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Two Worlds Gotham Wings Part 6

(Gotham City)

(Batmobile racing down the street/Making a hard left/Beeping noise/Pushing a button)

Batman, Go ahead.

Alfred, Is it wise to confront Miss. Madison about this? How do we really know she was
       behind any of this.
Batman, That's why I'm going to see her about. I want know whether or not she was the
       mastermind behind this scandal.
Alfred, Just don't hurt her Master Bruce. She could be fragile.

Batman, I don't intend too. I want some answers from her.

(Minutes later the Batmobile arrives at Jeezebel Plaza/Getting out/Looking up)
(Camera panning up towards the top/Small flocks crows and birds circling the building)
(The Plaza has a eerie stillness to it/Camera views the top of the Plaza/Several large statues of what appears to be Gargoyle like Harpies perched on the edges of the roofs)

(Batman sensing an uneasiness in the air/The tension is thick/Firing his grappling hook)

(Lydia Madison pouring herself a drink/Her attire consist of black slit dress a white shirt red tie black business vest/Wearing black angular glasses with her hair tie in a ponytail/She walks away with her drink/Sitting it down)

(She turns around/Gasping/Batman standing in the room with her)

Lydia, Batman? You scared me. Anyway can I help you?

Batman, I found your Harpy's Jewel Necklace. (Pulls it out from his Utility Belt)

(Handing it back to her)

Batman, I came to talk to you about something.

Lydia, Sure. (Sitting down at her desk)

Batman, I heard rumors that you own Valkyrie Trucking Inc. CEO of Valkyrie International
       Corporation. Is that true.
Lydia, (Somewhat hesitant) Yes...that's true. Am I. Why do you ask?

Batman, Because I heard that Valkyrie Trucking Inc. Hired Penguin to raid your Trucks
       carrying your priceless treasure. And the raid on the Cargo Ship which in point
       your Company owns.
Lydia, What?! That's preposterous!

Batman, Isn't it? The raiding on both your Trucks and the Cargo Ship that you own. The
       Penguin by hired by somebody in the Company. On top of that TYGER Security
       assaulting your Grand Opening with Harley Quinn in toe. Stealing only the Harpy's
       Jewel. It all points back to you and your Company. The thing I want to know is
       why go through all this trouble setting this up?
Lydia, What? What makes you think I did this? You've got this all wrong Batman. I didn't
      do this?
Batman, If you didn't then who did? Somebody in your Company is guilty. Somebody set this
       whole thing up and I want to know why.
Lydia, I don't know what to tell you.

(Batman about to leave)

Batman, There's one more thing. (With his back to her) I found something interesting in
       one of your Trucks.
Lydia, What?

Batman, A Bird feather. The same brown bird feather I found at the docks a week ago.

(Her expression changes with her glaring look)

Batman, I check the background of every known bird species in Gotham and didn't find a
Lydia, (Shifting mood) So what do that have to do with me?

Batman, The computer couldn't find a match to any known bird species in Gotham or anywhere
       else. Which leads me to believe this may not belong to a bird at all but something
       else entirely.

(A creepy smile forms on her face)

Lydia Off screen, Hmm why don't you ask me!?

(A close up of her hand trembling/Low deep growling/Batman spins around quickly)

(Suddenly her arms ripping through her shirt transforms into large golden brown wings/A close up of her foot/Her feet bursting from her high heels turning into birds feet with her legs being covered in brown feathers/Her breasts explodes from her shirt ripping through her clothes/Growling/Batman stands back as her shadow towers over his)

(She crushes the desk with her foot/Growling/Camera pushes back to reveal Lydia Madison a giant 8 foot tall Harpy/Spreading her wings)

(Batman eyes widen before he reacts/She flies act him then swifts kicks him hard)
(Batman bursting out the door/Hitting the wall/Growls/She comes and swats him with her powerful wing/Groans/Sending him flying down the hallway slams into the wall)

