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Two Worlds It Lurks Part 2

         (Coney Island/Luna Amusement Park/The Funhouse)

(Tony Stark Clint Barton and Sam Wilson affixed their gaze on this eerie Funhouse)
(It's daytime but the Funhouse still looks disturbingly creepy looking)
(The Wind blows with a hint of a cold chilling effect)

(All three walking towards the Funhouse/Then they stop/A dreadful ominous feeling)
(falls upon them/Sam and Clint feel it the most/This dreadful feeling of something)
(despair and foreboding/A slight cold sweat on the face of both Sam and Clint)

Sam, Do you feel that?

Clint, You mean that ominous foreboding eerie feeling that a unshakable force descending
      down upon our very souls. I feel it. It feels like Death.

(Stark looks back at them with this look of what the fuck)

Tony Stark, Aren't you being a tad dramatic? It's just a Funhouse guys.

Sam, I'm amazed at your unshaking resolve Stark. Aren't you at least bit nervous?

Tony Stark, (Thinking it over) No. Your worry too much. This isn't our first with the
Clink, We're just saying Tony. We're walking into something we're not fully prepared for.

Tony Stark, Hasn't stopped us before. Why start now? And besides it's a Funhouse. What
           could go wrong?
Sam, (Sighs) I just knew he was going to say that.

(Walking closer to the Funhouse/The foreboding feeling turns into a sense of something)
(dark/Clint looks up at the Cat Face/Sensing that something watching them/It appear that)
(the eyes of the Cat Face seem to be watching them in a sense/A touch uneasiness)
(surrounds them)

(It's if something is watching them from all sides as the camera shifts back and forth)
(Seeing the Feminine Aperture with eyes closed again/Stark about to touch it)

(The Aperture springs to life/With a deep low growling/The doors open with a slow but)
(ghastly creaking/Sam and Clint standing there locked in a trance and a sense of slight)

Tony Stark, Alright. Ready.

(Camera flips over to reveal the insides of the Funhouse/It appears it a slight change)
(has occurred/The interior has a blue hue tint look/Gone are the Doll Puppet Marionettes)
(hanging from the Ceiling/The Corridors don't seem to twist and turn much and the every)
(constant change Checkerboard squares are not moving/Stark Sam and Clint taking it all)
(in/Also gone is the large Wall Doll that was on the right wall or the moving eyes)
(that jugged from out of nowhere)

Tony Stark, This way.

(While traveling down the eerie deadly quiet corridor/Clint looks over his shoulder)
(And behind him/He has the distinct feeling that something is watching them lurking)
(in the background/His eyes a wide as a sweat drips down his face)

Sam, Just what are we looking for?

Tony Stark, (He stops in mid thought then turns to them) Hmm good question.

Clint, I still think we shouldn't be in here. Without our equipment.

Tony Stark, Don't worry. It we confirm that something is here. Lurking in the darkness
           then will grab out gear. Let's split up cover more ground.
Sam, Great splitting up like that every worked.

Clint, It beats wondering the halls for nothing.

(Stark entering a Hall of Mirrors/The Mirrors have a creepy vibe to them/They look like)
(weird ordinary Mirror but a hint of otherworldly presence among them)

(Walks in front of one Mirror that makes him look fat/One Mirror makes him look lanky and)
(super thin with a bulbous head/Stark chuckles/He walks past one that gives him a woman)
(shaped figure)

Tony Stark, Oh yeah this is the new me.

(Walking in front of the next Mirror looks like a normal reflection/Then suddenly his)
(reflection starts to bleed out from his eyes ears and mouth/Opening his mouth with eyes)
(rolled back/Stark backs away in a moment/The Reflections falls over backwards and the)
(Mirror shatters into pieces/Stark now a bit alarmed at what just happened)

Tony Stark, That's not good.

(Scene switches to Clint walking down a jagged Corridor/He notice the Corridor was )
(getting smaller/He hunched over slight then smaller and smaller finding himself in a)
(dead end as the Corridor merges with the wall/He groans then turns around)

(However he realizes how pitch black dark it is in front of him/For a second he hesitates)
(A scratching sound of chalk/His eyes glide to the left seeing message on the wall)

Clint, (Reading) Don't look behind you. It's Lurking close.

