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Profile Echidna The Winged Water Naga

Name Ashanti Echidna Mumbiya
Aliases Half Breed Princess The Storm Goddess Princess Echidna The Dark Angel
Age 265 (looks 20s)
Height 135 Feet (Head to ground) (6 feet human form)
Length 336 Feet (Head to tail)
Ethnicity African Solarian
Race Winged Dominion Water Naga Human
Hair Color Pink/Dark Pink (White human form)
Skin Color Aqua Blue (Black human form)
Scale Color Dark Blue White underbelly
Number of Wings (Four Two Demon Wings Two Angel Wings)

Info, Echidna The Winged Water Naga born Ashanti Echidna Mumbiya is the daughter and
Princess of King Anansi and Anna the Water Naga. She is a descendant of the Mumbiya
Dynasty of weather manipulators. In her early life she was teased because of her
heritage. She was referred as the Half Breed Princess because she was half Naga. She
grew up with her life long childhood friends Lily Kinzington Yuriko Aleena Tachibana
and Misha Xang-Lee.

Echidna is the main character of Solarius-Nargoth. She originally never had an chance
to meet her father since she bileved he died before she was born 265 years ago. In
recent events she finally met her long lost father of 200 plus years. And doing any
and all thing to spend time with him.

Echidna would eventually meet her older half sister Tiamat Mumbiya on of the many
daughters of King Anansi. She would later become friends with another Naga by the
name Crisis from there sister Universe Felarya. Echidna and Crisis (Along with the)
(ancient spirit of Isis a Ancient Naga form forgotten times) lead to the defeat of
Inari The Dark One. She also help in the defeat of Dark Aloura or Gaia-Nexus.

She would before the events of Two Worlds One Story she would meet her other cousins
and form a friendship with them. She would later help take down Medusa Naja the
Witch Naga who previous was believed to be Morganna Grey. This wasn't the case.

As stated in the previous before Echidna does believe in shaving while in human form.
It's a sign of womanhood which is while she has a very hairy vagina and armpits and only
shave while wearing a bikini so not let her massive forest show.


Echidna is one of the strongest beings in Solarius-Nargoth. And one of them most powerful
in the universe. Thanks to more additional training. Echidna has gotten even stronger
than before and unlock more potential powers she didn't know she had. She has absolute
full mastery of her powers. The upper limits of her power now is unknown. Originally she
rarely used them but thanks to her recent intense training she can wield much higher
tremendous level of abilities and powers. She can be on par if not stronger than other
powerful beings. Surpassing her father in terms of strength and power.

Another thing that Echidna like all Winged Humans and Hybrids are born with Celestial
Halo Rings around their arms and around their neck. The Halo Rings are manifest from
the body and are designed to suppress the more massive immense powers of a Winged Human.
Wear can be taken off at will to allow them to wield and control their vast powers and
abilities. Echidna has manifested two more extra rings on her arms stated her power
has risen dramatically from past her original level. Which even Echidna doesn't know
how strong she is now compared to before.

Weather Manipulation, Being a descendant of the Mumbiya Dynasty. Echidna has absolute
full control and mastery of her weather based powers. Her power is on much stronger
Planetary near Galactic Scale. She can create massive city sized thunderstorms wield
control all forms of precipitation create typhoons and hurricanes. Cause world wide
natural disasters summon control immense tornados. Control the electromagnetic energies.
She bend and control various forms of mist fog particles on a planetary levels. She can
now manifest generate control Cosmic Space Weather or Space Atmokinesis. She can
generate powerful Solar winds draw in energy from stars and suns. She can create weather
on a microscopic subatomic level. She can create thunderstorms underwater and astral
planes which is scientifically impossible to do.

Water Manipulation, Being part Water Naga. Echidna has the natural ability to control
water. She can turn water into mist ice fog invisible water particles. She can create
monstrously sized whirlpools waterspouts the size of islands. She can adjust the
pressure of water allowing her to use her wings underwater and control the biometric
gravity of the abyssal deep sea planes.

Hellfire Manipulation, Echidna can control wield now near limitless amounts of Hellfire.
she can fire it from her eyes mouth hands and breasts. Her power is on a Planetary
level. Her control over it is much stronger she can incinerate a person or supernatural
being just by looking at them or thinking it. She can scorch a planet three times the
size of Jupiter. In hell she can generate near unlimited amounts of Hellfire Energy.
She can create Hellfire Weather storms.

