suddenly she springs to life as if nothing happen/Coughs)
(She coughs up all the bullets in her hand/Holding in her hand she lets them fall)

Chas, Holy shit.

(She stands up and looks to the right/Gasp/Seeing her Cake spilt all over the ground)
(She walking over to her Cake on the ground/She pick up the plate/Dirty and dust covering it/Camera changes to her hand/She crushes the plate with her bare hand)

(Low deep growling/She turns her head slowly towards them with glowing red eyes/With an intense stare/They just realize what they done)

Chas, Uh oh.

Constantine, I think we just pissed her off now.

(She turns to them/Camera changes as she is standing behind them/Turning around/She backhands Chas/Sent him flying across the field/Screaming)

(She grabs Constantine and throws him hard/Yelling/Thudding dropping his gun)
(She walks slowly to him)

Red Hood, You...made me drop my cake. (More enraged) THAT...WASN'T...VERY...NICE!

(She picks him up by the throat/Roaring in his face)

Constantine, So got your dander up I see.

(Shots fired/Bullets hitting in the back/Growling/She looks back/Chas on the ground)
(Growls/She throws Constantine to the ground/She reappears in front of Chas)

(With one hand she picks him up/grunting/She raising him up/She takes his gun and crushes it to piece/Low growling/As he stares into her intense angry eyes)

Chas, John do it now.

Constantine, Right. I'm on it.

(John comes from behind and pulls off her hood/Shrieking/She drops Chas/She flailing around in dark energy form/Her body turns into smoke then dissipates leaving only her red hood/Screaming fading away)

(Chas breaths out in relief)

(Constantine picks up her hood)

Chas, So this was your big plan huh? How did you know it was going to work?

Constantine, There was a reason why she the Red Hood Girl never takes off her hood. Her
            hood was her weakness. Since why is it we never see her face or the fact she
            kept her hood on. It's because she is a Spirit of Darkness. and like mostly
            all Spirits of Darkness they need to shield themselves during the day in
            order to move about in broad daylight. I figure she worked on the same
            principles as other Dark Evil Spirits. She manifest a cloak hood in order for
            her to move in direct sunlight. So remove the Red Hood's hood and you expose
            their weakness. You destroy the Evil Spirit.
Chas, Hopefully that will be the last of that.

(Both walking away/Constantine throws the red Hood in the trash/He walks out of frame)
(Seconds later another Red Hood with a longer cloak appears/She is joined by another Red Hood/She picks up the red hood cloak)

(The both walk away in separate directions)

               (The End)
Two Worlds Red Hood Part 5
Ha. Just when you thought it was over. Another twist in the mix. But that's a story for another time. Coming is Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Into The Darkness Part 3. Find out what happens all this and more. Bye.
Thank You.

I wanted to say thank you to all my page views. I've reached over 5,000 Page Views. I never though I make it this far in the six years I've been to this. I know sometimes I take a while to finish a story. And I know a couple of my stories have very little views.

But you know what through all that I can safely say I enjoy my small number of viewers. And hopefully I be able to make more stories in the future.

But the point to this is Thank You for taking the time to read and favorite my work. I'm happy that you enjoy. Keep on viewing and thanks again.

Thank You.
This is how I feel about all of you in the six years I've been on DeviantArt. Bye. And more stories to come. Bye.
Two Worlds Red Hood Part 4

(Unknown Location)

(Everything is white then fades away revealing Constantine walking up/Completely healed from his injuries/He sits up/Looking around/He finds himself in a Hospital Bed/Laying next to him is Chas/He takes the bandages off)

Constantine, Oy. Wake up mate. (Chas sitting up/Groans)

Chas, Where are we?

Constantine, From the looks of it a Hospital. How we got here is a total mystery.

Chas, I can't remember anything since the crash.  (Gasp)

(Constantine has a flashback the night of the car crash and the Red Hooded Girl)

Constantine, Now I remember. That Girl with the Red Hood. She caused us to have a car
Chas, That still doesn't explain how we ended up in a Hospital Room. I mean who brought
     us here?
(Meowing below/A White Cat with yellow eyes with a black spot on his chest jumps up on to Constantine's bed/Meowing)

Constantine, I suppose you know who brought you here? (Petting the White Cat)

(Getting out of bed/Putting on his clothes/Camera transitions to the next scene/Both are fully dressed and ready for action)

Constantine, Our first priority is to get out of this Hospital and go look for that Girl
            in the Red Hood.