(For that moment Barton was even more nervous something was might be right behind him)
(He moves away from the message as he feels like something is watching him again only)
(this time...It was much closer)

(Sam entering a Hallway full of Doors on both sides/Pondering which door to open)

Sam, This isn't creepy. Just a bunch of doors.

(He tries the First Door on the left/Opens it up/Seeing nothing but darkness)
(Goes over to the Door on the right/He opens it/The room is another Hallway with doors)
(And looks next to him and see himself looking at himself/They both scream/Shutting the)
(door/Breathing hard/Then relaxes/He opens the Next door/Finding Tony Stark taking a bath)

(Stark looks at him)

Tony Stark, Do you mind? Your letting out the warm air. Close the door.

Sam, Sorry. (He close it) (Record scratches) Hey whoa. Stark what are you...

(Opening the door again/But Stark is gone/Sam backs away from it/Was that really Tony)
(Stark or this place playing mind games with them/His eyes light up wide and very )
(nervous at this point)

(He tries the next door to the left again/Opening up only to find a note on the wall)
(Of the Empty Room/Taking the note off the wall/It reads)

Sam, (Reading) Close your eyes and turn around. It's right behind you. It's standing in
    the Doorway.

(Suspenseful Music/A close up of Sam wide eyes and sweat/He wanted to look but he didn't)
(He did as the message asked/He closed his eyes then turns around to walk out the door)
(he slams it without looking)

(Shaken breathing as he turns around with Clint coming into frame/Both scream)

Clint, Jesus Christ.

Sam, You ok.

Clint, Are you kidding me? I've been scared shitless since we been in here. Something
      been following me.
Sam, Something been following me too. I don't know what the hell we're dealing with here.
    This place is haunted.
Clint, Yeah. Haunted by what?

Sam, I don't know. And frankly I don't want to find out. Do you know where Stark is?

Clint, Haven't seen him since we split. This whole place is a freaking maze. Twist and
      Turns everywhere. It's almost like...
Sam, Something is messing with us. And that would be It.

Clint, You mean that thing the Security Guard called it.

Sam, Yeah. Let's go find Tony and get the hell out of here.

(Walking out of frame/The lights in the Hallway of Doors flickers then goes black for)
(a second/Suspenseful music/Something dark and humanoid in shape manifest in the)
(darkness watching them/This is not the It/This is something else entirely)

               (The End)
Two Worlds It Lurks Part 2
Our heroes continues treading down this nightmarish Funhouse being stalked by It. Whatever it is. Even now while you read this description. Your reading it. But It is watching you. Join us next time in Two Worlds It Lurks Part 3. See you real soon bye.
Two Worlds It Lurks Part 1

 (Coney Island New York/Night Time)

(Camera slowly pans across Luna Park/All the people are gone and nothing left but)
(Security patrolling the grounds/The Guard making his rounds/His light illuminates)
(the grounds/He stops as his eyes catches something off screen)

(Camera switches to a large Funhouse/But not just an ordinary Funhouse/The Funhouse has)
(a otherworldly presence around it/Their strange and creepy designs to it/Weird Doll like)
(Figures strange swirling eyes and a red tinted mist around it/The Funhouse has a glow)
(of red in it's design/The front Entrance has a creepy smiling Cat Face/The Doors are)
(spiral cork screw looking with a strange disturbing Feminine Doll Face Aperture on it)

(The Funhouse give off an strange unnerving and ominous feeling/Clearly the Funhouse by)
(all intense purposes shouldn't even be here/The Security Guard walking over to the Fun)
(House/However with each step a sense of dread comes over him/The closer he gets the more)
(Uncomfortable and unnerving he feels)

(He stands looking up at the moving eyes of the Cat Face entrance/Whimsical music playing)

Guard, What the...(His eyes traveling up seeing a Window and a figure standing in it)
      Hey. Who's in their?