(Roars/She comes at the camera/Batman ducks and quickly rolls out the way as she slams her feet into the wall cracking it/He throws a Batarang/She catches it with her teeth and crushes it with ease/Batman is surprised/She comes at him/Kicking him hard again)

(Batman goes through a window/Falling/She flies out/Wings flapping/Roars/She dives down to him/Batman fires his grappling hook/He swings away/She cuts the wire with her talons)
(Batman falling/Scene shifts with Batman landing on top a car/Loud booming/Car alarm)

(Groaning/Shrieking roar/She comes down he slides to the left/She crushes the car with force/He tries to get back up only for her to pin him to the ground/She hauls back and tries to slice him with her clawed feet/Moving his head to the side/Loud cracking boom)

Lydia, My my you found out my little secret. Whatever should I do?

Batman, Actually I knew you weren't entirely human. After I found the feather at the Docks
       I saw your face on the screen. I did a scan of your body while I was at your
       Grand Opening. Your dress make up the same material as the brown feather I hand.
       Which lead me to two things. Either your dress is made from bird feathers over..

Lydia,Or I wasn't completely human. Clever man. I'll let you in on a secret. That Harpy's
      Jewel was a fake. It was designed to detect those who are worthy. But sense it did
      not react to you I guess your not worthy. Too back.
Batman, Too back for you.

(He quickly reaches into his belt and throws flash grenades at her/Explosion)
(Roaring/She backs off holding her eyes blinded by it)

Lydia, (Groans/Roars) YOU BASTARD!

(Batman tries to escape but she back kicks him/He flies through the glass window of a Department Store/Glass shattering/People screaming/Groans/Looking back/Wings flapping)

(She come through the window and grabs and picks him up then pins him to the wall/Loud thudding/Screams/Low growling/Her face comes into view)

Lydia, That was a mistake. (Hearing distance Police Cars coming) I think I'll let you
      live Batman. I'm not going to kill you... yet anyway. Take care.

(She releases him from her grips she quickly flies out the window/Wings flapping)
(Batman drops to his knees holding his side/Groans/Seeing the Police coming)

(He tries to get up slowly/Camera pans away from above/Harpy Lydia flies past the camera)

                (The End)
Two Worlds Gotham Wings Part 6
Whoa what a head turner. Well the cat's out of the bag. But I guess you knew that. Find out what happens next and more in Two Worlds Gotham Wings Part 7. To find out. Bye.
Two Worlds Gotham Wings Part 5

(Gotham City/Night time)

(Batmobile racing down the street/Scene switches to inside it/Beeping/Batman answers it)

Batman, Go ahead Robin.

(Robin A.K.A. Tim Drake/Standing on top a building looking down out towards the sea)

Robin, I think I found your TYGER Security Force. (Looking through the scopes)
      They're stationed on Arkham Island.
Nightwing, Wait didn't they shut that place down for repairs?

Robin, Yeah thanks to last year's assault by the Black Sun Syndicate.

(Looking closer/Seeing Tyger Guard patrolling the areas)

Robin, I don't see Harley Quinn with them. Maybe she's inside.

Batman, Stay there. I'm we're on our way.

Nightwing, You think the three of us can handle this? Should we call the Justice League.

Batman, No. We'll be fine.

(Batmobile zooming down the road/A minute later Batman and Nightwing arrive on the roof)

Batman, Report. Anything sudden changes?

Robin, Nope. No movement in the last half hour. Nobody in or out of Arkham Island.
      Something not right here.
Batman, I agree.