Energy Manipulation, Thanks to more better advance training. Echidna can generate wield
control absorb and draw upon near limitless amounts of energy. Her power now is almost
nigh immeasurable. Ranging from destroying planets and stars suns and strong massive
black holes. She can draw on galactic energies to destroy several planets. With enough
sheer force of power she is capable of destroying a Galaxy the size of the Milky Way
Galaxy. She can control all forms of Dark/Anti-Matter energies. She can wield both
extremely high levels of Celestial and Demonic energies on a Planetary level.
She can even create celestial storms and holy divine energy.

Magic Manipulation, Thanks to the likes of Malachite The White Wizard and Sorceress
Supreme Nimue Mumbiya. Echidna is a much more powerful spell caster. She can conjure
things out of air. Matter Manipulation Reality Bending Manipulation. Echidna can
control bend astral magic. She can summon both Celestial and Demonic Elementals. She
make illusions mirages summon other magical beings. Summon inrerdimensional beings.

Super Strength, Echidna can lift bend press exceeding 100 to 500 tons. Combined with
her razor shape nail like claws she can rip through reinforced titanium. Shatter a large
mountain in half. Create fissures into the ground wider than death valley. Her upper
level is almost potentially nigh unlimited. She could shatter or rip apart a very
powerful dimensional magical barrier or force field. She could split apart a planet
five times the size of Jupiter.

Super Speed, Echidna can move think react faster than the human eye can see. She can
faster than a person can blink. She can run faster than Mach 10. Breaking the sound
barrier in less than a minute.

Flight, Like all Winged Humans and Hybrids. Echidna can use her wings for flight. She
can move now at speeds faster than Mach 10 or 12 sometimes even faster. She can harden
her wings making them nigh indestructible.

Shape Shifting, Like all Winged Humans Echidna can shift between her Winged Naga or Naga
form to her human form. She can change the size of any portion of her body at will.
She can go from 6 feet to 480 feet in less than a second.
Profile Echidna The Winged Water Naga Revisited
Here is the Profile on Echidna The Winged Water Naga Revisited. See you real soon. Bye.
Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Father and Daughter

(Solarius-Nargoth/The Solarian African)

(In the distance we see a massive castle surround by beautiful lust greens that connects)
(To the Emerald Sea/A close up of this very beautiful and ancient castle/It's designs)
fit the times of modern look)

(Camera pans back/This region of Solarian is Mumbiya Kingdom who to the Mumbiya family)
(or Mumbiya Dynasty/Echidna in Winged Naga form flies towards the Castle in the back)
(ground/She looking down towards Castle/The Winged Soldiers patrol the Castle grounds)
(Courtyard/They're clade in black and grey fatigues carrying both guns and swords)

(They turn their attention upwards as Echidna shifts to her Winged Human form then lands)
(The Solders bow and kneel before her)

Guard, Welcome home Princess Echidna.

(And for those who haven't forgotten/Echidna's father Anansi The Warrior wasn't just the)
(Leader of his tribe he was also their King which makes Echidna the Princess along with
her other half sisters)

Echidna, Thank you but Echidna will do.

(She walks towards the front stairway where her Mother the Queen Anna is waiting for)
(her/Queen Anna the Water Naga is the Wife and Mother of Echidna/She goes up to her)
(in Naga form they hug)

Queen Anna, Welcome home Ashanti. It's been awhile since your last visit. How are you
Echidna, Considering the stuff I've done lately I need a break.

Queen Anna, Why don't you come inside and tell me all about it.

(The Main Dinning Hall is enormous with small to super sized royal golden created)
(Tables and Chairs/Each chair has diamonds and rubies built into it)

(So after one lengthy explanation about all the current events)

Queen Anna, That very interesting. So this Lord Beerus is that powerful is he?

Echidna, Yeah. He is. Even his servant Whis is supposed to be stronger than him.
        and there's Goku and Vegeta.
Queen Anna, You've been busy these past couple three years. Maybe one day I'll meet
           this Crisis the Naga person I heard you talk about.
Echidna, Actually I do have a question for you.

Queen Anna, Yes what is it?

Echidna, Have you heard any word about my father?