(Both walking past the White Cat about to leave)

Male Voice, Leaving so soon?

(They stop look at each other then slowly turn around seeing nothing but the White Cat)
(The White Cat looks at them)

Constantine, Who said that?

Male Voice, I did. (Looking down at the Cat)

Constantine, You mean you....?

White Cat, Guilty as charged. Your not leaving are you? You need more rest you know.

(Constantine is slightly surprised Chas on the other hand is a little off putted by this)

White Cat, What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? Pardon the expression.

Constantine, Trust me pal. I've seen weirder things than you. All the more reason. Did you
            brings us here?
White Cat, I did. I found you on the side of the road. You two were barely alive when I
          rescued you. You been out for two days.
Constantine, Where are we?

White Cat, Your in my personal care room. To be more precise a dimensional doorway to my
          home. Forgive me. Where are my manners. My name is Cat Sith The Spirit Neko.
Constantine, Spirit Neko? You mean like that Black Female Cat.

Cat Sith, Black Cat? Oh you mean her. Yes The Cat. Cheshire. Yes I know her well.
Constantine, Well we appreciate your hospitality but we really must be leaving.

Cat Sith, Going after the Red Hood.

Constantine, Yes. How do you know about....

Cat Sith, Trust me my friend I've seen what this things can do. I hate to say you maybe
         a little over your head.
Constantine, What is this Red Hood?

Cat Sith, Red Hoods are very Ancient Dark Malevolent Spirits. Taking the forms of Girls
         wearing red hoods. Their name is similar to the character in the Little Red
         Riding Hood. They are descends of Death Hoods. One of the Big Five. They are
         known for they violent behavior. They wonder from place to place seeking those
         they will kill. They kill for the thrill of killing.

Constantine, I know we saw her handy work.

Cat Sith, Red Hoods are Threat Level 10 type Entities. They are very powerful. They have
         the ability to bend reality matter manipulation weather manipulation and vast
         array of paranormal powers. Although they rarely use those abilities.
Chas, Why?

Cat Sith, Despite being all powerful. They only use it in more constructive ways. You've
         seen the Picnic Basket she was carrying right?
Both, Yes.

Cat Sith, I believe she uses her powers to conjure all sorts of killing weapons. Dreadful
         things those demonic spirits are.
Constantine, So who do we spot this Red Hood?

Cat Sith, Hmmm, Haven't got a clue.

Constantine, We'll figure it out as we go along. Where is she now?

Cat Sith, She is still in Pennsylvania. Most Red Hoods don't travel too far during their
         killing hunt.
Constantine, Alright. Time to go.

Cat Sith, There is one more thing. Those they are called Red Hoods. There are actually
         several version of them. Each with their own colored hood. However though Red
         Hoods are considered to be the weakest of the bunch. Depending on the coloration
         of their hood determines the type of Hood your dealing with. Just food for
Constantine, We'll keep that in mind.

(Walking towards the door/Constantine opens it/Bright light/Flashes/Finding themselves in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania)

Constantine, First thing we do is find that Red Hooded Girl.

Chas, I'll find us a car.

            (The End)
Two Worlds Red Hood Part 4
Well our heroes have healed and we've met a new player in our midst. Find out what happens in Two Worlds Red Hood Part 5. See you real soon. Bye.
Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Into The Darkness Part 2

(The Underground Caverns of Alda)

Ariella, Demechrelle. Are you sure?

Malachite, Beyond any doubt. It would seem the Widow Queen is has awaken.

Ariella, You think she's aware of our presence?

Malachite, I don't think so. However she knows something is a foul in the Caves afar.
          I believe she sensed our powers from Eradora.
Cat, A mystery on itself should we tread more carefully.

Ariella, Still speaking in riddles I see.

Cat, The Riddles are spoken of truth. We are in the presence of an Ancient Evil that
     predates The First Age. You concern is notified.
Malachite, All the more reasons to verify she truly is awaken. Let us press on. And be
          mindful down here. There are more than Giant Spiders to worry about.

