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Profile Demona The Warrior

Name Demona Dominique
Aliases Demona The Legendary Warrior The Boozer The Night Angel
Age 3,000 years old
Species Winged Human (Demon Wing type)
Hair Color Red
Skin Color white
Eye Color yellow jade
Height 6 foot 7

Info Born Demona Dominique. Demona is known as the Legendary Hero and a bit of a boozer which isn't to say it's not one of he better qualities. Born during the Tenth Age of Solarius-Nargoth. She was born during the last year of Inari The Dark One's reign.

Not much on Demona's early childhood. She grew up with a normal childhood. She starting drinking at the age of 18 which it's illegal to minor to drink alcohol. Earning her the title of The Boozer. Which she didn't care since she isn't going to chance who she is.

Demona in later years took part in the Tribal Wars. A series of Civil Wars between warring Winged Human factions. The mastermind behind this war is Dr. Vinentus. A albino Winged Human with a deep seeded hatred for Winged Humans and celestial beings in general.

Dr. Vinentus would go lauching several bombing in Key Major Cities in Solarius-Nargoth. Resulting in the deaths of 4,000 to 10,000 people and non humans alike. Demona spend the next 200 years searching Solarius-Nargoth for Dr. Vinentus but lost him somewhere in the Balkai Mountains.

Recently Demona was planning on joining the battle against the return of Inari The Dark One but was already defeated by than Heroes Anansi The Warrior and Ariella The Wise. Which to say was a relief for her cause she didn't need to get her hands dirty.

True is she really wasn't interested in fighting her. (Yeah she's that lazy) More concern with the next shipment of her favorite alcohol. Needless to say that put her at odds with her fellow heroes seeing how drinking was more important to her than helping.

(Like I said she's a bit lazy in that aspect)

Today Demona most people who know Demona respect her as a hero at the same type regard with a second glace because of her drinking behavior. More than once she's gotten drunk and almost got arrested for it. But she suprisely can hold her liqueur. Just don't invite to a drinking party. Trust me you will regret it.

Once more thing to add. Most people have poke funny at her name because she shares the name with a Disney character Villain The Gargoyle Demona. A villain responsible for many atrocities in the Disney Cartoon show. To which Demona states that you shouldn't compared her to a cartoon character.


Demona being one the oldest Winged Humans of her era is quite poweful. Though not quite as powerful as Echidna. Remeber she was born during the end of Inari's reign over Solarius-Nargoth. So she had no major need to become very powerful. However she still one of the strongest Winged Humans of all time. Just not quite on the same level as Echidna. But she comes in pretty close. However that doesn't mean she's a pushover. If tested she can really be a force of destructive power.
Profile Demona The Warrior
Another Profile on Demona The Warrior or just Demona will do. Hope you like it. Bye.
Profile King Oberon Lord of The Fairies

Name Oberon
Aliases King Oberon The King of The Fairies Lord of The Fairies The Fairy King
Age Unknown (Possibility over 2,000,000)
Species Ancient Fairy
Hair Color Silverish blue
Skin Color Sky blue
Eye Color Emerald Green
Height 6 foot 7

King Oberon is the current Lord of the Fairies and Ruler of the Fairy Kingdom. Born during the Fifth Age of Solarius-Nargoth to his mother and former ruler Queen Mab. Oberon comes from a long line of rulers. However he is the first male ruler of the Fairy Kingdom.

Since Rulers of the past were predominantly all queens and no kings. Dating back to the First Age. When The Fairy Kingdom was first formed by the than at the time Queen Verdona. Her bloodline constist of all female rulers. Which is quite surprising that Oberon is the first and only current male ruler of the Fairy Kingdom.

Most of Oberon's childhood is spent being schooled in education and spell casting from his mother Queen Mab who he was also very close with. She taught him everything she knew about magic mystical arts and varies elemental and celestial spells. In a short time King Oberon had mastered every none Fairy Magic and Mystical arts known to man.

Later in his life he would come across his life long best friend Malachite The White. The Most powerful Wizard in Solarius-Nargoth. Both Malachite and Oberon took part in many battles and many wars. The most famous war during the late Fifth Age was the Magical Wars. A War against Elves Fairies vs The Witches of Darkness.

Sometime later during the late Sixth Age. Oberon beginning a romance with a equally powerful Fairy by the name Titania. She would fall in love with him. And began dating. At first Queen Mab was skeptical of her feeling whether or not she was worthy of dating her son.

