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Profile Nebula The Winged Daimonian

Name Nebula Avabrax Mumbiya
Aliases The Demon Princess The Alien Princess The Psychic Princess The Alien Beauty
Age 470 (Looks 20s to 30s Born February 24)
Height 5 foot 11 (Or 6 foot 1)
Ethnicity Alien Solarian
Race Winged Dominion Daimonian Alien Human
Eye Color Emerald Purple
Skin Color Turquoise Blue
Hair Color Orange
Number of Wings (Four Two Demon Wings Two White Demon Wings)

Info, Nebula The Winged Daimonian born Nebula Avabrax Mumbiya is the Daughter and Alien
Princess of King Nyame Mumbiya Jr. And Halos The Daimonian. Born to a family of powerful
Winged Humans and Daimonians. She is the older sister of Sasami Eris Azrael Alma Rosemary
and Meryl. She is the cousin of Andromeda Uriel Lilith Tiamat and Echidna.

Nebula belongs to a category of Daimonians also called Space Demons that evolved outside
Hell to become a full Extraterrestrial Alien Race. Nebula is a soft spoke logical and
very no nonsense when she wants to be. Nebula is a relaxed and laid back person. Optic
kicking butt for fun that actually serious fighting. And (Laugh) believe me that's a story
to tell.

Nebula is host of the Annual Family Battle. She competes in the ability to test how strong
certain members of the Mumbiya Family is. Now that doesn't mean straight out fighting.
The contest consist of various sorts including Rap Battles Eating Contest Music Videos
getting drunk or Drinking Contest and many more. She was in a heated fierce battle with
her Cousins Echidna and Tiamat along with Nimue and Nami and Metatron. They all ended in
absolute insanity. And that's only the good version. One Contest they tried is the Strong
Man or Strong Woman Contest to determine who was the strongest amongst them. They would
travel to many worlds with incredibly powerful beings to see if they could defeat said
powerful beings. Nebula would run afoul with the Cosmic Entity know as Galactus The Eater
of Worlds. Nebula stumbled on the Devourer eating a world to almost near lifeless.

Nebula rushed in an Sucker Punched Galactus right in his face. One of the few beings in
existence that have every harmed him. They fought and battle high above the Planet. All
of the cosmos could sense their tremendous battle. The battle was so intense that it
attracted the attention of not only Uatu The Watcher and another Cosmic Entity by the
name Eternity. Eternity tried to stop the fight between them before they destroyed the
Galaxy they were fighting in. Nebula disappeared afterwards leaving the Cosmic Beings
who are what she was. Nebula was later seen along with Echidna. She met up with them
about week ago.

Echidna opted for Nebula to join her as they plan along with a another sister to visit
The Dragon Ball Universe to see Goku and his friends again in the altered changed World.
Since Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F movies didn't happen and have been retconned
To Super. Nebula Echidna and Venus plans were on their way to The DB Universe. But Echidna
decided to make a small pit stop and suggested the two go on without her. She would catch
up later. (Which starts the Next Two Worlds Story)

Nebula is a extremely attractive Winged Daimonian. If your into Aliens or Space Demons.
She has thick curly Orange long hair that rides all the way down her back. She has large
expressive intense Emerald Purple eyes small eyelashes. V shaped round face. She has
pointed medium ears with diamonded shaped earrings. She wears Diamond shape necklace
around her neck. She smooth sleek streamline feminine hourglass figure with a bit of
muscle mass frame. Her skin is Turquoise Blue with very larges breasts hips and abs.
She born with BOTH Demonic Wings and Angelic Demonic Wings with a long tail. She has
orange thick vaginal hair between. She dressed in a GYPSY Outfit Romanian style.


Nebula is a Immeasurable and Incalculably powerful being. One of the strongest Psychic
Users in the Solarius-Galaxy and in the Universe. Being part Daimonian she along with
her race is naturally gifted Telepathic and Telekinetic and Astral Master. Her power is
even greater than her sister with Immeasurable Cosmic level Psychic Ability and tremendous
vast overwhelming power that can be sense and detected from multiple Universes away at
once. That includes The Astral Heaven and Hell Plane. She is probably the most gifted
Astral Master or Astral Projector in Solarius-Galaxy. Capable of destroying Galaxies that
are greater than over 700 plus in size. Even larger than the Milky Way Galaxy.

Like all Winged Humans and Hybrids Nebula possesses pure white Celestial Halo Rings on
her arms and neck. She also has one she created pierced on her clit. That suppress her
Incalculable Psychic Psionic Immeasurable power. Ranking stronger than her sisters and

Immeasurable Telepath Manipulation, Nebula can read countless minds in a near limitless
range. She can control and project her powerful consciousness on countless inhabitants
in the Solarius-Galaxy. She can create Mental Illusions so real you think they were really
happening. She can alter the perspective of her appearance in a person's mind. She can
heal the psychic trauma of a mind with psychic surgery. She can erect Mind Force Fields
from other Psychics. She can shut down a mind as powerful as a near or semi Cosmic Being.
She can bend the mental energy of the Astral Planes with vast near limitless ease. She
can block the power of other Psychic and Telepaths in mere seconds. She can kill by
collapsing a person's mind just by making eye or mind contact with them. She also uses
it to cheat at cards and see men naked. Wow what a stalker.

