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Two Worlds Batman Birds of Prey Part 3

(Gotham City/Evening/Wayne Manor)

(Wayne groaning/As he's on the floor with two gunshots on the right side of his chest)

Annabelle, I'm sorry. I take no pleasure in this. Those shots to your right side they're
          not fatal per se but you'll bleed to death if not treated.

(She walks over him/Wayne tries to crawl over to her dragging himself/His vision starting to fade/He tries to reach over to her)

Bruce Wayne, (Struggling) W..Why?

(She looks over to him)

Annabelle, Why? Your house will soon belong to us. Sorry that's all I can say.

(She walks away dragging two large bags of Bird Seeds/As round the corner)

Annabelle, Thank you for the Bird Seeds.

(His vision fades and he collapses on the spot/She opens the door then drags out the Bird Seeds outside/A close up of her feet then they transforms into Harpy Feet as she tears through her socks/Her arms shred slightly through her sleeves exposing large black feathery wings her large bird tail sticks out the back)

(Unlike like most Mimic Harpies/Maid Harpies lose very little clothing when they shift to Harpy form/She grabs both bags of Bird Seeds with her talon and flies off)

(Alfred wakes up/Groans/Gasp)

Alfred, What time is it? Master Bruce.

(He jumps out of bed and rushes down the hall and sees Bruce Wayne on the floor with a small trail of blood under him)

Alfred, NO! Master Bruce! Master Bruce! (He goes over to him and screen fades to black)

(Hours later/Bruce Wayne in his Bat Cave being taped up with patches/Alfred sighs/Robin is there also)

Alfred, How are you feeling Master Bruce?

Bruce Wayne, Better.

Alfred, So your saying Annabelle shot you? Why?

Bruce Wayne, She said this house will belong to them.

(He stands up but holds his chest with a groans/Alfred helps him sit down in the chair)

Alfred, Easy Master Bruce you've not healed up completely.

Bruce Wayne, I have to go after her.

Robin, Let me go instead Bruce. I'll go search for her. She couldn't have gotten far with
      two large bags of Bird Seeds.
Bruce Wayne, She's already gone. I suspected as much.

Robin, What do you mean?

Bruce Wayne, Just before I completely blacked out I pushed a button on the wall to the
            Bat Cave to do a quick scan of her before she left. She isn't human not
Alfred, Sir you don't mean she's a...

Bruce Wayne, That's right another Harpy in human form.

(Scene switches to Annabelle flying past the camera/Wings flapping/She's flying towards Sionis Warehouse/Scene changes to Sionis Warehouse were a large gathering of human sized Harpies soaring above and some perched all across the Warehouse/Laughing growling hissing)

(She lands carrying the two large bags of Bird Seeds/The other gather around her/She shifts to human form/Going inside through the large front door/Harpies gathering inside some in Human form some in Harpy form/Camera behind her/Standing on top the second floor is the Phantom Harpy/She sees her then spreads her wings then flies down and lands)

Phantom Harpy, Did you take care of him?

Annabelle, Yes I shot him. By now he already might be dead. Hard to tell.

Phantom Harpy, Hard to tell? Why didn't you stayed to make sure.

Annabelle, Because I brought this as a gift.

Phantom Harpy, Bird Seeds? (Chuckles)

(She opens the both bags and throws them/Splitting out the Bird Seeds everywhere/The Harpies flock to the Bird Seeds like hungry birds)

Phantom Harpy, It doesn't matter Batman is our next target. Once we move into hour new
              Nesting Grounds.
Annabelle, That's just it. I learn something while I was there. It seems Bruce Wayne is
(She turns around surprise)

Phantom Harpy, Really? That is very interesting to know. Then all that is left is to take
              Wayne Manor for ourselves.

(Camera pushes back to reveal Robin staking out Sionis Warehouse from front gates)

Robin, (On the radio) It looks like your hunch was right. They are stationed here. There's
       a whole bunch of Harpies crawling all over the place. What should I do.
Bruce Wayne, (Over the radio) Proceed with caution. Don't let them see you.