In time Queen Mab warmed up to Titania. And eventually gave her consent to allow her to marry her son Oberon. They were married afterwards. To which Queen Mab steps down as ruler and her son is crown King and Queen of the Fairy Race. Later King Oberon was ask to join The Sacred Guardians becoming of their key members.

Today King Oberon is still the ruler of The Fairy Kingdom. He is the one who arranging monthly meeting between Sacred Guardians in matter of Solarius-Nargoth.


King Oberon is regarded as one of the most powerful beings in Solarius-Nargoth. And virtually the most powerful Fairy and Spellcaster in all the land. His trememndous power is rivaled second only to him by Malachite the White.

Magical Manipulation, King Oberon wields near limitless magical powers. He can cast extremely powerful god like spells. his is a master of elemental spells mystical spells. Can wipe out a city five times the size of New York with a mere thought. He can manipulater objects the size of islands. Reverse any magical spell not casted by him. He can remove anyone magical ability either temporarily or permanently. Can reshape solid matter to whatever form he chooses. Can shape shift to any form he chooses. He can draw upon otherworldly magic without the hint of strain. He destroy any magical barrier with ease. agument his power even further by absorbing magical energies.

Omnipotence, King Oberon is virtually all powerful

Weather Manipulation, King Oberon can control and wield all forms of weather that rivals if not stronger than Echidna who is said to be the strongest Weather Manipulator in Solarius-Nargoth.

Telekinesis, King Oberon psionic powers allows him to lift manipulater matter down to a sub atomic level. Lifting things heavier than mountians. If pushed hard enough he could move a entire moon if he chooses to. However that would need a whole deal of concentration.

Super Strength, Despite being a Fairy. King Oberon have done training with Winged Humans. Teaching in many forms of hand to hand combat and how to fight without using his powers all the time. King Oberon can bench press 70 tons. However with futher training. He can probably bench and lift over 100 tons.

Flight Ability, King Oberon can fly through magical means or shape shifting into a bird or insect or by means of telekinesis.

Super Durability, Through training with extremely powerful Winged Humans he build up his body to withstands as powers as Winged Humans and other sorts of very powerful beings.
He withstand energy blast from beings like Inari the Dark One and many others.
Profile Fairy Race Species Part 2

Since we covered the Fairy Race Species last time. This time cover a few more Fairy species and Fairy Type Creatures.

Dubstep Fairies
Threat Level 8
Size 3feet to 100 feet

Dubstep Fairies or Dancing Fairies are Fairies who can make dubstep music by beating their wings at near 100 second per minute. Causing the illusion of vibrating colors coming from their wings. Dubstep Fairies can mimic over 3,000 to 7,000 different dubstep songs including dance versions and remix versions. What makes Dubstep Fairies the bane of people that they will host huge dance parties at night. Depriving people and creature a chancing at sleeping. So if there's any Dubstep Fairies in your area. You can forget about sleeping. You'll never get a wink in.

Tooth Fairies
Threat Level 2
Size 3 to 5 inches

As the legend goes Tooth Fairies traveling from place to place collection the teeth from small children and leaving money under their pillows. The reason behind this is that teeth are currancy in The Tooth Fairy World. The more teeth you have the richer you are. It may sound silly to you and I but to a Tooth Fairy is very important. Contrary to popular belief. Not all Tooth Fairies are females. There are male Tooth Fairies. Rare as they are.

Fairy Dragons
Threat Level 4
Size 3inches to 2 feet

Fairy Dragons aren't Fairies but the smallest species of Dragon kind. With two pairs of wings instead of one set. Fairy Dragons like Humming Birds fly from flower to flower feeding on necter. Beating their wings a nearly 200 beats per second. Giving the appearance of them floating in mid air. However their wings moving so fast that it can't be seen by the naked eye.

Fairy Balls
Threat Level 3
Size 1foot to 3feet

Fairy Balls are mysterious balls of constant flashing lights. Mostly found floating above Fairy Ponds. The origins surrounding these creatures is unknown. Since it's unclear what they really are. Or what their actual form is. One thing is certain. They're a pretty sight to behold. If you get enough Fairy Balls in one area they will like up the area like Christmas lights. Fairy Balls are harmless to humans. except for the occasional bop to the head.

Moth Fairies
Threat Level 5
Size 3inches to 2 feet

Moth Fairies also called Nocturnal Fairies are Fairies that take on the characteristics of a humanoid female Moth. complete with furry antenna and big white puffy wings. Moth Fairies make their homes in abandon building and will create Silk to built a nest for them. Moth Fairies are attracted to bright lights and will head towards the nearest light source just like real Moths. For whatever strange reason. Moth Fairies Silk is highly sought after. And women use Moth Fairies Silk to design and make dresses with.