Immeasurable Telekinetic Manipulation, Nebula is a extremely powerful Telekinetic. She
can move alter crush bench objects greater or larger than a Planet 400 times larger than
Planet Jupiter. She can manipulate Gravity by control the Energy Matrix Flux or in simple
terms the gravitation pull spectrum of a planet. She can wield near limitless amounts of
Matter Manipulation on a Cosmic level. She can generate near Incalculable amounts of
Pyrokinetic energy. She can combined Matter Manipulation and her Telepathic abilities to
create Psychic Reality Manipulation on the highest level possible. She can erect force
fields over entire Planets Stars Suns Solar Systems. She can manipulate Interstellar Space
and Matter to create monstrous Solar System sized Super Massive Black Holes. She can also
collapse that said energy through the Electromagnetic Spectrum and Quantum Energy. She
can manipulate Molecules and Particles and Ionic Particles on a Subatomic Micro Level.
She can control and manipulate the Astral Planes with Astral Projection and Astral Matter
Manipulation on a near limitless and possibly endless scale.

Immeasurable Energy Manipulation, Nebula can control wield manifest absorb and draw near
limitless amounts of energy. That mostly including Demonic Celestial Holy Divine(Thought)
(rarely) Pyrokinetic Quantum Kinetic Ionic Electromagnetic Gravitational Dark Matter and
Anti-Matter energy and Interstellar and Spiritual and Supernatural energy. She can wipe
out Galaxies Solar Systems Stars Suns Planets Worlds evil Toilets. (Yes there are evil)
(Toilets) Telekinetic and Telepathic energies.

Super Strength, Though not highly aggressive or violent. Nebula commands an tremendous
amounts of strength ranging from or exceeding 600 to 800 tons. She can punch through a
dimensional psychic force field barrier with relate ease. Smash planets 500 times larger
than Jupiter. She can move though rarely move a Galaxy with her bare hands if she chose
too. The upper limits of her strength is unknown.

Immeasurable Super Speed, Nebula can run fly thick react dodge avoid and near blinking
speeds. She can move 60 times faster than the human eye can blink. She can break the
sound barrier by moving faster than Mach 700 to Mach 800 plus. And move even faster in
Outer Space by moving at the Speed of Light.

Flight, Like all Winged Humans and Hybrids. Nebula can fly with the use of her Demonic
Wings or being a Psychic User. Uses her Telekinetic powers to propel herself into the
air at speeds faster than Mach 800 to Speed of Light in Outer Space. Breaking the sound
barrier in the process.

Shape Shifting, Like all Winged Humans and Hybrids. Nebula can change her appearance with
her shape shifting ability between her Winged Daimonian form to Winged form to Human form.
She can change her appearance in the eyes that see her with her Telepathic powers. She
can change her size but only in rare moment because her close don't change with her body
but doesn't mind getting naked in front of people especially men.
Profile Nebula The Winged Daimonian
Profile on Nebula The Winged Daimonian. I hope you enjoy. Well see you later. Bye.
Profile The Elder Gods Race Species Part 1

This is another list that covers The Elder Gods Race. Which also includes  Nightmare Ones
Forgotten Ones Unholy Ones The Nameless Ones The Forbidden Ones and various others. That
originally came from Valargoth The In Between World. Like the previous list. The Threat
Level is now up to 1 to 20. Enjoy.

Lesser Celestial

Threat Level 7 to 9
Size 50 feet to 120 feet

Lesser Celestials are fallen Unholy Ones originated from Valargoth. They resemble glowing
ethereal looking Jellyfish like Humanoid in shape. The Lesser Celestials were once long
ago worshipped as Sea Gods of Valargoth. Now are fallen Gods that devours it's worshipers
instead of rewarding them. While Manifesting in Solarius-Nargoth they appear to walk on
their tentacles and emit a spark of electricity. These Creatures are the weaker aspect of
the greater Celestials that destroyed themselves in their Heaven like Dimensional Plane.

Death Hammer

Threat Level 8 to 11
Size 100 feet to 140 feet

Death Hammers are Ancient Nightmare Ones that in shape resemble a Hammerhead Shark like
Entity. Though at second glance they have three pairs or sets of eyes and several dorsal
fins striding their backs. One would think these are some time of aquatic Elder Gods but
they aren't. They exist outside water and swim through reality itself. Often moving from
World to World. Devouring various forms of life and feeding on Nargothian Creatures.
In absolute darkness these Death Hammers are some of the apex predators in their part of

Dark Lurker

Threat Level 9 to 12 (In groups)
Size 170 feet to 230 feet

Dark Lurkers are shapeless formless mass of moving swirling darkness with a fanged mouth
full very sharp pearly white jagged teeth. Dark Lurkers are Forbidden Ones that as the
name suggest hide or lurk in dark almost lightless areas. They are highly territorial and
will open manifest themselves before attacking. Dark Lurkers are incredibly dangerous in
packs. Like a Pack of Hungry Wolves. They will descend on anything that happens to have
the misfortune to stray into their territory that including other Elder Gods. What makes
the Dark Lurkers even more dangerous that their immune to most physical weapons. Bullets
will simply pass through with ease. Only light based magic or weapons can harm them.