(Queen Anna expression changes upon hearing this topic about Anansi who she haven't)
(seen some 200 plus years ago)

Queen Anna, That's not an easy question for me to answer. I know how you feel. I'm miss
           him more than anything. I just wish I knew where he was if he's still alive
           if he's ok. I just don't know. I want to know myself. I feel like he's out
           there somewhere not dead. At least he better not be swinging the stars while
           I SIT HERE DOING ALL THE ROYAL DUTIES While..(She calms down a bit) I'm
           sorry I didn't mean to go on a tirade. It's your father despite his quirks.

(She doing air quotes)

Queen Anna, He's hasn't always been a star model sometimes.

(A noise outside got the guards moving)

Echidna, What's wrong?

Guard, Something happening out in the courtyard.

Echidna, Well something always happens in this place.

(Surging sound/As Echidna walks outside/Wind blowing/Crackling of energy as a portal)
(like vortex opens in the middle of the Courtyard/Something emerges from the vortex)

(The something turns out to be the TARDIS/It appears and lands/Echidna goes down the)
steps to greet whoever steps out/The doors open/A figure stands in the doorway)

(The figure is a Black Man with thick long dreadlocks with a think beard dressed in)
(African style royal clothes he wears the symbol of the Spider on his colored vest)
(He steps out the TARDIS/The Guards in the surrounding area kneel before him)

(This mysterious Black Man is none other than King Anansi The Warrior/He looks a lot)
(older than we last saw him/His appears is that of man in his mid to late 40s or 50s)

Anansi, (Haitian African accent) Thank you for returning Doctor. After so many long
        years. I can finally come home. I've miss out on some much I don't know how
        my Wife will react once she sees me.
(The Doctor in the background can't be completely seen)

The Doctor, I'm glad you've accompany him on my quest. Though I'm not so sure how'll
           Wife react when you've been gone for so many years.
Anansi, I will try my best to explain the situation to her.

The Doctor, Well your on your own my friend good luck.

(The Door closes and the TARDIS disappears into the vortex)

(All the while Echidna is standing there staring at him in bewilderment with eyes widen)
open since she has never met her father before and not sure what to do)

(Anansi walks up seeing Echidna seeing her for the first time/Little does he know this)
(is his daughter he's never seen/Echidna was born after the War with Inari the Dark One)

Anansi, (Noticing her expression) Excuse young lady are you lost? Are you alright?

(She continues to stares at him frozen like state/She has happy tears in her eyes)

Anansi, Is their something wrong? You alright miss?

(She lets out a girly scream/Then she hugs him/Anansi doesn't know what to make of it)

Anansi, Excuse me young lady why are you....

Echidna, Daddy!

Anansi, (Surprised) Daddy?!

(Screams in the distance/Queen Anna comes down the stairs in a frantic)
(Anansi sees his wife coming/She with also tears in her eyes hugs and embraces him)

Anansi, Anna. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you wait.

(Her face turns to anger where she slap him in the face)

Anansi, (Holding his face) Ok I think I deserved that.

(Minutes later/Waiting by the Royal Bedroom/Echidna waits outside)

(Anansi stands there looking at his wife who is rubbing her eyebrows she's both very)
(excited and happy to see her husband again but at the same time very upset and down)
(right angry that he's been gone for nearly 200 years)

Queen Anna, Ok. I have to admit I have tolerated up until this point all the stuff that
           you do. And I've been a calm collective person and I've tried to justify
           the many reasons why weren't here. But GODDAMN IT I'M PUTTING MY GOD DAMN
Anansi, Sweetie I...

           YOU DIED. How could you do this to me? I was alone for nearly 200 plus years.

(Anansi just standing there he doesn't bother to defend himself/He just takes the)
(tongue lashing from his more than upset Wife)


(She points Echidna waiting outside their Bedroom)

Queen Anna, You have a daughter out there who've never even met you. She knows
           nothing about you and is willing and eager to get to know you. The man the
           father I built up inside her mind for so many years. I told her you were a
           hero a fair and just King. And look what you have to show for it? Huh?
           Get out there and ACT LIKE DAMN KING like my husband and talk to your
           daughter. Now. (She points to the doors)

(He gets up about to leave)

Queen Anna, And dear. (He looks back) I'm really happy you've come back. But I'm
           still mad at you.

(Walking out the bedroom seeing his daughter waiting for him with a smile)

Anansi, Sweetie come here please.

Echidna, Yes Daddy?

Anansi, Listen I... I'm sure you heard al that.

Echidna, So did everyone in the Castle.