Koi Fish Fairies
Threat Level 6
Size 2feet to 4feet

Koi Fish Fairies that have evolved and abandoned their humanoid forms for Fish forms with Cat Fish like whiskers and sparkly rainbow like skin. Transforming ther Fairy Wings into multiple flippers. They range in size from 2 to 4 feet and sometimes five feet long. Koi Fish Fairies are pack hunters. Feeding a small fish and crabs. One Koi Fish Fairy will attack as scout to scout the area for potential prey. Because Koi Fish Fairies no longer resemble Fairies anymore they can no longer use magic and except for size shifting. Fishermen often hunt Koi Fish Fairies for their prized colored skin.

Iguana Fairies
Threat Level 6
Size 3 feet to 5 feet.

Iguana Fairies just like Koi Fish Fairies have abandoned their humanoid forms and evolved into Lizard like creatures. Resembling Iguanas with large wings. Iguana Fairies spend 80& of their time in trees. They hunt small reptiles and other furry creatures. They diet consist of spiders mice bird small lizards and even a humanoid Fairy or two. Like chameleons. Inguana Fairies have long sticky tongues designed for catching prey with them.
Just like Koi Fish Fairies Igunana Fairies have given up using magic all together. Inguana Fairies are very rare and almost never come down from the trees when humans are present in the area.

Sea Fairies
Threat Level 7
Size 7feet to 10 feet

Sea Fairies are Jellyfish type creatures. They have long stinging under tentacles and come in a variety of colors. They once were Fairies but throughs thousands of years of evolution transformed themselves into Jellyfish like creatures. However most Sea Fairies do grow to the size 10 feet. From umbrella head to tenetacles. Their is a much larger version called Deep Sea Fairies. Living in the abyssal part of the ocean growing to size larger and longer than four limousines stacked end on end.
Profile Fairy Race Species

As stated yesterday the Fairy Race has several different type of species and subspecies. To be more precise there's at least 300,000 different types of Fairies and Fairy like entities. However we're going mention a handful since it would be impossible to do a whole profile catalogue on every Fairy type. So for the sake of time we'll explain the ones we've encounter so far. One more thing. Fairies of Solarius-Nargoth have evolved in many ways not seen anywhere else. Not even Felarya.

Moon Fairies
Threat Level 8
Size 3inches to 150 feet

Moon Fairies or Lunar Fairies are Fairies that only appear during a full moon. The characteristic of a Moon Fairy of white milky skin silver hair golden colored eyes and wings that sparkle. They get their name from the fact when seen they look like their dancing in the moonlight. Giving off a somewhat radiant glow to them. Very elegant very beautiful. Sometimes they are mistake for Moths. However they have been called Moth Fairies.

Shadow Fairies
Threat Level 8
Size 6inches to 100 feet

Shadow Fairies derive their names because they look more like silhouette shadows with glowing purple eyes than Fairies. Given them a some eerie look to them. Like Moon Fairies. Shadow Fairies come out at night or inhabiting sunless type forest. Like Moonlight Forest. Most humans who encounter them have been frighten by them. popping up out of nowhere and receding back into the darkness. Even their voice along is creepy enough to scare an unsuspected humans. Their voice constantly in echoes. Even when talking among each other they sound like never ending echoing.

Digital Fairies
Threat Level 9 (11 for computers)
Size 7inches (Varies inside cyberspace)

Digital Fairies also called Y2K Fairies that inhabit the internet. They have evolved into pure digital entities living throughout the near infinite cyberspace. During the Second Age of Solarius-Nargoth. When technology was advance enough for the creation of computers. The nameless Fairies with the ability to move through dimensions decided to enter these unusual devices then become trapped within the internets and stated their ever since evolving into we Digital Fairies with all blue glowing skin with data flowing around their bodies. Digital Fairies feed on computer data. And be a pain to get rid of. Sometimes a Digital Fairy will enter a computer and upload themselves and begin feeding on your hard drives like a virus. They're been known to copy multiple version of themselves. If you have a computer and it starting acting erratically. Chances are you have a Digital Fairy in your computer.

Ghost Fairies
Threat Level 9
Size 1foot to 100 feet.