The Lurker Man

Threat Level 10 to 13
Size 6 feet to 250 feet

The Lurker Man or Lurker Men are subspecies of Forbidden Ones. These Creatures resemble
a humanoid person up close but the closer you get you realize this isn't a man or even a
person. These Creatures are faceless except for the large gaping maw sharped tooth mouth
that expands the whole face. These Creatures are incredibly tall and lanky with sharp
claws and then end of their long fingers. Lurker Men will often attack anything that will
rouse their suspicion or alert their exist towards them. Lurker Men walk in a almost
disturbing and otherworldly manner only adding to their already disturbing nature.

Dark Corath

Threat Level 5 to 10 (Larger Species)
Size 5 feet to 200 feet

Dark Coraths also called Dark Legions are Nameless Ones that take the form of a large
sphere Ball of dark swirling red and purple energy swirling core in the center of it.
Thought of a Lesser Aspects of Greater Forms. The Dark Corath are pulsating orbs of
glowing almost dark demonic energies. These ungodly things are stuff of nightmares.
Though they may look harmless but when provoked they will emit a cloud of extremely
deadly toxic gas that can either corrupted or kill whatever it's trying to attack them.
Larger Dark Coraths are even more dangerous because some are strong enough to kill entire
worlds full of people.


Threat Level 7 to 9
Size 7 feet to 60 Feet

Malagurans are truly dangerous Nightmare Ones. They resemble humanoid from the neck down
but their bulbous hideous looking fleshy multiple eyes and tentacles for a head is just
nightmare fuel. Cloaked in bloodied or dark thick robes. Malagurans are thought to be
servants of an even greater Elder Gods. Often mistake for cult druids that spend time
worshiping some more powerful Elder God. They are soul eaters and will devour souls of
the living should they catch one with their many tentacles. Malagurans are incredibly
feared creatures. Possibly more feared then most Elder Gods.

Morgorath Worm

Threat Level 10 to 15
Size 280 feet to 370 feet (Sometimes larger)

Morgorath Worms also called Death Worms are incredibly large monstrous black worms with
large multiple larger gaping maws around its head. The Morgorath Worms are worshipped as
Death Gods of Forbidden One nature. Morgorath Worms do not tunnel through the ground but
rather tunnel through dimensional reality. Eating parts of reality and corporeal entities
in the process. They are responsible for the deaths of multiple creatures throughout
various worlds. They are often regarded as Supreme Aspects of Valargoth but nothing is
truly certain about them. Unless you encounter one you'll already screwed.

Dark One

Threat Level 6 to 9
Size 7 feet to 50 feet

Dark Ones also called Dark Deep Ones are Aquatic all black Shadowy Humanoids with piercing
larger expressive eyes and no visible mouth and yet they talk but not in a language that
can be understood rationally. They are mostly likey Lesser Elder Gods part of Forgotten
Ones race. Dark Ones are possibly the servant of a very incredibly powerful Elder God.
Very little information from where in what Dark Ocean these Creatures dwell from.

The Dark Tree of Nethoria

Threat Level 15 to 18
Size 400 feet to 730 feet

The Dark Tree of Nethoria also called The Greater One is a extremely dangerous and vastly
powerful Greater Nighmare One. It resembles a incredibly large dark demonic looking Three
of massive size with Multiple eyes on its bark with demonic looking hands for branches.
And lower tentacle like maws on it's lower half. These Greater Nightmare Ones Dark Trees
are worshipped as Vastly powerful Elder Gods. They are whispering and have tremendously
powerful Telepathical and Psionic powers. Capable of swaying other powerful beings under
its influence. These Dark Monsters are mostly sealed behind supernatural barriers calling
out in the voices of children and taking on more lower creepier forms in order to escape
into the various worlds they manifest on. They roar and growl with the voices of laughing
and screaming children just to add even more unnerving to their already disturbing nature
and appearance.
Profile The Elder Gods Race Species Part 1
Profile on The Elder Gods Race Species Part 1. I hope you enjoy. Well that's all for now. See you later. And don't miss Tales of Solarius=Nargoth Dark Agenda and the next Two Worlds Silent Hill and Two Worlds Dragon Ball Super. Bye.
Two Worlds Batman Arkham Wars Part 7

(Gotham City/Camera pans down with the Batmobile)
(Batman driving along with Eris sitting in the Passenger Seat with her feet on the)
(dashboard/Listening to her tunes on her Smartphone)

Eris, So. Where are we going? (Batman says nothing) Do we have a heading? (Continues)
        (To say nothing) Do you know where your going?
Batman, No. But I've got a suspicion on the location. However who are you?