Anansi, I want to apologies to you. I understand if your angry at me like your mother.
       I don't blame you if you are mad. But I truly understand that I wasn't there
       for you. I know I've made a lot of mistakes. Some really big ones. One of the
       biggest mistakes was not being there. Being a part of your life. I never got
       the chance to witness your birth growth and the finally of today. I see know I
       missed out in a lot of your childhood and adulthood. But I promise you here
       and now that I will do whatever I can to help you to be a faction in you life.
       You don't hate me do you?
Echidna, (Shakes her head) No I don't. (She hugs him)

Anansi, Thank you for being understanding. I'll try to smooth things over with your
       mother. But for right now. We've got some catching up to do.

(Echidna smiles hugging her father/After 200 plus years Father and Daughter meet for the)
first time)

        (The End)
Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Father and Daughter
And so a Major chapter is closed in Echidna's life but another one opens. She finally meets her father after so many years. They have much catching up to do. But I hope everything works out alright. Well I hope you enjoy that. The story Two Worlds Blue Blur. The Final Harpy of the three. See you real soon. Bye.
Profile Naga Race Species Part 1

Here's a profile on the Naga Race. Like previous profiles before this we're only coving
a fraction of the Naga(Lamia) Species. But here's the list.  Enjoy.

Desert Naga

Threat Level 9
Size 130 feet to 160 feet (Head to ground)
Length 200 feet (Head to tail)

Desert Nagas or Sand Lamias are Naga who inhabit the Desert Regions in Solarius-
Nargoth. They have brown to sand coffee to khaki skin. They have patches of gravel
like scales the match their underbelly. Using their rocky brown skin blending into
Desert sands and rocky outcrops. Desert Naga can borrow under then sand as ambush
predators. Lying in waiting for a unsuspected caravan or convoy of humans come past
they will burst from the sand and attack the caravan moving at speeds faster then 70
miles per hours.

Water Naga

Threat Level 9 to 10
Size 150 feet to 170 feet (Head to ground)
Length 330 to 350 feet (Head to tail)

Water Nagas or Sea Lamias are found virtually in all oceans in Solarius-Nargoth. Water
Nagas skin color ranging from blue to aqua marine to blue green with pink hair. They
have gills on the side of their necks for the purpose of breathing underwater. Water
Nagas can blend in with the colors of water. Water Nagas are powerful Spell Casters.
The ability to manipulate the water. They can create Whirlpools Waterspouts and
Hurricanes. They use this powers to sink entire ships and boats so the can devour
the humans on board. However there a lot of benevolent Water Nagas. Some of them do
help sailors and sea fairing men if lost and need direction. The most famous of Water
Nagas are Anna The Water Naga and her daughter the most famous Ashanti Echidna Mumbiya.

Abyssal Naga

Threat Level 10 to 12
Size 450 feet to 480 feet (Head to ground)
Length 500 feet to 530 feet (Head to tail)

Abyssal Nagas or Deep Sea Lamias are can only be found in the abyssal trenches or deep
sea ocean floors. Reaching level deeper then 32,000 to 40,000 feet. Abyssal Nagas have
all black or dark blue skin their snake scales are all black with patches of red on
them. They have red bioluminescence light emission from their eyes giving them the
appearance of glowing red eyes which to the untrained would probably scare the shit
out of use. Abyssal Naga feed mostly on Mermaid Shark Girls Deep Sea Dragon Worms
but on occasion they will attack a submarine to crack open and devour the humans
inside. Thankfully they're very rare and rarely comes up to the surface.

Rainbow Naga

Threat Level 10 to 11
Size 160 feet to 200 feet (Head to ground)
Length 350 feet to 380 feet (Head to tail)

Rainbow Nagas get their name from their multiple color snake scales the glimmer in the
sunlight. They use this light as a way to blending the light to make themselves near
almost invisible think Metal Gear Solid Stealth Camouflage or The Predator cloaking
device. They can move undetected in through think brush like forests. The face their
scales are hollow similar to a Owl's wings. Which means a Rainbow Naga can move through
a forest or hunt without making a sound. Truest form of silent stalkers. The most famous
Rainbow Naga is Lily Fairbrook Kinzington or Lily The Genius.