Ghost Fairies look more than near white transparent ghostly spectres than Fairies. Their ghostly form varies from Ghost Fairy to Ghost Fairy. Ghost Fairies usually inhabit or haunted abandon house and buildings. Sometimes though rarely seen wondering around the woods. Ghost Fairies will act just like their spirit counterparts will scary the inhabits currently occupying the house either by accident or on purpose. They will usually take on the for of the person's inner fear or what scares them the most. Like someone who is scary of spiders. The Fairies will take on the form of said spiders. Depending on what they fear. So when entering a abandoned house make sure there's not Ghost Fairies living there otherwise they will scary the living hell out of you.

Mimic Fairies
Threat Level (Varies depending on the Fairy)
Size varies

Mimic Fairies sometimes called Shape Shifters are Fairies that can mimic any form they choose. Sometimes they will take on the form of another person or object. Ranging from Birds Bugs humans other predatory type creatures. Mimic Fairies true forms are unknown. Since very few people or creatures has ever seen a Mimic Fairy in their natural state. Mimic Fairies are some of the rarest Fairies in Solarius-Nargoth. They are harder to find and even harder to spot. Because you don't who is or who isn't a Mimic Fairy it's hard to tell who is who. Mimic Fairies will sometimes forget what they look like after a long period of time. Having shape shifted into so different forms that the Fairy will forget that they ever was a Fairy to begin with.

Fire Fairies
Threat Level 10 to 12
Size varies

Fire Fairies are sometimes called Fire Sprites are humanoid living fire. With fiery large wings. Fire Fairies are extremely dangerous. Fire Fairies are masters of fire magic and very powerful fire spellcasters. Fire Fairies are responsible for setting entire civilization and cities in flames. Their fire based abilities can be strong enough to burn right through reinforced stainless steel. It's near if not impossible to defeat a Fire Fairy without water based spells. Fortunately Fire Fairies are rare and don't normally travel outside their territory.

Water Fairies
Threat Level 8 to 10
Size 10inches to 270 feet

Water Fairies also called Water Sprites look more Mermaid like than Fairy. However they share similar characteristic except Water Sprite have Fairy Wings and antennas glittery bodies. Water Sprites living in deep waters all cross the oceans of Solarius-Nargoth. Only rising to the surface to feed on unsuspecting humans. Water Sprites are responsible for many sinking of ships including Tankers Ocean Liners and even military Navy Aircraft Carriers. Water Sprites can control near infinite amounts of water magic considering that it nearly impossible to defeat one in there own element. Just like Fire Fairies Water Sprites are also rare and very seldom venture up to the surface too much.

Dryad Fairies
Threat Level 12
Size 180 to 350 feet

Dryad Fairies aren't Dryads but Fairies that evolved into tree like humanoids. Taking on the appearance of a Dryads complete with tree like limbs and trunks. Dryad Fairies act just like Dryads except unlike real Dryads. Dryad Fairies have leaf like wings and change their appearance at will. their size varies from Fairy to Fairy. Like Dryads. They will remain stationary until something comes along like a Human or Neko or other creature will react with lighting fast movements. Snatching up their prey before they even have time to blink. Dryad Fairies will sometimes associate with Dryads. And just like real Dryads they will camouflage themselves matching their surrounding environment. Dryad Fairies are common places in the Forbidden Forest and Shadow Swamp Forest.

Celestial Fairies
Threat Level 8 to 12
Size 140 feet to 300 feet

Celestial Fairies called Angel Fairies get derive their name for their angelic like appearing. Taking on the form of radiant bright holy light. Their wings are almost angel like. Sometimes they're often mistake for real Angels however Celestial Fairies aren't heavenly beings. They are extremely voracious type. They will attack and devour anything they see a potential prey. Including other species of Fairies. Most Celestial Fairies in the skies above Solarius-Nargoth and rarely come down. Spending 90% of their lives roaming the skies. Moving from area to area. Celestial Fairies are often at odds with real Angels and Winged Humans. They've been known to attack the latter. Fortunately Celestial Fairies are a very rare sight. And mostly come out during the evening and morning hours.

Harpy Fairies
Threat Level 7 to 10
Size 80 feet to 170 feet

Harpy Fairies have evolved with bird like entities resembling real Harpies. except they can change the pattern of the color of their feathers and their size. Their color scheme ranging from brightly color to dull colors. Depending on the Fairies the range is near limitless. Harpy Fairies are solitary hunters unlike real Harpies. They hunt mostly alone and will at times travel together if they choose to do so. Female Harpy Fairies will lay eggs just birds do. And will sit on them until they hatch in 90 days or less. Harpy Fairies will have up to three or five chicks. Because of the way they evolved Harpy Fairies wont use magic. Some have abandoned using magic completely. Relying mostly on their natural abilities to hunt and catch prey.