Eris, Eris. Eris Mumbiya.

Batman, Mumbyia? Your related to Echidna?

Eris, She's my cousin.

(Camera pans away to a explosion from the wall/Both looking to the left/A large massive)
(Crocodile Head comes bursting through the wall/Crocodile roars/It bite snaps at The)
(Batmobile/Booming/Another Giant Crocodile coming out the right wall/It tries to bite)
(down on The Batmobile/He swerves to the left then look back/Cackling laughing)

(On one of the Giant Crocodiles Killer Croc comes into the frame)

Killer Croc, Greeting Batman. How do you like my pets? I must thank Dr. Vinentus new
            Mutant Growth Serum. Transforming these normal Crocodiles into Mutant Giant
            Crocodile with enhanced abilities. Soon I will turn Gotham City into my own
            personal Swamp City. With my pets picking their teeth clean with your bones.
            Now go get him boys.

(Giant Crocodile growling roaring/Coming towards the camera/Batmobile burning rubber)
(Flies down the street/From his perspective/Booming noise/Giant Crocodiles bursting)
(through the wall trying to crush the Car with their teeth/Batman makes a U-turn to the)
(right/With one Crocodile chasing after them/Camera down angle/A bursting noise)

(A Giant Crocodile bursting through a building in front of them/It does a leaping jump)
(forwards/Roaring/Batman makes a hard right/The Creature lands/He does a spinning U)
(Turn with screeching tires/Zooming down the next street/Booming/Another Giant Crocodile)
(Burst behind him/Snapping jaws/Growls/Eris looking back looks somewhat worried)

Eris, Do you deal with things like this on a daily bases.

Batman, No. This is new to me. (Rumbling/Another Crocodile emerging from the building)
                              (In front of them/Batman pushes a button)

(Firing two Non Lethal Missiles/It tries then slams into the Crocodile/Groaning noise)
(It drops/Batman driving past it/Rumbling trembling/Batman looking back)

(Seeing the Giant Mutant Crocodile giving chase with Killer Croc riding on the back of)
(it/Batman swerves to the left as it snaps then to the right when it snaps again)

Eris, So what are you going to do?

Batman, (Unhooking himself then pushing the Auto Pilot on the Batmobile) I'm going out
        there. Stay here.

(Opening the door then looking up/Seeing Killer Croc/Batman fires his Grappling Hook)
(It hooks on to one of its scales/Batman shoots up/Killer Croc looks down)

Killer Croc, Huh? (Batman comes at the camera then kicks Killer Croc in the head)

(Landing on the Crocodile/Killer Croc shakes it off/Killer Croc growls/Comes past the)
(camera/Croc taking swings at Batman who dodges/Takes a tail whip/Groans/Thudding)
(Seeing Croc coming at him/Roaring/Batman throws a Batarang with a rope around them)

(It wraps around his legs/Croc falls/Grunts/He rips off the ropes/Gasp growls/Batman)
(high into the air leaping punch/Punching Killer Croc in Combo Punching/Grunting and)
(blows landing/He swinging high punch up with Killer Croc staggering/Laughs wiping his)
(face/Batman eyes widen seeing something off camera/Croc turns around/Gasp)

(Seeing the River as the Crocodile is running to the edge of the city)

(Batman fires his Grappling Hook then flies up into the air/Croc grunts then sees the)
(edge/The Giant Crocodile runs off the edge/Croc yells as he hits the water as the)
(Giant Crocodile thunderous splash down/Suddenly Meryl in her Winged Water Naga form)
(bursting from the water towering over the Mutant Giant Crocodile she with mouth open)
(dives at the Crocodile dragging it down into the depths/She disappears into the Ocean)

(Killer Croc climbs out the water/Whooshing noise/As Batman flies down with a dynamic)
(comic book punch complete with punch noise/Grunting/Killer Croc drops to the ground)
(Groans/Then passes out/Batman ties him up)

(About a hour later Killer Croc on a Stretcher with a Muzzle on his mouth/Croc growling)
(Being loaded into the Swat Team Van/Police Sirens away from the camera/Commissioner)
(Gordon next to Batman)

Commissioner Gordon, Well Two-Face The Penguin The Joker Black Mask Bane and Killer Croc.
                    You did it.
Batman, All is left is go after Dr. Vinentus.

Commissioner Gordon, Do you know where he is? (Batman looking up at the Wonder Tower)

(Batman flashback/Remembering the Dr. Vinentus as his face on the screen/Seeing the)
(Wonder Tower in the Background and using his encryption codes while Dr. Vinentus talking)
(about the advents/He locates Dr. Vinentus at the Wonder Tower/Flashback over)

Batman, I know where he is.

(The Wonder Tower in the background/Batman gliding in the air then zooms towards the)
(Tower/Bursting through the Window/A Secret Office with Dr. Vinentus sitting at his desk)
(with his chair back to Batman pondering while looking out the window)

Dr. Vinentus, Well. Took you long enough. I was starting to wonder if your defeated yet.
Batman, It's over Dr. Vinentus. I've defeated them. Even with all your weapons.