Winged Naga

Threat Level 9 to 10
Size 250 feet to 270 feet (Head to ground)
Length 340 feet to 360 feet (Head to tail)

Winged Nagas sometimes called Bird Lamias or Harpy Nagas. Instead of hands they have
wings they have feathery fur snake skin instead of scales. They're coloration it ranges
from brown to light brown to white sometimes grey. Winged Nagas are arboreal types
spending majority of their lives up in the canopies of trees in massive forests. They're
seen coiled or wrapped around the branches of tree looking down at the floor in search
of prey. Because of there coloration they blend into the bark looking like just another
part of it. When spotting a potential meal they will slowly slither down the tree very
carefully not to alert their prey. Within striking distance they will pounce scooping
up the humans then receding back up into the canopy to eat their prey. Winged Nagas
can use their wings as powerful weapons. Flapping them strong enough to flip over a
military tank.

Mini Naga

Threat Level 1 to 2
Size 5 to 7 inches (Head to tail)
Length 1 foot to 2 feet (Head to tail)

Mini Nagas or Mini Lamias are the smallest species of nagas in Solarius-Nargoth. Often
regarded as one of the cutest creatures in the whole world. Humans would keep them not
as pets but as companions they find them extremely adorable and cute to boot. Mini Nagas
are mini predators feeding on bugs insects rodents lives and even cats. Just watching
a Mini Naga hunt is so adorable. You want to pick him/her up and hug them. Much to the
Mini Nagas annoyance. However some have developed a strategy to get free food. They
will use their cuteness to awe humans into giving them food. The old puppy dog eyes
or in this case old Mini Naga eyes.
Profile Naga Race Species Part 1
Here is your Profile on Naga Race Species. Hope you like because more in the forecast bye.
Two Worlds Dragonball Z Training of Gods Part 15

(Beerus's Temple)

(Beerus Whis talking to Goku abd Vegeta in the background we see Ninue Nami and Echidna)

Echidna, So why are you guys here?

Nami, Miss Sorceress Supreme here got us lost while traveling dimensions. End up
     on the far side of the Universe.
Nimue, Again I didn't say we were lost I said we might be lost. Might.

Nami, Yeah right you were so lost. (Nimues groans)

Nimue, Anyway it's great to see you again Echidna. Your sister been looking for you.
      she was supposed to comes here along with Misha but they got sided tracked.
Echidna, I see. Well at least I got to see you two again. You should stop by some

Nimue, We will when we figure where are we.

Echidna, Home is that way. (Pointing in the northern direction)

Nimue, Thanks.

Nami, Look's like we're heading out. (She shifts into her cat form then jumps her)

Beerus, Leaving so soon?

Nimue, Yes we have leave as soon as possible. We've stayed to long from home.
      Will you be alright by yourself here?
Echidna, I manage.

(Nimue nods in agreement/Then she turns around waving then spreads her large black wings)
(Wings flapping/Nimue flying away from the camera disappearing into the unknown)

Vegeta, (Scoffs) What a waste of a day.

Goku, Cheer up Vegeta at least you were having fun.

Vegeta, That's not the word I would use.

(Goku walks over to Echidna)

Goku, Hey about what you said earlier. What did you mean beware of Frieza?

Echidna, Oh I thought heard about this Frieza person coming after you.

Goku, Oh that's why. Well you don't have to worry. We've already beat him.

Echidna, You have when did this happened?

Goku, Months ago. You should have been there. Frieza came back ten times stronger than
    he was years ago. He even had this new Golden Frieza he called it.
Vegeta, I would have beated him to if you hadn't stepped in.

Goku, (Laughs) Well the point is he's already been defeated.

(Recalling the events of Dragonball Z Revival of F)

Echidna, Oh so why are you doing here then?

Goku, Training. To help sharpen or Super Saiyan God forms.

(Goku gasp/Sensing some/The screen pulses/Vegeta sensing it too/Pulsing effect sound)
(Whis and Beerus also notice)

Whis, Seems like somebody is coming here.

Vegeta, Kakarot do you feel that?

Goku, Oh man yeah. What a monstrous power. It's only stronger closer it comes.

(Both looking towards/The Figure flies up then lands/The Person turns out to be Tiamat)
(Mumbiya flies down and lands)

Tiamat, Echidna. There you are I found you.

Echidna, Looking for me are we?

Tiamat, I was wondering when are you coming home.

Echidna, Soon.

Beerus, Well now who might you be little lady.

Echidna, This is my older sister Tiamat Mumbiya.