(Crossing the Bridge they reach an old abandoned Kingdom that once stood above ground)
(The former abandoned Kingdom spreads long and deep/Giant glowing Mushrooms and massive Stalagmites and Stalactites surround the kingdom some have already erupted from the streets and old roads that pass through her long time ago)

Ariella, What is this place?

Malachite, Here stands before you stands the Old Kingdom of Nezaroc. One of the first
          Pre-First Age Kingdoms to exist. Or use to exist. Once ruled by Balin High King
          of Nezaroc. This was a lust and beautiful Kingdom one of the fairest in the
          land. King Balin was a wise just and fair King. It is believed that his blood
          line ruled the land for ages.
Cat, What became of his Kingdom.

(Deep breath)

Malachite, It was destroyed by the very monster we now seek. Demechrelle. In was a dark
          day for that Kingdom. In the twilight hours of that time Demechrelle in her
          monstrous ravaging hunger for light came upon the Kingdom of Nezaroc. In her
          sane madness she lead an army of her hell spawn children and Leviathan Spiders
          to lay siege to Nezaroc. The endless cries of death and destruction raped the
          very land of it's beauty. Even The might King Balin was devoured by the beast
          who tore through his Kingdom in an instant.

(Camera pans wide shot with Malachite pointing)

Malachite, This place is a constant reminder the type of Ancient Evils that ravaged the
          lands long ago. Now its buried deep underground in its owe darkness. Never to
          see the light again. We must cross this place to get to the Halls of Eradora.
Both, Right.

Malachite, We must take caution. This place is rotted in darkness. There are old things
          that haunt this place.

(Going down the pathway/The enter the gates of Nezaroc/The Kingdom itself is ruined in destruction and desolate/Wind blows in a eerie fashion/Shadows that seem to move on their own/Deep moaning rumbling as they cross the streets)

Ariella, This must have been a wonderful place. The way you speak Malachite it sounded
        like you were there.


Malachite, I maybe old but I'm not that old. I feel a bit of nostalgic about this place.

(Camera moves around above them/Small creaks and groans/Whispering/Cat hissing)

(Ariella looking down at her/Cat's back is arched and hissing and growling)

Ariella, What is it?

Cat, There is a presence here. I can feel it.

(The camera rushing towards them from behind/Wind howling/Malachite turns around looking up/Standing behind them is a very Shadow Stalker with outstretched arms ready to grab them/Malachite summons a light spell/Bright light/Shadow Stalker howling in pain)

(He fires the Light Spell at it/The Stalker dissipates/Looking around/Several glowing eyes appearing all around them/Out of the darkness more Shadow Stalkers)

Ariella, My turn Malachite.

(She places her hand on the floor)

Ariella, (Chanting a spell/Pillars of light erupting from the ground swallowing up the Shadow Stalkers)

(She summons her Staff then slams the ground with it/Bolts of celestial lightning coming out of it/The lightning taking care of the remaining Shadow Stalkers)

Ariella, Shadow Stalkers down here? I thought you find those in the Moonlight Forest or
        that Azamar Temple?
Malachite, Shadow Stalkers along with their other kin are found anywhere where darkness
          lies. We best keep moving. The longer we stay here the more attention we'll

(Continuing down the roads/Passing by the Old Castle/Inside the Court Yard the now weather beaten Statue of the High King Balin holding up his Scepter)

(Malachite reading the inscription on the bottom)

Malachite, Here lies King Balin. Son of King Bolin. His tomb was built under his Statue.

Ariella, This place it reeks of corruption. I feel sadness and a sickness.

Malachite, They are the after effects of Demechrelle. Her destructive hunger destroyed a
          wonderful Kingdom.

(Leaving the Court Yard/Hiding behind the Old Castle is a pair of eight glowing red eyes)
(The eyes move/Low growling/The eyes move away)

Malachite, Wait. (Holding up his hand)

(Sensing something/From his pov looking around seeing nothing but darkness)

Ariella, What is it?

Malachite, Nothing. I felt I sensed something.

(They take their leave away from the camera)

(Camera switches to the Old Castle/A much larger Black Spider emerges from the back)
(Low growling/It crawls over the Castle)

       (The End)
Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Into The Darkness Part 2
Malachite was right something is following them. Find out what happens in Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Into The Darkness Part 3. To find out. Bye.
Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Into The Darkness Part 1

(The Subterranean Caverns of Alda/Many miles from Eradora)

(Malachite The White Wizard searching the caverns)
(A noise behind him/Ariella The Wise appears in human form)

Ariella, Malachite. What are we doing here? Dark Ancient things fester within this caves.
        Where they should stay undisturbed. Seriously Malachite why are we here?
Another female voice, That's what I like to know.