Dr. Vinentus, I know. I was hoping you would.

Batman, What do you mean?

Dr. Vinentus, I mean that this was all an experimental test. They were prototypes after
             all. I wanted to test them. To see if they were good enough to work out in
             the field. I wanted to know if these weapons can be distributed among the
             highest bidders. I wanted to know who they would work again resistance.
             So you were the perfect test subject. To see if your enemies using these
             weapons could defeat you. But you've proven your more resourceful than I
             gave you credit. (Sighs) Oh well. It doesn't matter. Once I compete Project
             Seven. Nothing else matters.

Batman, What's Project Seven?

Dr. Vinentus, You will see soon enough. But until I leave you with this.

(Opening his jacket revealing a timer on his chest counting down/Batman backs away)

Dr. Vinentus, Sorry Batman but I'm not the real Dr. Vinentus. Just one of the many Robot
             Duplicates. I'm afraid he's resting or licking his wounds so to speak.

(It counts down to 7 6 5/Batman runs/As the counter reaches zero/Dr. Vinentus smiles)
(Huge explosion/Batman jumping out the window/He glides down towards a Bill Board)
(The Wonder Tower/Smoke and fire billowing from the Wonder Tower)

(A minute later Batman walking back to his Batmobile/Eris standing by his Batmobile)

Eris, Well. Nice seeing you again. So what will you do now?

Batman, I'm going home. What about you? Where are you going?

Eris, I'm going to stick around far a while. But in case you need me you'll know where
     to find me. (Batman getting into his car) Oh by the way. If you happen to run into
     John Constantine.
Batman, Yes?

Eris, Tell him I'm looking for him. (Batman nods then starts his engine)

(Sounds of wings flapping away/Batman looks up and Eris is already gone)
(Batman drives off down the street)

                     (The End)

              (Epilogue/Somewhere in Outer Space)

(Echidna flying around towards the Camera/Another figure joins her)

Echidna, Hmm I think it's time to pay them a visit. It's been a while. I wonder if
        they remember me? We'll soon find out wont we. (The Female figure Shakes her)
        (Head) I'm coming boys and it's time for a rematch.

                 (Heading for a familiar Universe with a certain powerful hero)
Two Worlds Batman Arkham Wars Part 7
Well Batman has won and defeated all five of the Major Criminals in his Rogue Galley. And what is the Project Seven and what about The supposedly return of Inari The Dark One. Well all this will be explained later but Don't miss out on Two Worlds  Dragon Ball Super and Two Worlds Silent Hill. Don't miss Two Worlds Bleach and Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Dark Agenda. See you real soon. Bye.
Profile Sasami The Winged Onyro Ghost

Name Sasami Suki Mumbiya
Aliases The Ghost Princess Kayako Saeki The Haunted Princess The Japanese Beauty Casper
Age 467 (Looks 20s to 30s)
Height 5 foot 11 (or 6 feet)
Ethnicity Japanese Solarian
Race Winged Dominion Onyro Ghost Human
Eye Color Blue Silver
Skin Color Chalk Blue White
Hair Color Black
Number of Wings (Four Two Angels Wings Two Fallen Wings)

Info, Sasami The Winged Onyro Ghost born Sasami Suki Mumbiya is the Daughter and Princess
of King Nyame Mumbiya Jr. And a Female Onyro Ghost. (Don't ask how that even works) Born
to a family of powerful Winged Humans and Ancient Japanese Spirits. Sasami is the older
sister of Eris Azrael Alma Rosemary and Meryl. She is the cousin of Andromeda Uriel Lilith
Tiamat and Echidna.

Sasami is Onyro Spirit. A category of Ancient Vengeful Spirits that existed for more than
ageless time. Well to get a better estimate that they existed around the same time as
other Ghosts and Spirits. Probably older than Solarius-Nargoth. Sasami comes across as a
friendly Winged Ghost. Despite belonging to a species of extremely dangerous spirits.
Sasami prefer to view herself the female version of Casper The Friendly Ghost. (And yes)
(she loves watching Casper) However outside her immediate family and friends anyone who
sees her will flip their shit and freak out. Something she doesn't do intentionally.

People who understand and regards Spirits as dangerous entities. There are some who see
them as non hostile. But Sasami presents herself as non-aggressive. Sasami likes to visit
other worlds and universe meeting a variety of other spiritual beings. And the humans
that inhabit those worlds. But she had a closer encounter with the Winchester Brothers.
Sam and Dean Winchester. Her presence in that world set off a chain reaction of paranormal
activities. Including other Ghost fleeing from her in fear. (Which is saying some that)
(other ghost are afraid of ghost it kinda boggles the mind) Sam and Dean in their research
looking for ways to help Sasami pass on to the next world. Around this time encountering
her younger ghost sister Rosemary The Winged Banshee.

Spending their time haunting the location of Sam and Dean Winchester's Man of Letters
Location. Even freaking out Castiel (Which isn't something that's easy to do) They have
bets who can scare you shitless. Of course at the last moment that they would explain
themselves and the nature of their existence.