(Arkham Island/A Tyger Guards at the watch Tower/Looking around/Just off camera focus Batman gliding down towards him)

Tyger Guard, Huh? (Turning to the right/Batman drop kicks him in the face/Thudding)

(The other Guards hear this and come running/Nightwing coes out of nowhere with his electrical sticks/They open fire on him/Dodging and ducking hitting one Guard then dodges the blast then knocks down the other one/Robin glides down and kicks the back of a Tyger Guard/Groans)

(They other shoots at him/He goes behind him then disarms him and throws him down/Knock out blow/Blows landing/Typer Guards carrying Batons are attacking Batman/He counters at attacks ducking and dodging knocking out one by one)

(Batman lifts one of the Tyger Guards by his throat)

Batman, Start talking. Where is Harley Quinn? Where's The Harpy's Jewel? Who really hired

Tyger Guards, Quinn's gone she left about a hour ago. The Jewel is in the Arkham Mansion.

Batman, That still doesn't answer the main question. Who really hired you? Was it The
Tyger Guard, I don't know. We talked over the phone. We were hired because The Penguin
            penguin failed his mission.
Batman, Hired by who!

Tyger Guard, We were hired by Valkyrie Trucking Inc. Company.

Batman, What?

Nightwing, Wait. Valkyrie Trucking Inc. But they were the ones shipping those treasures
          in the first place. Why would set up their own heist?
Tyger Guard, Penguin was supposed to steal the precious cargo but you stopped him twice.
            So Valkyrie Trucking hired us to carry out their mission.
Batman, Who owns Valkyrie Trucking Inc.?

Tyger Guard, I don't know I swear.

Batman, Thank you. (He knocks him out cold)

Robin, This doesn't make any sense. What would a Trucking Company hired a mercenary unit
      or Penguin for that matter to stage their own heist.
Nightwing, And for what purpose?

(Batman ponders for a second)

Batman, I don't know. But I'm going to find out.

(Batman with his mask off sitting at his Computer thinking things over trying to figure things out/Alfred comes down with a large plate sitting on the table)

Bruce Wayne, Things don't add up. What's the connection? There's a piece of the puzzle I'm
Alfred, I'm sure you'll figure things out sir. You always do.

Bruce Wayne, What does a Trucking Company. The Penguin. Tyger Security. The Peguin. And
            the staged heist and this bird like feather have in common? All points lead
            to The Harpy's Jewel. But why?
Voice off scene, I think I know why.

(Robin coming down the steps holding a Folder in his hands)

Robin, Just got back from Gotham Hall Records. I did some research and I found this.

(Giving Batman the folder/He looks it over)

Robin, Turns out Valkyrie Trucking Inc. Is more then just a Commercial Shipping Company of
      shipping goods. That Cargo Ship that Penguin's men raid. It was owned by Valkyrie's
      second Department Branch. Valkyrie International Corporation.

(Batman looking them over carefully)

Robin, And the Founder and CEO of the Company is no other than.

(He flips to the final page with a of)

Robin, Miss Lydia Marceline Madison. (A picture of Lydia Madison)

Alfred, My word. You do think she..

Batman, Staged this who thing from the Beginning?

Robin, Why would she go through all this trouble to stage the elaborate ruse?

Batman, Don't know. Where is she staying now?

Robin, She's staying at the Jeezebel Plaza. Pent House Suite top floor.

Batman, Good. It's time I pay Miss Madison a visit. Robin. I need you to track down Harley

(Jumping into his car/Driving off)

              (The End)
Two Worlds Gotham Wings Part 5
Ah now things are getting interesting. The Owner of Valkyrie Trucking Inc. But what secrets do will this unfold. Find out in Two Worlds Gotham Wings Part 6. To find out the answers. This is where things get serious. Bye.
Two Worlds Gotham Wings Part 4

(Gotham City/Gotham National Museum)

(A wide shot of the new Exhibit opening/Vicki Vale is on the scene)

Vicki Vale, Hello and good evening. And this is Vicki Vale of GCN coming to you live for
           the Grand Opening of the new exhibit. Behind me is the new Treasure Artifact
           Exhibit. Where house the rare and beautiful artifacts including the Harpy's
           Jewel. Thanks to the efforts of Gotham finest and Batman help where able to
           stop the raid a couple days ago.