(Make a small dash towards the Door/He reaches the Aperture/About to touch it when it)
(Opens its eyes with a haunting low growling/Taken aback for a second until the eyes)
(stop glowing/The Doors open on their own with a slow creepy creaking noise)

(Camera flips around as he enters the Funhouse/The interior is even more disturbing than)
(the outside/The pathways were twisting and turning/A red tint aura and mist covers)
(and flowing through the corridors/The disturbing looking pictures some range from)
(silly to do right nightmarish looking/The walls have moving eyes that seem to sprout)
(from nowhere in general/Wear Dolls and Marionettes hanging from the ceiling complete)
(with glowing white eyes as they sway back and forth)

(As he walks down the hallway which feels like it's moving a sense of dread falls over)
(him/Walking past a giant sized Robotic Doll attached to the wall/It eyes lock in a)
(frozen stare/The Checkerboard floor seems to switch spaces constantly)

(He reaches a large Corridor with hanging by their necks this time Creepy Dolls)
(A Table is seen by the wall/Walking over to the Table where a note can be seen)

Guard, (Reading) It Lurks. It Lurks behind the darkness. It Lurks behind the walls. It all knows. It always sees. It is old. It is slow. It is aware. And It knows your here? You can't see It. You can't hear It. But you can feel It. And it knows what you fear. It knows your fear. It knows you? What the hell is this crap.

(And for a second the Guard has the feeling that he's being watched/He slowly turns)
(Around/His eyes strain on whatever he's looking at but seeing nothing/Looking back at)
(the note)

Guard, (Reading) It waits. It Watches. It's right behind you. (He turns around again)

(Nothing is behind him/Close up when he turns around/Suspenseful music/A large Green Eye)
(appears on the wall in front of him/The eye is that of a Cat's eye with the pupil slit)

(His face turns white as a ghost all the blood leaving his body/The eye narrows)
(Scene shifting to him running out the Funhouse towards the camera/Frighten screaming)

(About a Day later/Tony Stark not in gear arriving at the gates of Luna Park/The Park)
(is closed/Also getting out the car is Clint Barton A.K.A Hawkeye/And Sam Wilson A.K.A)
(Former Falcon now the new Captain America yes this is a All New All different Marvel)

Clint, Ok Stark explain what are we doing here?

Tony Stark, We're going to a Funhouse.

Both, Huh?

Sam, What's this all about Tony?

Tony Stark, Something about a mysterious Funhouse appearing out of nowhere. The guy who
           entered the Funhouse. He quit his job.
Clink, Why?

Tony Stark, Something he felt in there. He said only two things. It Lurks.

Clint, It Lurks? The hell is that?

Tony Stark, That's what he said. Something fishy supposedly going on in there.
           And they want us to find out what it is first. And I do like me some Fish.
Clink, You sure you want to do this? This screams supernatural in nature.

Tony Stark, I'm keeping an open mind about this. Plus nothing we haven't dealt with before
           why stop now. (While chewing gum)

(All three walking into the Amusement Park/A minute later the other Security Guard)
(directs them to the Funhouse/Stark takes off his Sunglasses and look with surprised)
(eyes/The Funhouse in the day time doesn't look quite as creepy but gives off this eerie)
(atmosphere/Sam and Clink look with somewhat second guessing expression)

Clint, Well that looks inviting.

Sam, Definitely creep center 101.

Clint, Stark, you really want to do this. Would could get some more help.

Tony Stark, Nope. (Turns to the camera) I got this. (Walking away)

Sam, Famous last words.

Clink, Well marching off to certain death is one of a strong points.

              (The End)
Two Worlds It Lurks Part 1
It Lurks. It lurks in the darkness. It watches from every corner. It knows what you fear. And It's right behind you. Our heroes are about to join to some place not of this world.
And where It Lurks. See what happens in Two Worlds It Lurks Part 2. See you real soon. Bye.
Profile Harpy Race Species Part 6

This is a small list of another batch of Mimic Harpies that evolved are descended from
other various subspecies like before we can cover every species but will give you a brief
taste. (YUM) Sorry. As stated before in previous Race Species profiles. Threat Level is
1 to 20.