Robin, Understood.

   (The End)
Two Worlds Batman Birds of Prey Part 3
Robin is in dangerous territory if he's not careful he'll be up to his elbows with Harpies breathing down his neck. Found out if he succeeds in Two Worlds Batman Birds of Prey Part 4 to find out. Happy Memorial Day. Bye.
Two Worlds Batman Birds of Prey Part 2

(Gotham City/Morning/Wayne Manor)

(Bruce Wayne's Master Bedroom/The sun beaming through the windows)
(Mr. Wayne walking up/He rises from his slumber with a yawn)

(Getting out of bed stretching/Alfred walking in with Breakfast in hand)

Alfred, Morning Master Bruce.

Bruce Wayne, Morning to you Alfred.

Alfred, A rough night as usual I see.

Bruce Wayne, No. Things have been quite these last few days.

Alfred, All except for the missing Mr. Roman Sionis that is. Reports stated they hear gun
       fire coming from one of his warehouses. Mr. Sionis was last seeing fleeing his
       place of business. He hasn't been seen since then.
Bruce Wayne, I'll do a little checking myself. I'm sure Black Mask will come back.

Alfred, But enough about that. Let's talk about our newly hired help.

Bruce Wayne, Oh what kind of help?

Alfred, I took to the liberty to hire a new Maid around the Manor. Lord knows we need all
       the help we can get. You need not worry Master Bruce our new Maid is unaware of
       your "late night working".
Bruce Wayne, I'll get dressed and be ready for work.

(Doorbell ringing)

Alfred, Ah that must be her now.

(Going down the hallway to the front door/He open the door/It is the Dark haired Maid with glasses from before she stands there with a smile on her face and broom in hand)

Alfred, Greeting miss....

Maid, Annabelle. Annabelle Smith. (She pushes up her glasses)

Alfred, Welcome Miss Annabelle come on in. And welcome to Wayne Manor. Here you'll be
       given the grand tour and with luck you'll meet Master Wayne later on.
Annabelle, What a beautiful house you have.

Wayne's voice, Why thank you.

(Bruce Wayne standing in the doorway/He goes over to her)

Alfred, I like to introduce to you Mr. Bruce Wayne.

Annabelle, The Billionaire Playboy. I've heard many stories about you. I'm fascinated.

Bruce Wayne, I'm flattered Miss Smith isn't it?

Annabelle, Why yes. (He kiss her hand/A close up of her face for a brief second she has a much darker more menacing smile then reverts back)

Bruce Wayne, I'm glad you'll be working here Miss Smith. Alfred will be giving you the
            Grand Tour. If you need anything just ask him for help.
Annabelle, Will do Mr. Wayne.

Bruce Wayne, See you later Alfred.

(Wayne leaving out the front door/Annabelle watching him leave with a cold dark expression her face with a small evil smile)

Alfred, Now. (She changes her expression quickly) How about the Grand Tour?

Annabelle, (She turns around) Lead the way.

(Minutes later/Entering the West Wing Room called the Armory Room/Inside is collection of old ancient armors from all cross the world/Annabelle surprised by these ancient armors)

Annabelle, My work. Mr. Wayne has a certain style of taste. I've never seen anything like
          this before. Quite a collection.
Alfred, Oh yeah Mr. Wayne spared no expenses in the detail. That's only the tip of the
       Iceberg. Let me show you the rest.

(Another new addition is the Bird Room/A large Planetarium like room with a large doom and holes for birds to go in and out/Bird tweeting/Large Bird Feeders hanging from the ceiling/Annabelle gasping in awe)

Annabelle, Wow. What is this place.

Alfred, This is the newest addition to Wayne Manor. The Bird Planetarium Room. It's a
       peaceful where I come and feed the birds. We thought we need to liven up the Manor
       a bit. You can be in charge of this place if you wish.

(Pointing to the large bags of Bird Seeds/She smiles with a blush)

Alfred, Now I'll show you what you'll be doing.