Which in a strange weird almost shocking revelation. Sam Dean and Castiel it made sense
to them. (Although some of it flew over their heads it made a sort of strange sense to)
(them and wonder how a Corporeal Celestial Spiritual Being can interbreed with a Non)
(Corporeal Spiritual Entity/When you say it out loud it doesn't make any rational logical)
(sense/But then again these are spiritual entities themselves it makes some level of)
(logical sense though not much when you think about it)

Sasami is a extremely attractive Winged Onyro. If your into Ghost and other Spiritual
Beings. She with long Pitch Black thick flowing hair with Blue Silver haunting expressive)
(eyes with small eyelashes/She with v shaped feminine face with cold blue lips that are
icy cold to the touch/She dressed in a all white Kimono with long sleeves and blue Obi)
(Slash/She has a curvy hourglass feminine figure with slender hips and waist with very)
(large breasts/Though sometimes she's seen without feet/She has larger Angelic and Fallen)
(Wings and a Long Ghostly Tail/And thick vaginal hair between her legs/Sometimes she'll)
(swell up her nipples to full erection to mostly given men major hard on and erect her)
(clit as well through her clothing)


Sasami is a Immeasurable and Extremely Incalculable Spirit Being. One of the strongest
Ghosts in the Spirit World and one the strongest Spirit Beings in the Universe. Her is
five times stronger than her sisters combined. She wield overwhelming Cosmic Spiritual
Power and energy. Along with her sister. Her power and presence can be felt in multiple
Spirit Dimensions and Universes at once Including Heaven Hell Astral Limbo and Spirit
World. Her presence can cause tremendously and immeasurably amount of Paranormal and
Supernatural Activities just being within a few feet of her. She is strong enough to
wipe out Spiritual Worlds larger and Heaven and Hell including the Astral Plane. And Ghost

Like all Winged Humans and Hybrids Sasami has white Ghostly Celestial Halo Rings on her
arms and neck. Which she uses to suppress her Spiritual Cosmic Power. That and the fact
she's good a haunting people. Surpassing her sisters and parents.

Haunting, Sasami being half Ghost for fun will haunt building and houses and assortments
of other places. Like making noise moving things bending reality around said objects for
full effects. She will create illusion that are sol real you can almost turning things
into ectoplasm. She can scare someone just by making eye contact. However she does it
out of fun not malice like most angry violent ghost would do.

Intangibility, Being half Ghost Sasami can move through solid matter with ease which
includes Paranormal Supernatural and Magical barriers. She does it when passing through
a person leaving a small amount of ectoplasm on them. She can move through spiritual
dimensions at easy.

Immeasurable Reality Manipulation, Like her younger sister Rosemary. Sasami is a extremely
powerful reality bender. She can create spiritual planes of existence. Summon other ghost
and demonic beings and celestial entities. Create endless amount of Ectoplasm create and
pull thing out from the Spirit World. Manipulate Matter on a Galaxy level. Create doorways
into Heaven Hell Limbo Astral Planes and Spiritual Worlds. She can alter reshape molecules
right down to their particle subatomic micro levels. She can reshape entire Solar Systems
and Ghost Worlds with ease. She mostly use when haunting someone or just being very silly.

Possession, Sasami can take control or manipulate a Living and Non-Living Object. She can
manipulate them to various effects like Telekinesis Telepathic Levitation Flight. Some
level of Matter Manipulation and Ectoplasm Manipulation.

Vast Weather Manipulation, Though not trained in this ability. Sasami can control a vast
but limited control of the weather. She can create Planet size Ghostly Fog Mist Spiritual
energies. She can create or summon Weather Elementals with ease. Form Galaxy size Thunder
Storms that exist in paranormal fashion. She can make all forms of precipitation and
create Ghost Tornados and Waterspouts Ghostly Ominous Hurricanes and Typhoons Monsoons.

Immeasurable Energy Manipulation, Sasami can control manifest wield absorb and draw nigh
countless amounts of Spiritual Energies. Her power isn't limited to Cosmic Spiritual
Hellfire Demonic Heaven Holy Divine Celestial Astral Interstellar Kinetic Psionic
Paranormal Supernatural Ionic Kinetic Electromagnetic and Quantum. She can destroy very
larger Galaxies Solar Systems Stars Suns Planets Spiritual Ghost Worlds.

Immeasurable Super Speed, Sasami can run(I don't think Ghost can run) React think float
levitate walk and dodge at tremendous levels of speed. She can break the sound barrier by
moving a incalculable speeds of Mach 700 to 800 and sometimes even faster in Outer Space
and The Ghost Worlds. She can move faster than the eye can blink.

Immeasurable Super Strength, Despite being well part Ghost you would think Sasami would
be weak because (Well trying to explain the nature of spirits would be impossible) She
can lift bench press crush throw well exceeding 600 tons. She can rip apart powerful
Angels Demons and Winged Humans. Like her sister Eris she punched another Winged Human
for groping her breasts from behind. Her strength is currently unknown.