Alright let's get started shall we?

Clown Harpy

Threat Level 6 to 8
Size 6 feet to 10 feet
Wingspan 7 to 12 feet

Clown Harpies are Mimic Harpies that are offshore subspecies descended from Clown Girls
which in turn are subspecies of Jester Girls which are very ancient supernatural beings
themselves. Like their Clown Jester Counterparts. Clown Harpies come in a variety of
different appearances and designs. Some look like Female Clowns with various degrees of
Tremendous Reality Warping powers. Clown Harpies can be found near Amusement Parks and
Funhouses. Some have created their own version of Funhouses including their own somewhat
creepy version of it. However some make their homes in Abandoned Amusement Parks and
Carnivals. They will often act like creepy Clowns or normal Clowns depending on the
situation. Despite being Clown Harpies they are rare at Circuses. The reason? Unknown.

Jester Harpy

Threat Level 6 to 8
Size 6 feet to 10 feet
Wingspan 8 feet to 12 feet

Jester Harpies are another version of Clown Harpies which are mostly related to Jester
Girls. They too like their Clown Harpy counterparts also possess Reality Bending powers.
Like Clown Girls you can also find them also at Amusement Parks Carnivals and Circuses.
They will preform magical acts and special private magic acts for the human males and
non human males. Using a Sex Magic they will proceed to preform all forms of sexual acts
that also includes Titfucking Handjobs and sex. It is very possible to find Clown and
Jester Harpies inhabiting the same Amusement Park which isn't unheard of.

Ragdoll Harpy

Threat Level 5 to 7
Size 5 feet to 8 feet
Wingspan 6 feet to 10 feet

Ragdoll Harpies also called Living Doll Harpies are Harpies with Ragdoll and Doll like
characteristics. They come in a variety of appearances and sizes. Some have patch work
like skin and Ragdoll and Living Doll clothing attire. They for the most part become
perfectly still at act like a real Doll. Similar to Living Death Dolls. Some will feed on
Fairies should one wonder in their territory. Ragdoll Harpies are found in both Abandoned
Houses and Creepy Funhouses. And will live in the same building along with Clown Harpies
and Jester Harpies. Which is a real sexual orgy and major interbreeding with each other.
If a man takes a Ragdoll Harpy home with him she will have sex with him the moment she's
along with him or his teenaged sons if he has any.

Puppet Harpy

Threat Level 5 to 8
Size 5 to 10 (12 feet)
Wingspan 7 feet to 14 feet

Puppet Harpies also called Marionette or Fetish Doll Harpies are another strange Mimic
Harpy that resemble Puppet like Humanoids with Wings. They are suspended in air by strings
or Puppet strings that each come out of nowhere or jugging from the ceiling of a building.
They like Living Doll Harpies they come in a variety of appearances and attires depending
on their environment usually places where the previous Mimic Harpies inhabit. They have
erratic movements and creepy way of walking just like a creepy puppet. Like the previous
Harpies. You can find a Puppet Harpy in Funhouse and Amusement Parks and Carnivals living
along side Clown Jester Doll Harpies together. When a man crosses their path or they fancy
them they will use their supernatural strings and entrap said man controlling their bodies
including induce erecting the man's penis in order to have sex with him.

Slime Harpies

Threat Level 6 to 9
Size 6 feet to 50 feet (100 feet in groups)
Wingspan 7 feet to 60 to 110 feet

Slime Harpies also called Goo Girl Harpies or Slimeroid Harpies have evolved to resemble
Slimeroid or Goo Girls. Despite their wings they are incapable of actual flight in the
sense of flying but can fly through water or liquid like materials. It's possible for
a Slime Harpy to fly its way into you Bathtub or through you Faucet. Or sink. A Slime
Harpy will act similar to a Slime Girl and will divide from the parent branch or lay
a slimy egg. In certain Swampy Regions of Solarius-Nargoth. You can find massive colonies
of Slime Harpies bounded together in a massive colony of Goo Girl Harpies. They come in
many colors and sizes ranging from a small group to a massive sizable 20 times larger than
the people living in Austin Texas or Manhattan New York. Fortunately they are rare and
only appear in certain Swamp Locations in small regions of Solarius-Nargoth.