(As he turns and walks away/She chops him in the back of his neck knocking him out/Groans)
(She drags him to one of the other rooms)

(She returns to the Main Lobby of the House/A whooshing noise/The giant 20 foot Phantom Harpy phasing through the wall and turns her head around like a Owl would and spots Annabelle)

Annabelle, The place is secured.

Phantom Harpy, You did well? And the old man?

Annabelle, Taken care of for now.

Phantom Harpy, Excellent. Now we've establish our new grounds.

Annabelle, Is this part of their plans. I though we were down with this city?

Phantom Harpy, No. I have no intention of siding with the Big Three. We've going to set
              up shop here in Gotham City. We need a new Nesting Grounds. And I've
              decided this place is our new Nesting Grounds.
Annabelle, What about The Sionis Warehouse?

Phantom Harpy, That's only our place of business. Wayne Manor will be our new home.

Annabelle, And our New Nesting Grounds.

Phantom Harpy, First line of business is to take care of the Master of the Manor. Then
              we move on to Batman. Billionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne will be a first
              example to Batman.
Annabelle, Bruce Wayne will be coming home soon. I will wait for him.

(She goes about her business cleaning up the Manor/Cleaning the toilets dusting the books sweeping the floors normal stuff/After hours/Bruce Wayne driving into the Garage)

(Walks in through the front door)

Bruce Wayne, Alfred. I'm back. Alfred?

(He notices the Manor is eerily quiet and no sights of Alfred or Annabelle/He walks around as he notices the clean floors the nicely done made beds and he walks past the Bird Planetarium Room/He backs up and sees Annabelle hand feeding the birds/He walks in)

Annabelle, Good evening Mr. Wayne.

Bruce Wayne, Good evening to you Miss Annabelle. You haven't seen Alfred around here have
Annabelle, Oh he was tired and decide to take a nap. I haven't seem him since them. You
          shouldn't work him so hard Mr. Wayne. Considering how old he is.
Bruce Wayne, Alfred's pretty tough. He work hard. I'll go see him later.

(He walks past her and sees the Birds)

Annabelle, You've got a wonderful house Mr. Wayne. I love your Bird Planetary Room.

Bruce Wayne, You enjoy do you. I'm glad you like it.

Annabelle, It's too bad about what going to happen to you?

Bruce Wayne, Too me whatever do you...(Gun cocking noise)

(Bruce Wayne turns around only to be staring down the barrel of a Desert Eagle/His eye widen in utter shock)

Annabelle, (Pointing the gun at him) I'm sorry Mr. Wayne. But I'm afraid we no longer need
          you. I'm sorry.

(Screen fades to black)

(Two gunshots)

    (The End)
Two Worlds Batman Birds of Prey Part 2
Tragedy strikes Mr. Wayne has been shot. By The Maid Annabelle Smith. What's going to happen to Mr. Wayne? Will he survive tune in same Bat Channel same Bat Time to find out in Two Worlds Batman Birds of Prey Part 3. Bye. Bleah.
Two Worlds Cat Fight Part 1

(Themyscira or Paradise Island in Atlantic Ocean)

(Storm clouds forming over the Atlantic Ocean/Rumble of thunder/Camera pushes back)
(Something emerges from the clouds/Sound barrier/It flies down and stops right above the Ocean/Camera pans up to reveal Yuriko Tachibana or A.K.A Aleena The Fairy Eater)

(Floating above the water with her large black wings/She smiles then speeds off in the direction of Themyscira/Wings flapping as the camera follows)

Aleena, Hmm? (Seeing in the distance a mysterious Island/She coming towards it)

(The Island happens to be Themyscira)

Aleena, An Island out in the middle of nowhere. That's not suspicious.

(Flying towards/A couple of Amazons patrolling the borders)

Amazon 1, (Yawns) Remind me why I've got Guard duty?

Amazon 2, We're here to monitor the Coast line remember? Your the one who wanted Guard
(A distant noise alerts one of them)

Amazon 1, Sister look? Up there!