Flight, Like all Winged Humans Hybrids and Spiritual Beings. Sasami can fly with the use
of her Angelic or Fallen Wings or being a Ghost fly under her own power. She can break
the sound barrier moving a vast speeds of over Mach 700 to Mach 800 and faster in Outer
Space and Ghost Worlds.

Shape Shifting, Like all Winged Humans Hybrids and Spiritual Entities. Sasami can shape
shift at will. She has a vast array of forms she takes including Bat Bird Wolf Owl Mist
Fog Wind a Little Girl version of herself. She can shift between her Winged Onyro form
her Winged Human form and her Human form. She can change her size ranging from 5 foot 11
to about half the size of the Planet Jupiter. Damn that's big.
Profile Sasami The Winged Onyro Ghost
Profile on Sasami The Winged Onyro Ghost. Are you scared? Nevermind well that's all for now see you later. Bye.
Two Worlds Batman Arkham Wars Part 6

(Gotham City/The Old Gotham State Penitentiary)

(The GCPD still at the Old Prison while Batman and Commissioner Gordon talking)

Commissioner Gordon, So where to?

Batman, Bane is on my next list.

Commissioner Gordon, Where do you start looking?

Batman, I'm not sure. (Distant chattering which catches Batman eye off screen)

(The Police looking up past the Prison/Something leaping into the air/It lands with)
(a monstrous thud/The figure cracks the ground underneath him/The GCPD gets blasted)
(away along with Batman is he gets caught in the maelstrom of wind/Batman grunting)

(Flying into the air then landing somewhere in Gotham City/Bouncing then crashes down)
(Batman gets to his feet/Only to be punched into the chest by the figure)

(He flies into a car/Loud banging/Leaving a huge den on the car/He looks up to see)
(Bane standing a few feet away from him/Purple red energy surrounding him while dressed)
(in his normal Arkham Origins Outfit/He stands over him with slightly glowing eyes)

Batman, (Standing back up) Bane.

Bane, It's been a long time Batman. I've waited along time for this day. Like what you
     see. (Seeing the coursing energy through his body) I must thank Dr. Vinentus. His
     TX1 Venom Formula works perfectly. Now that I've much stronger than before. Now I'm
     going to break you.

(The energy surging through him/Bane roaring/He charge then comes at the camera/Batman)
(avoids his attack then jump punch him in the face/The punch did little or no effect on)
(He back hands him away from the camera/He slams into the wall/Cracking the wall/Groans)

(Bane power walks towards Batman/Batman throws a Batarang which Bane catches it then)
(crushes it/Bane lifting up a car with one hand then throws it/Batman jumps out the way)
(Crashing into the wall by rolling forwards/Bane runs then punt kicks Batman away)

(Batman flies away from the camera/Scene switches to a Kwik-E Mart/The camera switches to)
(a Girl around 19 years of age with black red short hair with frill bangs red frame)
(rectangular glasses and dressed in a all black outfit consist of black shirt pants shoes)
(bracelets earrings holding a smoothie or slushy/She is Eris The Winged Dark Goddess)
(Teenaged Form/Drinking the slushy/Boom/She looks to the left/Batman lands next the car)

(Laying on the ground about a few feet away from her)

Eris, Hey. (Batman looks up) What's up? (With a smile on her face/Batman turns to in)
          (Front of him/Seeing Bane coming) Hmm. Seem you need some help.
Batman, Get out of here kid. This is no place for you. (Getting back up)

(Bane charging towards him/Batman jumps back then throws several explosive Batarangs)
(flying at the camera/Bane stops then being hit by multiple Batarangs/Explosions)
(Bane plows through the smoke/He throws a punch/Batman blocks with both his arms)
(He flies back hiding another car/Bane grabs Batman by the throat/Struggling/As Batman)
(trying to break free/He strays something in the eyes/Banes yells/Letting go of Batman)

(Batman hauls back then throws a couple of combo punches/Bane blocks a left punch then)
(head butts him/Grunting/Batman staggering back as he backs away past Eris as she)
(continues to drink it as she watches with innocent expression/She finish her drink)

(Bane close up then about to take a step/Eris taps Bane on the arm/He turns around)
(Looking down seeing Eris looking up at him as the camera zooms in on her)

Eris, Excuse me. Please can I ask you not to kill this man I kinda need him. So if it's
     alright with you can you not kill him please? (With a big smile on her face and)
     (Blinking eyes)

(Bane thinks for a minutes then burst in laughter/Batman standing there holding his arm)

Bane, Quite of a amusing gesture to say the least. But the Batman must die. And I'm the
     one who will crush him with my bare hands by snapping him in to.

(Bane turns to come towards Batman/Batman ready's himself/Eris runs in front of him)
(holding out her arms much to Bane's annoyance and irritation)

Eris, I MUST insist.

Bane, Now listen me little senorita. Your in my way. The Batman will die. By my hands.

(Places his hand on her shoulder/Eris grabs his arm/Bane reacts he tries to pull away)
(Her grip is unnaturally strong/Grunting loudly as he tries to break away/Batman eyes)
(widen/She looks at him with this calm expression)

Eris, Ok. But don't say I didn't give you a chance.