Siren Harpy

Threat Level 7 to 13 (15 in groups)
Size 8 feet to 120 feet
Wingspan 10 feet to 130 feet

Siren Harpies also called Banshee Harpies are Harpies of Greek Mythology. They have the
ability to shape shift between human and harpy form at will. They have a beautiful and
alluring enchanted voice. They use their haunting otherworldly voices to attract male
Harpies or Male Humans. They are said to control the wills of men through their voices.
It's actually a hypnosis Psychic ability that along them to bring and man or woman
under their control. Are found near deserted Islands were they nest and roost. A Siren
Harpy can turn into their human form but their glowing ethereal eyes given them away.
Like the stories Siren Harpies can lure men to their sexual doom. Not death. If you get
what I mean.
Profile Harpy Race Species Part 6
Profile on Harpy Race Species Part 6. I hope you enjoy. And don't miss Two Worlds It Lurks. This is own Disturbing Creepy Story. Get ready to shit your pants or Nightmare Fuel. Bye.
Two Worlds The Coming Darkness Part 7

  (Metropolis/Camera pans with monstrous massive storm clouds surrounding the City)

(Thunder crackling/A close up of The Girl with this annoyed expression)

(Amara seeing Flash stuck in the ground/She snaps her fingers/The ground shatters)
(He breaks free and joins Superman Batman Wonder Woman and Amara)

Japanese Girl, Well. (With a gesture summoning darkness coming down taking on monstrous)
                    (demonic forms as they scatter in all direction/Everyone avoiding)
                    (and attacking the darkness/Amara chanting spells sending it into)
                    (Different direction burning through the darkness)

(She fires a Hellfire Spell at The Girl/She sees it coming then levitates into the)
(air/She flies up at her/Swing punch but counters with a close quarter grab she grabs)
(Amara than throws her away/Amara flying back but stops then flies back at her)

(The Girl opens a portal and Amara accidently flies through it/She opens another)
(summoning dark demonic humanoid creatures/Creatures growling at snarling)

(They leap at the Justice League/Superman coming up and punching the Demonic Creatures)
(He dodges than right hooks own in the face/Wonder Woman with two in hand slams them)
(together/Flash running around them in circles/Getting them dizzy/Then punches them)

(Batman throws some Flash Bang Grenades/They catch them/It explodes in it's hand)
(Boom/Creatures howling and reeling in pain/Batman notices and with some quick thinking)
(reaches into his Utility Belt/Throwing all his Flash Bang Grenades/Multiple explosions)

(Causing several flash explosion making the Demonic Creatures fading away into nothing)

Japanese Girl, Clever. But not clever not. (Suddenly the Red Cloak wraps around her like)
              (a Snake/Amara emerges from the portal now back in her Winged Hooded form)

(She pulls her with her cloak then punches her hard in the face/Knocking her back into)
(a Car/Alarm going off/She stands back up/Gasp/Amara channel magical energy that is)
(swirling around her body/She thrust her hand/Causing blast of light swallowing The)
(Girl/Wind howling)

Superman, Did that work. (She emerges from the light with her clothes somewhat torn)

(She smiles/Her shadow manifest on the wall behind her that is different in appearance)

Amara, (Narrowing her eyes) It's you.

(Suddenly her shadow comes to life then fast moving sweep knocking all four except for)
(Amara who dodged at the last second/They slam into many different things/Superman is)
(the first to get back up/Then flies towards The Girl/Using his Heat Vision/The Shadow)
(blocks the attack/And fires a Dark Blast at Superman who punches the blast)

(The Shadow punches Superman who blocks the attack then slices off the arm with his Heat)
(Vision/The Shadow shrieks/It recedes back into the wall/Girl groans)

Amara, Hey. (She turns/A wave of energy blasting her into the wall/Amara with a gesture)
           (Making the wall behind her manifest as a large toothy maw then clamps down)
           (On her/Screams/She smiles then melts into the wall)

Batman, That's a new one.