(From a low angle we can see Aleena flying over them and straight down into the Forest Area)

Amazon 2, What was that?

Amazon 1, Come on. (Going towards direction of Aleena)

(Aleena arriving in the Forest/She walks around taking in the scenery/Forest noises)

Aleena, Not a back place. I might make this a vacation getaway.

(Walking away from the camera when someone from behind comes into view)

Amazon, Hold it right there. (She turns around to be greeted by several Amazons pointing their spears at her)

Amazon 3, Who are you? What are you doing on Themyscira? State your business.

Amazon 4, More what is she?

Amazon 2, Some type of Bird Woman?

Aleena, I'm a Winged Human to be exacted.

Amazon 3, Why are you here?

Aleena, Sight seeing I guess. Nice place you've got here. (About to walk away)

Amazon 4, Don't move. Your under arrest for trespassing on Themyscira.

Aleena, Oh is that right. Sorry but I'm going to look around though. Nice meeting you.
Amazon 4, Stop right now!

(She comes at her with a spear/Aleena catches it with her two fingers/Gasp)

Aleena, Yeah I thought you we're going to do that.

(She spins around and kicks her in the stomach knocking the Amazon straight into the trees)

Aleena, Your more than welcome to stop me if you can.

(The other Amazonians comes at her/She easily dodges their attacks with little effort/Smashing their spears and swords they dog pile her/She burst free sending the Amazons in all directions/Thudding everywhere/She dodges and side steps a Amazon coming from behind she open palms her in the chest/Groans/Sending her flying through the trees)

Aleena, Your lucky you I'm going easy on you.

(Helping each other up grabbing their weapons)

Amazon, Don't do us any favors. (They come at her/Battle cry)

(The Gladiatorial Arena/Two Amazonian Gladiators squaring off)

(Swords clashing/Testing their skills/Watching is Queen Hippolyta and Wonder Woman A.K.A Princess Diana/Camera focuses on them)

Queen Hippolyta, What troubles you my daughter? You've haven't said a word all morning.
                Is something the matter?
Wonder Woman, I don't know. I feel an uneasiness.

(An Amazonian running towards the Area she runs towards them)

Amazon, Your Majesty Queen Hippolyta! We've got a situations on our hands!

Queen Hippolyta, What is it? What's happening?!

Amazon, Trouble in the forest. Some Black Winged Woman is attacking our Amazonians. She's
       strong real strong. We can't hold her off.
(She looks at Wonder Woman)

Wonder Woman, I'll take care of this.

(She flies in the direction of the Forest/Another Amazonians slams into a tree)
(Aleena not trying to hurt them/Several Amazonians scattered across the Forest)

Aleena, Look I can keep this up all day long but I'm not. Let's stop while your ahead.
       How about we stop this nonsense huh?

(They Amazonians getting back up to continue their fight)

Aleena, (Sighs) So you want to fight some more huh? Who wants to go first?

Wonder Woman's voice, How about me? (She taps her on the shoulder)

(Aleena turns around only to be punched in the face hard by Wonder Woman/Knocking her across the area/She bounces then crashes into the ground/Holding her jaw for a second)

(She looks back/Wonder Woman arrives helping the Amazonians up)

(Aleena growls/Then she zooms towards Wonder Woman/She punches Wonder Woman even harder breaking the sound barrier/Sending her speeding across the Island/Wonder Woman crashes through several building before landing/Thudding/She gets up)

(Aleena tackles her hard going through even more building while holding her head she slams her face into the ground with force/Wonder Woman breaks free then spins around punching her repeatedly/Aleena blocks then throws her against a wall/Wonder Woman held on then yanks her then swinging left hook knocking Aleena into the air)

(She flies up right above her and double axe handles her to the ground/Aleena violently slams into the ground/Shaking the Island/She dodges a powerful punch aimed at her by rolling over to the left/She moves then throwing fast punches hitting Wonder Woman in the face and chest then high side kicks her/Wonder Woman burst through several more building)

(She gets back up and dust herself off)

Aleena, Alright sister you want to play it rough let's play rough.