(The Cat manifest right in front of them)

Malachite, Cheshire.

Cat, Why are we here Malachite. A darkness has fallen upon this caverns. Ancient Evil of
    the past. Something that should stay in the past. Least we waken it.
Malachite, Forgive me ladies but I wouldn't summon you here without the utmost importance.

Ariella, Does this have something to do with The Ancient Harpy? The Dweller of The Deep?

Malachite, That in part and more. The Ancient Harpy isn't the only thing that concerns me.
          I felt a dark gnawing crawling stirring within the hallways of Valagein.
Cat, Valagein? You mean Eradora?

Malachite, Yes.

(Holding up his staff with the light glowing white/All three continues down the dark halls)

(Walking down the dark and decaying caves/The air is thick/The Sounds of faint whispers can be heard/Malachite eyes dart around the area sensing the decaying darkness that festers with the walls itself)

Malachite, I fear something else might be stirring in the deep bowls of Solarius-Nargoth.
          I feel that Demechrelle is stirring from her dormancy.
Cat, Demechrelle? The Widow Queen of Darkness?

Ariella, Demechrelle? I thought you meant that gigantic humanoid of that Unknown Kingdom.
        The one in Felarya.
Malachite, No she only carries that name of the original monster who lies deep within
          the Halls of Eradora.
Cat, Is that why you called us.

Malachite, Yes. I believe that woman would bore her name might have been affected by her.
          I'm not quite sure but whatever happen to that Kingdom. Demechrelle corruptive
          essence had something to do with it.

(Camera pushes back wide as they arrived at a large area/Wind blowing in a eerie fashion)
(He taps the ground with his staff/The rocks below begin to move then forming a bridge)

(The Bridge reaching the other end)

Malachite, Ladies first. (Cat jumps on the shoulder of Ariella as they walk across the stone bridge/Noise and movement in the distance/A close up of Malachite eyes)

Ariella, Malachite?

Malachite, I sense it too. We're being watched. Something knows we're down here.

(Scurrying noise below/Something from a down angle looking up scurries past the camera)
(Distant hissing/Debris falling/Hissing from above)

(The Camera zooms upwards a very large Black Spider with glowing red eyes crawling across the ceiling/More Black Spiders crawling across the walls)

(Camera close up on Malachite's ear/Low hissing growling)

(He spins around holding up his staff with intense ball of light shooting out from his staff/The light pushing back the giant Black Spiders that surround them)

(One Spider comes at the camera/Ariella summons a large powerful sword then leaps up slicing the Spider in half/Casting a Fire Spell and throwing it against the wall)

(Boom/Burning the Spiders on the wall/Malachite does a sweeping motion sending a wave of white energy across the cavern/The light blasting through the Spiders/Screeching noise)

(The Cat leaping over the Spiders then does a roll under one/Ariella blasting it with a Light Spell/Screeches/Thudding)

(Last of the Spiders taken out/Suddenly an extremely loud thunderous roar echoing throughout the Caverns/Its so loud it shakes the Caves/Debris falling/Roaring continues)

(The Caverns have stopped shaking/Ariella staring down into the darkness)

Ariella, What in God's name was that?

Malachite, That my dear...was Leviathan Spider. That was Demechrelle.

             (The End)
Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Into The Darkness Part 1
It would seem something else maybe be awakening. I hope not. We don't need two Threat Level 12 Monsters roaming Solarius-Nargoth. Find out why in Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Into The Darkness Part 2 and don't miss Two Worlds Red Hood Part 4. Bye.


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Two Worlds One Story is more than just a crossover of Felarya and Solarius-Nargoth. It's a story about many connections to why the seperate worlds are so similiar. What going into Too much details. But it might answer some of the questions but that's up to the viewers whether or not me. Whether the story is canon or not it's all up to you the viewers. Although there's one people on Deviantart who doesn't like my Soloarius-Nargoth. But I wont mention him. But for the rest of you. Enjoy. Thank you.
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