(Eris tosses Bane behind her with ease/Bane screaming as he sent high into the air)
(Screaming continues as he goes through several building then keeps going/He crashes into)
(the ground then sliders in front of the camera/Bane rises up with his eye widening in)
(shock/She stands there with her back turned to him and looking behind her with this)
(smug smirk/Batman just stands there staring at her realizing she's not human)

Eris, (On he phone tweeting holding up a finger/Then she walks past Batman) One moment
Bane, You El Diablo.

(Walking towards the camera with her arms behind her and walking towards the camera)

Eris, Demon huh? Well your not far off.

(Bane charging the energy around him/Roars/He charging with surging energy around)
(Eris being calm and collected as Bane running towards her/She checks her nails in a)
(nonchalant manner/Bane roaring while running past the camera rising his fist)

(Camera zooming towards Eris as she doesn't even bat an eye and not even looking at)
(him/He throws a powerful punch/Eris blocks his attack with one finger as the booming)
(shockwave shattering all the windows around them/He stands there with his fist being)
(blocked by her finger/Bane growling/She finally turns her gaze in his direction)

Eris, I'm sorry about this I'm really am. But your dead and quite evil. And that's bad
     in my book.

(She jumps up on his arms then wraps her legs around him then does a fast Headscissors)
(takedown with she grins into the camera with two peace signs for the camera)

(Sending Bane twirling then crashes into the ground/He gets back up Eris runs up)
(with a forward jumping flip kick in the jaw/Screams/Knocking Bane into the air)
(He recedes backwards then lands on his back/She lands with both hands behind her)

(She holds her hands as she catches her Smartphone/She checks her E-Mail/Bane enraged)
(roaring/Massive aura energy surrounding him/Standing back up then purple and red)
(energies bulking his body up massively/Enraged growling has lose all emotion)
(His frame towering over her with glowing eyes/The ground trembling and cracking under)
(the power and weight of Bane/He massive bulked up with large red and purple veins)

(Thunderous surging energies)


(Eris skipping on her toes while putting up her fist in a fighting gesture with a grin)
(for the camera/Bane in a mad rage charges even faster)

Eris, Huh? Cue Vegeta Super Saiyan theme. (Playing the on her Smartphone)

(Piano music begins to play as she runs past the camera/Vegeta Super Saiyan Theme plays)
(Everything slows down as Eris and Bane come at each other with Eris moving faster than)
(him and is already right below him/He looks down with madden eyes as Eris looks up)
(at him with a smile and charging energy in one hand/She extends her hand)

(Camera pushes back as Eris fires a powerful blast at Bane who gets caught and swallowed)
(by the tremendous force/Bane screaming/As he disappears within the energy itself)
(Batman gasp/Bane being blast away then violently crashes into a building with some much)
(force/The Building itself collapses on top of him/Rumbling debris)

Eris, (Close up of the camera) Don't worry Batman. I didn't kill him. He's still alive.

Batman, No you send him flying into a building.

(About a couple minutes later the GCPD arrives pulling Bane out of the wreckage who is)
(back to normal though quite out of it/Putting the cuffs on him and dragging him to)
(the Swat Car/Commissioner Gordon standing along side of Batman)

Commissioner Gordon, I don't know how you did it but you did.

Batman, I had a little help. (Casting a eye behind him out of frame)

Commissioner Gordon, Still this marks four down. Only one left to go.

Batman, Killer Croc. Then I'm going after the source of the problem. Dr. Vinentus.

(Batman walks away towards his Batmoblie with Eris sitting on his car chewing bubblegum)
(popping bubbles/She turns to him)

Eris, We make a great team don't we. (Batman does say anything then walks over to the)
                                    (Driver side)
Eris, So where to Batman?

Batman, I'm going after Killer Croc. Your going to go back to wherever your from. I
       appreciate the help but this is my fight.
(Getting inside/Starting the engine/Then taking off)

(Eris watching him leave/Camera switches to him driving staring straight out)
(Camera pushes back revealing Eris sitting in the passenger seat next to him)

Batman, Something tells me you don't on leaving me alone are you?

Eris, That depends where we heading?

                       (The End)
Two Worlds Batman Arkham Wars Part 6
And with that another Major is defeated. That only leaves Killer Croc and the mysterious Dr. Vinentus. And the appearance of Eris The Teenaged Girl. What will this odd dynamic
duo going to do next? find out in Two Worlds Batman Arkham Wars Part 7 to find out bye.


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Current Residence: Dayton Ohio
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Two Worlds One Story is more than just a crossover of Felarya and Solarius-Nargoth. It's a story about many connections to why the seperate worlds are so similiar. What going into Too much details. But it might answer some of the questions but that's up to the viewers whether or not me. Whether the story is canon or not it's all up to you the viewers. Although there's one people on Deviantart who doesn't like my Soloarius-Nargoth. But I wont mention him. But for the rest of you. Enjoy. Thank you.

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