Wonder Woman, Bring it on.

         (The End)
Two Worlds Cat Fight Part 1
Whoa it's the ultimate cat fight between two extremely powerful heavy hitter. This is going to be an all out Cat Fight. Join in Two Worlds Cat Fight Part 2. Aleena vs Wonder Woman. It doesn't get better than this. Bye.
Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Into The Darkness Part 6

(The Subterranean Halls or Ancient Kingdom of Eradora/Orianus)

(Ariella lands on the ground with Demechrelle moving in the background)

Ariella, Time to get this party started. (Seeing the gigantic spider in the background)

(She points her Staff)

Ariella, DEMECHRELLE! (Her voice echoing)

(The Camera switches to Demechrelle as she stops/Low deep rumbling growling/She slowly looks into the direction of the voice/She sees Ariella on the ground about a 300 yards away)

Ariella, Hear me Demon Queen of Hell I come to slay thee and your accursed Hellspawn from
        the face of the Earth. Or the next best thing close to it.

(She pauses for a second/Demechrelle booming roaring/The blast from the roar pushing her back/The Male Leviathan Spiders go on the attack)

Ariella, Well no point holding back. Guest I can't converse with a primitive monster.

(She comes towards them and reverts back to her original Naga form/She cast Angel Wings then flies towards them/She with a thrust of her Staff she sends a wave of light energy blasting back the Leviathan Spiders/Spiders screeching roars as the get hit by the blast)

(She flies past one then turns the tip of her Staff into a Light Sword/She slices through some of Leviathan Spiders/Screeching roars/She cuts off the legs then splits on in half)

(She goes under one Leviathan Spider then blasting from underneath with a powerful Light Spell it crashes into the ceiling/She dodges a attack from another Spider/She does a duck and dodge then blasting it with a Holy Spell/Screeching roars/Knocking it down on its back)

(Malachite's Wizard Staff levitates as he chants a incantation he is joined by Cheshire who also knows magic/Distant explosion)

(Ariella twirls her Staff into the air sending out waves and waves of light energy/Taking out the Male Leviathan Spiders/Casting Light Energy Spells/She cast a White Ball of energy and throws it a Leviathan Spider/Booming sound/Screeching roars/She lands)

Ariella, Score.  (Monstrous roaring/Shaking the ground/Looking back/Demechrelle is on the move)

Areilla, Great I'm not out of the woods just yet.

(Camera close up of Demechrelle/She fires a extremely power blast of darkness energy from her mouth/Gasp/Ariella with the camera pushed back creates a massive light energy wall)

(The darkness slams against the Light Barrier Wall/Ariella grunting/Demechrelle appears in front of the wall a bangs against with thunderous booming/Shaking Eradora)

(Ariella forces her back then takes down the wall with energy swirling around her Staff)

Ariella, Take this. (Camera pans back/She fires a very powerful blast of energy straight at Demechrelle/Roaring/Demechrelle being hit by the blast being knocked back into the ruined Castle with force/Loud thunderous crash/Shaking the Cavern violently)

(She raise her Staff summoning Holy Lightning striking down upon the Castle/Loud booming roaring/Dust and webs everywhere/Demechrelle emerges from the dust/Roaring/She charges towards her)

Ariella, Of course she can't be beaten so easily.

Cat, Impressive. She's holding her own.

Malachite, We must hurry the Spell is almost complete.

(Ariella flies towards her summoning a giant Light Bow and Arrows/She fires the bow/Traveling towards Demechrelle/She leaps over the Bow/Then fires another powerful blast of darkness energy/Ariella uses her wings to shield herself from the blast/Explosion/She crawls out quickly from the dust and debris/She summons her wings back then takes to the air/Demechrelle appears behind her/Gasp/She swats her with one of her legs/Screams/She sent flying through the air/She crashes through the giant castle)

(Demechrelle turns around to see Malachite and The Cat in the background/Low growling)

Cat, Oh no. Malachite she's aware of us. (Malachite locks eyes with her)

(Demechrelle growling/Roars/She comes towards them/Roaring continues)

Malachite, We need a little more time to complete the spell.