Superman, Nothing we haven't seen before. (Rumbling of thunder)

(Looking up seeing swirling dark clouds then bolts of red lightning coming down)
(About to hit them/A shield appears above them/The lightning deflected)

(Amara casting a Shield Spell/The Girl appears with a dark glowing aura around her)

Japanese Girl, Excellent countering I commend you. However this battle is only getting
              started. You haven't forgotten my backup did you?

(Howling noise/Suddenly out of nowhere Werewolves from all sides coming out of nowhere)
(Two more larger Wargs appearing by smashing through the building/Warg monstrous roaring)

Japanese Girl, I applause your determination but you do realize your own inevitable and
              painful demise.
Batman, Just who are you?

Japanese Girl, Hmm. Me? It doesn't matter. You wont live long enough to find out. Time to

(Rumbling noise/The Girl turns her attention upwards/Suddenly a tremendous force of light)
(erupts from the dark clouds swirling holy energy around it/It flies down then slams)
(Into the ground/Sending out a flashing light wave and energy/Massive explosion)

(Wolves Howling as they are being disintegrates in mere seconds/The Girl shields herself)
(The Blast blows away the darkness/Wiping out all the Werewolves in a flash)

(They uncover their eyes/Seeing the glowing light above them as the Dark Clouds are gone)
(Girl hisses in anger looking up at the Celestial Light it has a Angelic appearance)

Voice, (Ominous but gentle tone) Dark One. Be gone.

(Looking down a tremendous column of light erupts from below her shooting up into the)
(sky and out of the planet/Screams/She disappears into dark clouds then fades away)

Flash, What just happened.

Voice, That was a Dark Persona Avatar of The Dark One.

Batman, Thank you. (Amara looking up at the Light)

Amara, Who are you? What are you. Are you naked under all that light?

        (A weird question to ask/The lights fades/Gasp/Camera pans up reveals Echidna)
        (However something off about her/Her eyes and voice is different)

Amara, Cousin Echidna?

(Camera zooms into her as her eyes are glowing white an otherworldly)

Echidna, (But not her voice) All will be revealed.

(A mental image of a Winged Humanoid silhouette with 12 Wings appears)

Amara, (Gasp) EVE. (Echoing)

(echoing continues/Solarius-Nargoth/All the Winged Humans and Angels looking up)
(all across Solarius-Nargoth the echoing of the word Eve travels throughout world)

(Even Malachite and Areion The Wise still traveling stop hearing her voice scream out EVE)

(She looks up and Echidna is gone or was that really Echidna to begin with it)

Superman, She's gone.

Batman, Was that your Cousin Echidna?

Amara, I don't know. I wasn't sure. I'm not sure what I saw.

Superman, Who is Eve?

Amara, Huh?

Superman, You mentioned the name Eve. Who is Eve?

Amara, I don't know. I've only heard stories about her. Something about a she was the
      First One. The First Winged Human to exist. Sorry that's all I know.

(About a few minutes later/Batman calling his Batwing on his belt)

Batman, I've got to go. I've left Gotham too long.

Amara, I could send you back no problem.

Batman, No thanks. I prefer my way. (The Batwing flies over head/Firing his Grappling)
       (Hook then gets in then flies off)
The Flash, Well sups I'll see you later. Catch you on the flip side.

(Zooming away from the camera/Wonder Woman pats Superman on the back then walks away)

Wonder Woman, I'll catch you later.

Superman, So what are you going to do? (Addressing Amara standing next to him)

Amara, Hmm? I'll do some sight seeing watch my SEASON 3 of MLP Friendship is Magic DVD.
      I mean I will doing something dark and depressing. (Sighs) I suck at being a Goth
      Girl. Anyway. If you need me you'll know where I'll be.
Superman, Where's that?

Amara, (With a smile) Whenever you need me.