(She walks over to Bruce Wayne dressed in his black suit white shirt and red tie)

Vicki Vale, We have with us today is Billionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne. Mr. Wayne what are
           your thoughts on the Grand Opening of this new Exhibit?
Mr. Wayne, Thank you Miss Vale. I'm glad that Batman and the GCPD were able to stop The
          Penguin and his men from stealing all this priceless jewelry. Without their
          help. We wouldn't be standing here today.
Vicki Vale, You heard it here folks. This is Vickie Vale for Gotham City News.

(Miss Madison arriving in a very beautiful and elegant dress/She walks over to the podium)

Miss Madison, Thank you all for coming to my Grand Opening of my new Exhibit. I hope you
             all the rare and wonderful artifacts I've collected all over the world.
             The Treasure Artifact Exhibit is now open.

(An explosion on the West Wall/Screaming)

Miss Madison, What the...?

(Several gas grenades being tossed in/Explosion/Coughing/Wayne with one eye open looks)
(TYGER Security rushes into the room/Gunfire/Shots being fired upwards)

Tyger Guard, Everyone stay where you are don't move. Hands in the air.

(Wayne sneaks out the back/From his POV/He opens to the hallway only to be greeted by a lone Tyger Guard/Who punts him in the head with his gun/Groans)

Tyger Guard, Where the hell do you think you going?

(About to punt him again/Wayne grabs disarms then throws him down knocking him out)
(Breaking the gun/Two more Tyger Guards walk in/They see their fallen comrade)

Tyger Guard 2, What the hell? (Seeing Bruce Wayne)

(They aim and open fire/Wayne ducking down past the corner)

Bruce Wayne, (On Watch Comlink) Alfred looks like I need my other suit quickly.

Alfred, I'M on my way sir. (Walking off screen)

(They round the corner)

Tyger Guard 3, Where did he go?

(Noise from above/Looking up/Seeing the Batman/They open fire/Batman dodges and throws down a smoke grenade/Firing wildly/Batman glides down and does a double takedown)

(He runs down the hallway/Standing by the hole is Harley Quinn)

Harley Quinn, There it is boys. That's what we've come for. (Pointing to it) The Harpy's
             Jewel. Snap it and lets get out of here before Batman shows up.

(A Tyger Guard smashes the glass container then takes the Jewel putting in another container/Above to leave/A Batarang lands in front of them/Quinn looks to the right with a smile/Batman is standing there)

Harley Quinn, Well well surprise surprise. Bat Brain.

Batman, Give it up Harley. I don't know what your planning but it ends now.

Harley Quinn, Oh wouldn't you like to know.

(She pulls a device out and throws it/The device opens up with a energy surge/The people fleeing from the scene/Batman sees it coming then jumps away/It explodes into a wave of small energy/Knocking everyone down/Batman shields himself/Seeing that Harley Quinn is gone along with TYGER)

(Minutes later the GCPD arrive on the scene with Commissioner Gordon and Batman talking to Miss Madison)

Miss Madison, I'm just glad everybody is safe. Nobody got hurt.

Commissioner Gordon, Can you tell what the thieves have stolen?

Miss Madison, That's just it Commissioner. They didn't steal anything. Except.

(Pointing to the glass container)

Miss Madison, The Harpy's Jewel. Which I don't understand why they went through all this
             trouble just to steal only the Harpy's Jewel and nothing else.

(Batman narrows his eyes in wonderment/Minutes later the Bat Cave/Batman sitting at his computer thinking it over/Nightwing is with him/Checking the Security Camera/Zooming in on their Amblem Symbol on their shoulder)

Batman, There. I thought I recognize that symbol.

Nightwing, So who are they?