Beerus, I don't see the resemblance but I'll take your word for it. Anyway your sister
       is she as strong as you.
Echidna, No, She's stronger than me.

(The screen split into four showing each reaction)

All, Stronger.

Echidna, Oh yeah about three times stronger. I think. But I would know sense I don't
         know how powerful I am. That and I have another sister who I just recently
         found out is said she stronger than both of us.

(The ones who are shocked the most is Goku and Vegeta)

Vegeta, This has to be a joke. Your telling us your sisters are stronger than you?

Echidna, Hmm yup. (With a smile) Well see for yourself.

Goku, Can we have a quick sparring match.

Tiamat, You wish to fight me?

Goku, If that's alright? (Tiamat looks at Echidna/She nods with a smile)

Tiamat, (Signs) Very well show me what you got.

Beerus, This shoulder be interesting.

Goku, Ok. (Yelling/Goku goes Super Sayian God Super Saiyan/Surging energies/Shooting up)
(Into the sky/Wind blowing)

(Tiamat standing there waiting/Goku comes at the camera/He throws a powerful punch to)
(her face/Shaking the camera/Gasp/Tiamt stares at Goku as his punch had no effect on)
(her/Gasping/The others are surprised)

Vegeta, (Thinking) What impossible! He hit her and she didn't even flinch.

Tiamat, Is it my turn yet. (She raise her hand into a fist)

(She does a swing left quick punch hitting Goku in the face/Groaning/She knocks him)
(back to the camera/Goku bounces then lands on the ground/He reverts back to normal)
(form/Vegeta mouth open shocked/Whis and Beerus are surprised)

(Tiamat literally knocked Goku out of his Super Saiyan God form with one)

Vegeta, (Thinking) ONE PUNCH!?

Tiamat, I'm sorry. What that a litte too hard?

(Goku staggers to his feet with a excited expression)

Goku, Oh man I felt that one.

Echidna, Well guys I hate to say it but it looks like we've gotta go. It's been nice
        hanging out with you and all. We had fun.
Tiamat, You ready?

Echidna, Sure.

(They turn away waving goodbye as they both take to the air)

Whis, Well this has been the most fun we've had in years.

Beerus, I agree.

(As they fly off the Beerus's Temple disappears into the darkness as they fly away)

Echidna, Oh I forgot. (She flies back)

(She comes towards the camera/Gasp/From her point of view the Beerus's Temple is gone)

Echidna, Huh? What happen? The temple it's gone?

Tiamat, I would seem temporal anomaly happened?

Echidna, What kind of anomaly?

Tiamat, Seem the moment we leave there universe a temporal anomaly occurred. Something
       was changed or erased.

(The real reason behind the anomaly that Akira Toriyama has rebooted the Dragonball Z)
(Storyline into Dragon Ball Super/Which means The events of Battle of Gods and)
(Revival of F never happened/Which means this story Two Worlds Training of Gods also)
(Didn't happen but Echidna and Tiamat still retain the memory of the events)

Echidna, In other words everything that happened didn't happen?

Tiamat, It would stand the reason. There is no other explanation.

Echidna, (Small chuckles) I guess we'll meet them again some day.

(They both fly off)

(The End)
Two Worlds Dragonball Z Training of Gods Part 15
Well as the another storyline ended. And as stated before Because Akira Toriyama change the events of Battle of Gods and Revival of F.
So this story never happened. But it did so any don't miss out on Two Worlds Blue Blur. Bye.
Two Worlds Dragonball Z Training of Gods Part 14

(The Old Ghost Town)

(Vegeta still in Super Saiyan 2 form in fighting stance prepare to fight Nami)

(Nami standing back up then dusting herself off/She looks at Vegeta with a smile)

Nami, (Sighs) Meow. Well this is the most fun I've had in ages. Your certainly a
      powerful opponent Vegeta. But let's cut to the chase.
SS2 Vegeta, I agree.

Nami, Oh by the way. Don't think I haven't notice. Your holding back. I sense you've
     got more power then your letting on. Why do we just take it up a notch?
SS2 Vegeta, Well then I guess I wont hold back anymore.