(She spins around then bows then in a flash turns into a flock of birds/Bird cawing)
(all flying past Superman/He shakes his head)

                (The End)


(LexCorp Building/Lex Luthor getting into his personal Elevator)
(It goes down to the bottom level/He walks into a large Experimental Room)

(He walks over to a Glass Container/A couple of scientist backing away)
(He peers into the Glass/A small Transparent Cube with a swirling Core in the center)

Lex Luthor, (Smiles) Yes. It's time to put my plan into motion. Superman I'm coming for
Two Worlds The Coming Darkness Part 7
More questions than answers here. Who is Eve? Was that really Echidna? What is the mysterious Cube that is in the possession of Lex Luthor. Some many questions so little time. But I'm back and it's time to answer them soon. Don't miss Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Cat Fight Brawl and Two Worlds Ultimate Power and Two Worlds Felarya. See you real soon bye.
Two Worlds The Coming Darkness Part 6


(Superman and Batman dressed out of costume walking along with Amara/She looks to the)
(left/Gasp/Amara squealing screaming/Clark and Bruce goes on alert)

Both, What? What is it?

Amara, (Looking into the window of the store) Oh my god. It's the Season 3 on My Little
      Ponies Friendship is Magic. It's out on DVD and Blu Ray. (Giggling madly)

(Bouncing up and down like a school girl panting/Running into the store with a zoom)
(They look on with confusion as she runs back out/Giggling/Record Scratches)

(She looks as they stare at her with confusing and raised eyebrows/Awkward moment here)
(Clearing her throat/Putting the DVD away/She grins with a sheepish grin)

Amara, Sorry. A brief momentary lapse of self control. Don't judge me.

(Neither one of them are saying anything/Minutes later Wonder Woman along with The Flash)
(Clark and Bruce now dressed in their attire)

Batman, Where's the rest of the team?

The Flash, Sorry Bats. Hal Jordan is currently on a mission. Shazam's is off world and
          Cyborg is helping the Titans. It's just the for of us.
Batman, And what about Aqua Man?

The Flash, He's fighting Black Manta.

Amara, Whoa.

Superman, What is it?

Amara, (Looking at something out of frame) See for yourself.

(Superman flying up with the rest joining on top a roof/Gasp)

Flash, Whoa.

(Camera pans back revealing off the coast of Metropolis seeing a monstrous Mushroom)
(Dark Clouds with red lighting flashing around it/Giving a very demonic looking evil)
(Cloud/Thunder rumbling and crackling while it spreads)

Amara, The darkness. (All looking at her) The Darkness is coming. Just like the poem.

Batman, Poem. What poem?

Amara, The Dark Goddess will return. All those below her will burn.

(Loud thundering/The massive clouds coming towards Metropolis)

Amara, Better brace yourselves.

(They turn their attention towards the dark clouds/Suddenly a sweep of darkness falls)
(over them/Monstrous winds howling/People running and screaming/Bracing themselves)

(Demonic looking faces forming briefly into the clouds then disappears/Distant noise)
(cars crashing and general panic/Loud howling noise/Ominous laughing all looking)

(The Japanese Girl from before manifest in front of them with a glowing eyes briefly)

Japanese Girl, Soon all those will burn. (She thrust her hands sending darkness past the)
(camera/They jump avoiding the darkness/Batman throws a Batarang/She catches it then)
(crushes in her hands/A small gesture she blast Batman with invisible force of power)

(He flies than slams into a wall/Superman flies past the camera/He fires his Heat Vision)
(She looks up with a sweeping motion she defects the heat beams around her then fires it)
(back at Superman/Grunting/Groans/Loud thudding/Wonder Woman with sword she takes a swing)

(She swings/The Japanese Girl blocks with her arm/Her sword shatters on contact with her)
(arms/Wonder Woman is extremely shocked as the Japanese Girl smiles evilly)

Wonder Woman, By Hera.