(Camera travels behind her/Ariella flying in the air rises above Demechrelle/She cast a giant Light Energy Dagger/She throws it down/It pierces Demechrelle and pins her to the ground/Monstrous roaring/Demechrelle trying to break free)

Malachite, (Gasp) It is ready!

(Ariella lands then turns into human form right next to them)

Ariella, It's about time. Let's do it.

(Monstrous roaring/Demechrelle breaks free from the Light Dagger/She comes towards them)

Malachite, Hear me of Ancient Evil of Darkness. You will never again wake into the light
          of day. Your reign of evil stops here Dark One.

(She continues towards him/She nearly right on top of him)

Malachite, YOU SHALL NOT PASS! (Echoing)

(Demechrelle slams into the wall a bright white light brighter than the sun lights up the Kingdom blasting Demechrelle back with tremendous force sending her zooming back into the darkness/Howling monstrous roar/Until she disappears into the darkness itself)

Malachite, It is done. The Spell is cast. Demechrelle can never leave.

Ariella, What did you do?

Malachite, I cast the Strongest Holy Seal Spell known to man. Eden's Heaven. The Spell
          surrounds the entire Caverns of Eradora. She can't escape. Every time she tries
          the Barrier Spell will prevent her from leaving. Never again will she or the
          rest of her monstrous race be able to escape from this lands again.
Cat, How long will this barrier hold?

Malachite, For all eternity. That Spell will never break. Even with all her power she'll
          break it. She is imprisoned down here forever. Let us take our leave.

(Demechrelle roaring in the background)

(Scene switches to outside as the three leaving the cave into sunlight/Sun rising)

Ariella, Ah so nice to see a beautiful sunrise.

Cat, I'm just glad this ordeal is over with.

Malachite, We can rest easy. Demechrelle can never escape from her prison.

(As the walk out of frame/The camera cuts to the entrance to the Caves/Low growling/A eights glowing red eyes appearing/Screeching howl/The Black Spider leaps towards the camera/Fade out to black)

          (The End)
Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Into The Darkness Part 6
And that was then end of that story. Pretty interesting wasn't it. Well I hoped you enjoyed it. Because we've got more Tales of Solarius-Nargoth in the future. But for now will stick to Two Worlds Stories. That's all for now. Bye.
Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Into The Darkness Part 5

(The Runner Tunnels)

(Malachite Ariella and The Cheshire Cat)

Ariella, Did you feel that Malachite? That power it can out of nowhere.

Malachite, I sensed it. It was tremendous. And yet familiar. (Gasp) Echidna.

Ariella, Echidna? You mean Anansi's daughter? That was her? I never thought she had that
        much power.

(A monstrous roar shaking the tunnel violently/Debris falling)

Malachite, Apparently Dememchrelle thought so also.

Ariella, So she really has awaken. You mean she could sense it even from here?

Malachite, Demechrelle is a Light Eater. Her kind can sense energy wherever it lies.
          Quickly now we must hurry.

(Traveling down the tunnel)

Ariella, So we're really going back there. To Eradora. The Cursed Kingdom.

Malachite, Eradora wasn't always like that.

(We transition to flashback some 5,000,000,000 BDI (Before the Death of Inari) Pre-First Age/A large Golden Art Deco 14 century style Castle in golden magnificent)

Malachite, Long ago before the First Age. The greatest Kingdom that ever lived Eradora.
          Or by it's original name the Holy Kingdom Orianus. The Kingdom of Light. It was
          prosperous time it was a happy time. The Kingdom of Orianus grew in mighty
          splendor. It land rich with soil to grow crops as far as the eye can see. It's
          culture adored in beauty and splendor. Its emerald towers glimmered in the rays
          of our suns. It borders were without equal anywhere.