(Vegeta powers down from Super Saiyan 2 form)

(Nami waiting with her hands on her hips)

(Vegeta grunts/Deep rumbling/The ground underneath Vegeta begins to tremble)
(Camera starting to shake/The ground cracks and rises/Blue sparks appear around Vegeta)

(Birth of Super Saiyan God plays)

(Electrical sparking/Deep rumbling/Wind blowing/Vegeta begins to glow/A massive blue)
(Aura erupts around Vegeta/Nami standing their as her hair gets blown back)

(Piccolo and Nimue look on/Nami with a slightly more serious expression)

(The wavy blue swirling aura rising up into the sky as the camera pushes back)
(Cracking surging sounds/Vegeta emerges from the massive energy)

(Vegeta goes Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form/Wind blowing hard/Nami somewhat shocked)

Nami, Whoa. He just spiked tremendously in power. I guess I can hold back either.

(She out stretches her/Rumbling noise as a blast of intense wins erupts from Nami)
(The camera pushes upwards to show the ground underneath her and the town cracking)

(Spreading out her large massive white wings/Her massive her spreads out in all)
(Directions/The Building around her begin to crack and bulge under the weight of power)
(A strong faint ethereal celestial glow surrounds Nami/Powerful winds)

Piccolo, Unreal her power is sky rocking through the roof.

(Vegeta being a little pushes back/Her wings flap for a second/Sending a very powerful)
(blast of wind/Grunting/Vegeta braces himself)

Nami, Hmm.

(She flies towards the camera/Shattering the building around her/Vegeta comes at the)
(camera/They both collide in a earth shattering boom)

(Before disappearing/Piccolo looks around/Loud booming above)
(Looking up seeing both Vegeta and Nami fazing in and out of reality)

(Both of their fist connecting/Which cause a massive shockwave in the sky)
(Camera following as they move faster then the camera can follow)

(More shockwave booming/Vegeta and Nami unleashing a intense furry of extremely blows)
(Both hitting each other in the face at the same time/Back up then collide again)

(Now flying across the Skies/Camera following from all sides/Matching each other punch)
(for punch kick for kick/Nami blocks Vegeta's kick with her right arm)

(Both does a knee attack at the same time/Two extremely fast moving blurs)
(Massive shockwaves in the air/Parting the clouds with each blow)

(The people in a City to the north going about their business/Loud booming)
(Looking up/A powerful hurricane force winds shattering some of the building)

(Vegeta throws a right punch but Nami disappears then appears right above him then)
(double axe him to the ground/He slams through the ground but keeps on going)

(She flies through the hole/She continues to fight him underground/Both grunting)
(Camera spins around them/Vegeta kicks Nami straight into the air/She crashes through)
(to the outside/She lands/Vegeta comes at her/She blocks his punch with her left arm)

(Loud booming noise as the ground beneath them trembles the splits open slight)
(Vegeta back up a second/A small cut appears on Nami's arm)

Nami, Hmm, You manage to make me bleed a little. Interesting meow.

SSGSS Vegeta, Ready for some more?

Nami, Sure. By all means. (She says that as she runs towards Vegeta)

(She punches and Vegeta blocks it hard with his arm also/He spins kicks her)
(She flies away from the camera thing fazes out comes on the side then punches Vegeta)
(in the face as she moves to the left side about to punch him again)

(Vegeta stops the punch then sweeping uppercuts She reeling up the air then stops)
(She extends her claws on her hand throwing a energy blade from her clawed hands)
(Vegeta dodges it/The energy leaving deep claw mark gashes into the ground)

SSGSS Vegeta, Too close.

(Flying towards the camera/Vegeta dodges her kick from below he fires a powerful blast)
(at her/Gasp/Yells/As she gets pushed up by the blast/She breaks free from it in a)

SSGSS Vegeta, IT'S TIME TO END THIS! (Powering up tremendously)

(His aura spreading out/Song Hero by Flow playing)

(Flying towards Nami/She comes towards him to they collide in a Planet shattering boom)
(Man singing in Japanese)

9Now both are moving ever faster with earth shattering blows as they continuing flying)
higher and higher in the sky/Watching from the Temple is Goku and friends cheering them)

Piccolo, They're moving so fast I can keep up with them anymore.

Nimue, I hope your enjoying it. Cause I am.

(Among the clouds as the camera follows/Both colliding in such a massive destructive)
way/Camera to them fighting up close as they swing such powerful blows)

(They both lock hands in a struggle then disappear/Outside above the Earth)
(As we see light flicking of movement/Nami flying towards the camera Vegeta follows her)
(She tries a round house kick but Vegeta blocks it then punches her in the face)

(Knocking her higher up)

SSGSS Vegeta, Huh?