Batman, They're called TYGER Security. A rogue PMC Security organization. A Private
       Contractor Unit that are hired their serves to the highest bidders. The highest
       bidder being Harley Quinn.
Nightwing, Speaking of Harley Quinn. Why would Harley hire a PMC Mercenary Unit. That's
          not her style. And for that matter we're The Joker? Is he behind this?
Batman, That's what I want to find out.

(Both getting into the Batmobile)

Nightwing, So where do we start looking for them)

Batman, I wish I knew.

(Engine roaring/Driving off)

               (The end)
Two Worlds Gotham Wings Part 4
Just when things were getting back to normal. (Well normal for Batman that is) This happens. Find out what happens next in Two Worlds Gotham Wings Part 4 to find out bye.
Profile The Leprechaun Race

Info, The Leprechauns are magical beings and the cousin race to Solarian Fairies. Solarian Leprechauns size range from 3 inches to 3 feet. Just like their Fairy Cousins Leprechauns are descendants from Nargothian Imps from Nargoth. They are natural spell casters. Creating what they call Luck Magic or sometimes called Wish Magic. Luck Magic works on the same similar principles as Djinn wish granting magic. A Leprechaun can cast Luck Magic in various effects not just for escaping predators cheat a games or get lucky in love.

Leprechauns first appear around the First Age of Solarius-Nargoth along side their cousin Fairy Race. Leprechauns were originally found only in the Fairy Kingdom however Leprechauns are found all over Solarius-Nargoth. Hidden away in secluded and isolated areas. The reason for this because the Leprechaun's natural enemy. The Giant Shroom Sirens. Or Banshee Sirens as they would call them. Because of their powerful siren like screaming ability.

Some many thousands of years ago possibility during the Eight Age was considered the darkest day in Leprechaun history. Without warning a Leprechaun colony was attacked by a group of Giant Shroom Sirens. The Leprechauns did their best to ward off the Shroom Sirens but almost half of the population of Leprechauns was devoured in mere minutes without mercy or remorse. The Leprechauns realize that they were no match for the Shroom Sirens assault there home. the remaining Leprechauns had no choice but to flee their homes never to return.

This event was called The Sacking of Leprechaun Village. Ever since that incident. Leprechauns learn to keep their distance from Shroom Sirens. Knowing full well what they're capable of doing.

Contrary to popular belief. A Leprechaun's Pot of Gold isn't the source of their power. It's their currency. Leprechauns don't have a banking system the way humans do. So a Pot of Gold is their own personal bank. Leprechauns use the gold coins as money. So if a human finds a Pot of Gold they may think it's magical. However it's not. A gold coin will not grant you a wish. As stated above Leprechauns are natural spell casters. If a human manage to catch a Leprechaun. He/she will be granted one wish and one wish only.

A Leprechaun will ask he/she to think very carefully about what they want. Because once their wish is granted they can't take it back. The only way to take back the wish is to catch another Leprechaun. Another misconception is that following a Rainbow will lead you to a Leprechaun. This is false. Leprechauns unlike Fairies don't have wings and no means of flight. So Leprechaun will cast a Rainbow Spells and use the Rainbows as a means of transportation.

As also stated above unlike most versions of Leprechauns. Leprechauns of Solarius-Nargoth can change their size just like Fairies do. However it isn't rare to find a human sized Leprechauns or Leprechaun/Human couples.
Profile The Leprechaun Race
Happy St. Patrick's Day and a profile on The Leprechaun Race. hope you enjoy. Bye.
Two Worlds Uncharted 2 Part 9

(Rio De Janeiro/South America)

(The Camera has a panoramic view of the City/Carlos Navarro aiming a Gun at Nathan Drake and company)

Carlos, This is where it ends Drake. Nothing stopping from killing you now.

Drake, Buddy incase you haven't notice we've got a little problem.

Carlos, ( Looking up the remaining Harpies flying above them) Oh yes. The Harpies. It does
       not matter. Once I kill you then nothing else will matter to me.
Elena, This guy got a one track mind. He's not the only one.