(She back hands her in the face/Sending her flying/Screaming/Going through several walls)

(Zooming noise/Flash runs past her she turns around)

Flash, Yo Lady. Let's see you handle me. (Running then dashes back towards him)

Japanese Girl, With pleasure. (She reappears in front of him in two seconds)

(Flash surprised/She blasted him with tremendous force/Sending him back/Scream/Thuds)

(She turns around only to be blast by a powerful ball of energy/She reels back then)
(looks up/Amara lands then/Chanting a Spell/Flicks of her finger)

(The Girl jumps as the ground around her disintegrates on contact/She flies up)
(Amara flies up chanting fire a Chaotic Spell/The Girl blocks the blast with her hands)

Amara, See you. (With a quick gesture/She shatter her body into pieces)

(Summon red and dark magical energy in her hands/She fires as The Girl reformats her)
(body/Getting hit by the blast/Explosion/She flies back than lands/She summons a ball of)
(energy/She throws it/Amara flies over it in corkscrew move as she flies past it)

(Amara sending her cloak down taking the form of tentacles/The Girl avoids them quickly)
(she disappears then reappears in front of her/She motions bringing Amara closer to her)
(through telekinesis/She clasp her fingers into a fist/Cause a combustion blast)
(blowing up Amara into mere nothingness)

(Yelling/Looking down/Seeing Wonder Woman coming up towards her/She takes a swing at her)
(she avoids the punch/She lands a powerful blow on Wonder Woman/Coughing up blood)

Superman, DIANA. (He flies up/She looks/He punches her in the face/Knocking her back)
                (Catching Wonder Woman/Flying down than placing her on the ground)

Wonder Woman, (Groans) I'm fine. (Getting up then stumbles) I'll be alright.

Batman, Superman look out. (Looking up/She channeling a large energy ball in her hands)

(She smiles than throws it/Seeing it coming/Superman using Freezing Breathing/Howling)
(as the Blast freezes in place/The Girl looks on in surprise)

Japanese Girl, Well. That was unexpected. (Boom/Getting hit in the face)

(Flash runs back then punches her again and repeated a couple of times/She flicks her)
(finger/Causing the ground beneath Flash becomes like quicksand/Flash sinks into the)

(She turns seeing a Batarang coming towards her/She catches it/Beeping/She looks)
(It explodes/Explosion/Batman reaches for another Batarang/She emerges from it)

Japanese Girl, Cute. But not good enough. (With a motion of her fingers she levitates)

(Batman into the air/She summons a small energy ball from her finger)

Japanese Girl, Fine. You die first. (Superman comes from the side/She looks at the wall)

(The Wall comes to life forming a Demonic Hand grabbing Superman/Begins to crush him)

Wonder Woman, No. (She flies at her/The Girl fires a blast from her eyes through her)
                 (Wonder Woman stops/The blast hits her/Explosion/She smiles)

Japanese Girl, Huh? (As the dust clears Wonder Woman is still standing having blocked)
                   (the attack with her magical bracelets/She puts her hands down)

Wonder Woman, Still alive. (The Girl annoyed by her confidence) Die. (Firing a monstrous)
             (blast of energy/Wonder Woman tries to block it)

(A portal opens up a red cloak appears in front of her/The Cloak blocks and intercepts)
(the blast/Huge explosion/She looks up seeing the Cloak regenerates itself)

Japanese Girl, Huh? (She turns around own to get a straight hard punch in the face)
(By Amara now in her Winged Human form/Her attire is black pants and boots with a white)
(shirt and black vest and golden necklace with short ear length hair and black skin)
(She looks like a Black Woman version of Raven)

(The Girl loses her grip on Batman/He glides down then lands/She lands next to him)
(Noticing her new appearance)

Batman, You look different.

Amara, This is my natural form.

Japanese Girl, (Wipes the blood off her lips) That one hurt me. So your still alive.

Amara, Yeah. It will take more than that to kill me.

Japanese Girl, Then I'll just have to try harder then.

               (The End)
Two Worlds The Coming Darkness Part 6
The Final Battle for Metropolis begins. And our heroes are ready for round two. Can our Heroes defeat this mysterious entity in the form of a Girl. All this and more in Two Worlds The Coming Darkness Part 7. Sorry for not posting anything. I was own vacation but I'm back now. See you real soon. Bye.


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