(Camera focus on Nami)

Nami, Meow. Game over man.

(She summons a near moon sized ball of Dark Matter energy/Surging power/Lighting sparks)
(from the massive ball/Vegeta gasp/She smiles then throws it towards him)

(The Dark Matter coming towards Vegeta fast/Surging energy)
(Vegeta putting his hands together/Charing up energy surging)

(Camera pans back showing sparks of blue energy surround Vegeta/The Ball coming closer)
(Vegeta is ready)


(He fires a beyond massively immense sized energy beam/The beam collides with the Dark)
(Matter Ball/Power struggle/The Dark Matter pushing against the God Final Flash beam)

(Nami floats watching Vegeta with a smiles/Vegeta yells/Putting more energy into)
(The beam even stronger blast straight through the Dark Matter ball)

Nami, He did it.

(The comes to fast as the camera comes fast into Nami/Screams/Getting hit by the blast)
(She being swallowed up by it/Booming explosion/The beam travels across space far off)
(into the distance/Vegeta out of breath powers down to his normal state)

Nami's voice, Whew that was some blast. (Looking up seeing Nami coming down with torn)
(up Kimono to wish she repairs with a bit of magic)

Nami, Already I'm done. I'm tired. Let's call it a day.

Vegeta, Really just like that you wish to stop?

Nami, Yeah, we can't keep going forever. But I wish to say Vegeta I commend you again.
     Your the first person in a long time outside my sister Nimue who's ever made me
     fight this hard before. I haven't been worked up in such a long time. Now I
     understand why Echidna had some much trouble fighting the both of you. You Vegeta
     are definitely one of the strongest opponents I've met so far.
Vegeta, (Scoffs) Now you understand the true might of a True Saiyan's power.

Nami, Indeed I do. Considering I was fighting at 50%

Vegeta, What 50%?

Nami, Yeah. Of course I was fighting at 20% when this whole fight started. I figured
     you we're much stronger than you look. But you make made fight at 50%. But look
     on the bright side. At least you weren't fighting my older sisters.
Vegeta, Why's that?

Nami, Because my older sisters are way way stronger than me. About five times more.
     Then again I don't know how strong I am.

(The Old Ghost Town/Nimue and Piccolo looking up as Nami and Vegeta flying down then)

Nami, Vegeta. (Extending her hand/Vegeta looks at her then narrows his eyes)

Vegeta, What is this?

Nami, I'm extending my hand in friendship. And I owe you and apology for attack you
     when we first met. Sorry. But at least you had fun right.

(Vegeta scoffs then relents he shakes her hand while maintaining his prideful look)
(He does puts on a small smile)

Goku's voice, Hey alright Vegeta nice work.

(Vegeta eyes widen then looks to the side of Nami)

Vegeta, WHAT?!

(Goku Echidna Beerus and Whis all standing on top a building looking down/They're all)
(Cheering him/Vegeta feeling both embarrassed and angry at the same time pulls away)

Vegeta, Kakarot?!? You've been here the whole time?

Goku, No we where watching from a far. Echidna was aware on what was happening so she
     showed up you fighting against her cousin. Alright.
Echidna, Not back I say so myself.

Nimue and Nami, Hi Cousin Echidna.

(She flies down to them)

Echidna, It's been a while how are you two doing?

Nimue, We've been around. We hadn't had the time to check up on you. We're just been
      killing time.
Nami, And fighting him no doubt. Where have you been the past couple days?

Echidna, Oh hanging with them. (Pointing to Beerus Whis Piccolo Goku Vegeta)

Goku, You did good Vegeta. You were awesome. You fought one of Echidna's Cousins.
     Her power was off the charts how did you far?
Vegeta, (Still angry) SHUT UP!

Goku, Huh?

Vegeta, One of these days Kakarot. Just one of these days I'm going to..

Beerus, If I may interrupt. Why don't we return back so we can rest up?

Goku, Sounds like a great idea. Piccolo you coming?

Piccolo, No. My place is down here. Have fun Goku.

(As he flies off into the distance)

Beerus, Everyone ready?

(And with that they all disappear)

(The End)
Two Worlds Dragonball Z Training of Gods Part 14
And with that we close this chapter. Come back for the final part Two Worlds Dragonball Z Training of Gods Part 15 Final. See you real
Soon bye.


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