(Looking towards Drake/He notices and somewhat defensive)

Drake, What? What that look for? What you think I've got some one track mind?

Elena, Well if nothing else. It definitely defines your character.

Drake, Definitely define? What does that even mean?

Sullivan, It means your single minded.

Drake, Single minded? How am I single minded?

Elena, Do I even need to spell it out for you?

Drake, No I want you to give it to me straight.

(Carlos raising an eyebrow as he's been totally ignored at this point)

Carlos, Excuse me. But you'll have all the time to argue in The Gates of Hell.

(Aiming his gun/Something drops on top a car/He turns his attention to the crash)
(Drake with lightning fast reflexes pulls out a grenade then pops the pin then throws it)
(Everything in slow mo/Carlos turns around his eye grow widen as the grenade is in the air)

(Drake pulls out a hidden gun then takes aim/Both Elena and Sullivan running away/Carlos turns around then tries to make a break for it/Drake fires a single bullet/Gunshot)

(The bullet traveling it hit and connects to the grenade/It explodes in a fiery explosion in quick slow mo/Carlos barely misses it gets blown backwards/Drake flies backwards also landing/Thudding/Carlos rolling down the street/His clothes are tattered)

Drake, Shit. I can't believe that actually work.

Man, Not bad you did well. (Drake looks over to the left side of him)

(Brandon Winchester standing behind him with a smile)

Brandon, Ello mate. Long time no see.

Drake, Wait. I remember you. From last year.

Brandon, Looks like you didn't need my help.

(Looking up/All of the Harpies are gone)

Brandon, I Doubt the Harpies will bother you again. You've got more to worry about from
        you brother.

(Drake looks at him funny)

Drake, How do you know about my brother?

Brandon, You'll find out soon enough. Though he is not what he seems.

(Oh alluding to Uncharted 4 Thief's End)

Brandon, Time to clean this up. (Snapping his fingers)

(Drake looks and everything is restored to normal all destruction and damage is fixed)

(Sound of wings flapping/Drake looks back and Brandon is gone/And so is Carlos Navarro who is walking away holding his arm)

Carlos Navarro, Another time Mr. Drake. Another time.

(Slinks away from them)

(Elena and Sullivan show up/Drake still stunned about his encounter with Brandon Winchester)

Sullivan, Nate you alright?

Drake, I'm fine. (Gasp)

Elena, Nate? What happened to the City. Everything looks back to normal?

Drake, I...(Thinking it over) I'm not sure. Anyway. Let's have some fun since we're here.

Sullivan, You mean after all that.

Drake, Why not. After everything I think I could you a drink. And read over this book.
      There still something we don't know about. Like this Dweller of The Deep.

(Watching from a building is Brandon Winchester/A figure in the shadows appears)

Brandon, You were right. He wasn't the one. Still that doesn't mean he doesn't have a
        part to play in this.
Man, No. But we've keep an eye on him. We've got to find out who has the real Harpy's
    Jewel. We can't let The Dweller of The Deep return.
Brandon, Is this Dweller really as bad as they say?

Man, Far worse not to think so. In any case keep and eye on him and others. We must
    prevent the awaking of The Dweller of The Deep.
Brandon, Right. And I must continue my search for Gabriel. He's still out there.

                (The End)
Two Worlds Uncharted 2 Part 9
And so another chapter closes but more events to come. And so many mysterious. Well not really but you get the picture. Come back for Two Worlds Gotham Wings Part 4 and Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Story Part 1. Bye.


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Two Worlds One Story is more than just a crossover of Felarya and Solarius-Nargoth. It's a story about many connections to why the seperate worlds are so similiar. What going into Too much details. But it might answer some of the questions but that's up to the viewers whether or not me. Whether the story is canon or not it's all up to you the viewers. Although there's one people on Deviantart who doesn't like my Soloarius-Nargoth. But I wont mention him. But for the rest of you. Enjoy. Thank you.
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