(The camera pans back of the entire Kingdom)

Malachite, It was a magnificent place.

(The Sky grows dark around the Kingdom)

Malachite, Until the darkness came. Out of the darkness came an unholy Monster of evil
          and malice a creature spawned from the pit of hell itself descended upon the
          kingdom with unimaginable terribleness. A wicked darkness of the eight legged
          variety. It brought with it's accursed spawn of the damned. They descended
          upon Orianus like a Plague lead by the Monster who lead this ungodly death and
          destruction was Demechrelle The Widow Queen of Darkness.

(Flashback over)

Malachite, The Kingdom of Orianus is no more. It took on a new name. Eradora The Cursed
          Kingdom. That is were we are going.
Cat, Such a terrible fact to be fallen to Orianus. I understand now.

Malachite, That is why we must seal up this place. Cannot allow the rest of the world to
          suffer the same fate as Orianus. We must stop Demechrelle before she reaches
          the upper structures of our world. If she allowed to world upon our world again
          all would be lost.

(Look up towards the end)

Malachite, We are already here. Let us continue our quest.

(Leaving the Runner's Tunnel arrived at the massive Subterranean Halls of Eradora)

(The camera pans across once was the Kingdom of Light Orianus/The ancient ruins of a kingdom lies beyond them/The area itself is large and vast seems to stretch on for miles now is nothing more then a molded webbed almost swamp like place/Giant Mushroom of unknown nature grow and jugging out from different parts/Spider Webs covering the ceiling of the massive cave and in the center lies the former Golden Castle that now is half destroyed and half crumbling/Any traces of one of the oldest Kingdoms are gone)

(Malachite Areilla and Cheshire arrive at the mouth of the tunnel)

Ariella, If I might make a suggestion. We don't we just destroy Demechrelle? We are some
        of the strongest spell casters in Solarius-Nargoth.
Malachite, The thought did cross my mind. But that would be next to impossible especially
          down here on her turf. Even with my arts in Holy and Light Magic we only run
          the risk of making her stronger. Now we must seal this place.
Ariella, How long will it take you to cast the Seal Spell?

Malachite, Long enough to trap her down her forever.

(Thunderous rumbling/Gasp/Looking towards the darkness/The Halls shake and vibrate/Deep rumbling/The scene switches to the Castle/Castle shaking/A extremely large spider leg crushes half of the Castle/Their eye widen in shock)

(Eight gigantic glowing red eyes appearing right above the Castle/Out of the darkness a monstrous Spider towering over the Castle itself standing at least over 800 feet tall/This is the massive Leviathan Spider named Demechrelle/She looks like a gigantic Black Taratula but has the thorax of a Black Widow Spider complete with a red Hour Glass marking/Booming Roaring/Shaking the halls)

Ariella, God have I told you how much I hate Spiders?

(She is followed by smaller male Leviathan Spiders standing at least 500 feet tall)

Ariella, How much time do you need to cast your spell?

Malachite, Not long. I begin right away.

Ariella, Good. Then I guess I play my part.

Malachite, What do you mean?

(Ariella leaps out and jumps down from the mouth of the Tunnels)

Malachite, Wait Ariella what do you think your doing?

Ariella, Buying you some time. Don't worry I'll be alright.

(She lands on the ground)

Ariella, Alright let's get this party started.

        (The End)
Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Into The Darkness Part 5
Well it time for the final conclusion to this tale and we at last meet the original monster who bore the name Demechrelle. Find out what happens in Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Into The Darkness Part 6. To find out. Bye.


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Two Worlds One Story is more than just a crossover of Felarya and Solarius-Nargoth. It's a story about many connections to why the seperate worlds are so similiar. What going into Too much details. But it might answer some of the questions but that's up to the viewers whether or not me. Whether the story is canon or not it's all up to you the viewers. Although there's one people on Deviantart who doesn't like my Soloarius-Nargoth. But I wont mention him. But for the rest of you. Enjoy. Thank you.
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