Abyssal Fairies
Threat Level 12
Size 400 feet to 800 feet

Abyssal Fairies are some of the largest species of Fairies in Solarius-Nargoth. They are some of the rarest if not the rarest species of Fairies. Living in deep with parts unknown. Abyssal Fairies are have massive Swallow Tailed Wings and three glowing red eyes and are the only species so far with three eyes. Many legends surrounding them is scarce at best. Very few has ever seen a Abyssal Fairy. Other Fairy Species have never ever heard of them. What is true that Abyssal Fairies giant humanoid with shadowy or dark like flowing skin that looks like darkness surrounding them. But Abyssal Fairies have played a major role in Solarius-Nargoth history. King Oberon himself has stated he's never seen a Abyssal Fairy before. And trades them off a urban legends.
Profile Fairy Race Species
This is only a fraction of how many species of Fairies in Solarius-Nargoth. Hope you enjoy. Bye.
Two Worlds The Second War Part 2 Act 2

(Las Vegas Nevada The Strip/The Palazzo Luxury Hotel)

(One of the Luxury Suite Rooms/Tony Stark and Pepper Potts leaving the Suite all dressed up)

Tony, So where do you want to go tonight Ms. Potts?

Pepper, Spending a quiet evening with you for a start.

Tony, Sounds like a plan to me.

(Waiting at the front doors is a Limousine a Stark Limousine to be precise)
(Driving opening the door)

Driver, Good evening Mr. Stark.

(Getting in as the Driver takes off)

(Next Scene Stark and Potts at the Stratosphere/Looking through the viewer)

(Downtown Las Vegas Area/The Camera points upwards towards the sky/A quick crash of rumbling thunder/Sparks of electricity causing a quick power out/With Stark and Pepper walking about)

Pepper, The powers out. (It comes back on/A Winged Humans standing a few feet behind them)

Stark, Must have been nothing. (They continue on their date unaware they're being watched)

(At one of the Las Vega Restaurants/Stark and Ms. Potts conversing)

Pepper, Tony? What's wrong you seem quiet.

Tony, I don't know. Can't shake this feeling.

Pepper, What kind of feeling?

Tony, The kind you get when something bad about to happen.

Pepper, Why would you believe that?

Tony, It's nothing really. I'm just rambling that's all. What do you want to order first?

Voice, Hello Tony Stark. (They look to the left/Yells/The Winged Human from before perched on the Railing a foot away from them in a crouch position)

Tony, (Somewhat unnerved) And who are you?

(He slowly rise up)

Man, Who I am is (He sprouts his massive black wings and large tail) Celestial of the
(Towering over them in a frightening manner/People screaming/Both eyes wide open)

(He flaps his massive wings once/Sending off the ground with a tremendous force/Screaming from the backlash/Everything slows down/Stark pushes a button on his watch)

Tony, Jarvis!

Jarvis, At once sir.  (From the back of the Limousine the trunk pops open/Out flies a large box /The Box transforms into the Iron Suit then flies off)

(The Winged Human turns and sees the Iron Suit fly past him/Stark spreads his arms and locks into the Suit/He cast and catches Pepper/Screams/He lands)

Pepper, (Sighs) Guess you were right about that feeling.

Iron Man, Time to go to work. Find some place to hide.

(He turns to confront the Winged Human)

Iron Man, I don't know what your beef is with me but you picked the wrong day to be
         start a fight.
Winged Human, Most unclear sinner. You aren't fit to receive the love of our Lord.

(Iron Man about to fire a missile at him but the Winged Human moves at an inhuman speed catches his fist up close before Iron Man has time to blink)

Winged Human, Let me give you fair warning what your really up against.

(Iron Man jumps back firing energy beams at him/He takes the brunt of it/Explosion)

Iron Man, Got him. (The dust clears but the Winged Human still standing not even a scratch)

Iron Man, Okay. Well that didn't work. Let's try something else.

(About to use his Tri Beam attack/The Winged Human comes up from behind/Gasp)

(He punches Iron Man dead center hard sending him flying through the air with force bouncing off the walls of the building around him/Loud crashing the force behind his punch was strong enough to knock some of his armor off)

(Iron Man crashes to the ground most of his armor is came off and smashed)
(His face plate drops/The Winged Human walking over to him)

Winged Human, I warned you. You don't know who your dealing with. Now you get to die.

           (The End)
Two Worlds The Second War Part 2 Act 2
Things aren't looking for Tony Stark. Will he survive his encounter with the Winged Human? Find out in Two Worlds The Second War Part 3 Act 2. Bye.


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