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Two Worlds Haunted Halloween Special Part 4 Final

(Salt Lake City/Suburban Area/Two Story House)

(Both running out the Little Girl's Bedroom/The Living Doll follow/Roars)

Constantine, What the bloody hell is that?!

Echidna, It's just as thought. It's a subspecies of Living Death Doll called a Shadow
        Doll or Demonic Soul Doll.

(Both running downstairs and into the Dinner Room/Slamming the Door behind them/Doll growling as it tries to bash it's way in/both pushing against the door)

Constantine, A Shadow Doll? The hell is that?

Echidna, Shadow Dolls are dark demonic spirits that manifest as Living Dolls. They're
        known for Haunting House and feeding off the souls of children. It eats souls.
        Mostly Little Girls. Or whatever crosses their path.
Constantine, Good to know. (Roaring continues)

Echidna, To tell you the truth I've never actually seen one before.

Constantine, A first time for everything.

Echidna, But is doesn't many any sense. Shadow Dolls are only found in Solarius-Nargoth.
        in the Valley of The Death Dolls. How it end up here I have no idea.

(Banging on the doors have stopped)

Constantine, It stopped? (Hearing nothing)

Echidna, It is gone?

(The Lights in the Dinner Room begin to flicker/Shadow hands manifesting/Then the Doll appear it lunges at them/Roars)

(Busting out the room/Running around the Living Room/The Doll crawling around the ceiling)

Constantine, How do you kill this thing?

Echidna, Only way to destroy it is to find the object that it used as it's conduit or
        manifestation point.
Constantine, Meaning?

Echidna, It used some type of object to manifest itself here.

Constantine, Wait I think I know what it is. It's that Music Box it was sitting next to.

Echidna, Of course Shadow Dolls use Music Boxes as conduits to manifest themselves. It
        allowed her to enter this World. Destroy the Music Box you destroy the Shadow
Constantine, How do you destroy it?

Echidna, Burn the Music Box.

(The Doll pins down Echidna to the floor/Roars growling/It hovers over her)

Echidna, It's up to you John. Hurry. Destroy the Music Box.

(The Dolls up at him/He dashes towards the stairs/The Doll sends out shadow hands to stop him/Dodging the hands reaching for him/The Doll releases it hold on Echidna/It climbs up the stairs/Roaring)

(Constantine reaches the Doorway to the Little Girl's Bedroom/Seeing the Music Box still on the dresser/Pulls out his Lighter/Roars/Looks to the right/The Doll coming up the stairs it sees him/Roars/Coming at the camera/He throws the Lighter just as the Doll grabs him and pins him to the wall/Growling/She opens her mouth full of sharp fanged teeth)

(About to bite him/The Lighter lands next to the Music Box/Catching it on fire)
(The Doll burst into flames/Wailing howl/As the Doll flails around/Echidna comes upstairs)
(As the Doll rolls around on the floor/Wailing continues/The Doll rolls around then burns into ash/The Ash dissipates then gone)

(Constantine out of breath)

Constantine, Is it over? (Mother and Daughter finds themselves in the Living Room)

(Gasp/Both hugging each other/Constantine and Echidna walking past them)

Mother, Wait. Thank you for saving us.

Echidna, No problem.  (Walking down the street/Morning hours)

Constantine, Sheesh. What a night. Let's never do that again.

Echidna, I'm with you.

Constantine, Still I can't helping thinking was it the only one that manifested here?

(Stark Towers New York City)

(Tony Stark walking past the camera)

Stark, Jarvis? Have you seen my suit? I've got a date tonight with Ms. Potts.

(Walking past a table Doll with a Music Box with it/Stark stops and looks at it)

Stark, Where this come from. Anyway. Jarvis. (walking away)

(Camera slowly moving towards the Doll/A close up/Music Box begins to play a eerie tune)
(The Doll comes to life then looks at the camera and smiles with a winking eye/Everything fades to black)

              (The End???)
Two Worlds Haunted Halloween Special Part 4 Final
Part 4 of our final Two Worlds Haunted Halloween Special. See you next time. Happy Halloween. Bye. (Scary Laughing)
Two Worlds Haunted Halloween Special Part 3

(Salt Lake City/Suburban Area/The Two Story House)

(Opening the Door to the Basement/Looking down into the darkness)

Echidna, The only place we haven't checked is the Basement.

Constantine, If this thing is hiding. It must be in the Basement.

Echidna, I'll go first. (With Flashlight in hand)

(She carefully descends down to the Basement/The Basement has a very eerie and almost otherworldly atmosphere/The Basement is cold and dreary)

(Flashlight in hand she looks around/Dust floating around/Searching through the stuff littered around)

(Constantine standing by the Doorway)

Constantine, Anything? (Camera POV) (Looking down into the darkness)

(Voices whispering/Pair of large eyes manifest at the bottom of the stairs)

(Gasp/The Eyes coming up the stairs/Roars/Constantine backs off slams the door)

Echidna, Huh? John? (Running back/Runs up the stairs/Knocking on the door) John? John?!
        Open the door.  

(Low rumbling below/She looks back/Shadow hands manifesting from the walls as the reach for Echidna/Pounding on the door/Constantine opens it/She comes up then slams the door)

Constantine, Are you alright?!

Echidna, I'm alright. What happened back there?

Constantine, I saw something. It came towards me and I freaked out. What about you?

Echidna, It was attacked by something. It was reaching for me. I couldn't do anything.

Constantine, Wait. Aren't you a Winged Human?

Echidna, That's just it. I can't use my powers. This thing whatever it is. It's preventing
        me from using my powers here.
Constantine, It's that powerful?

Echidna, I'm afraid so. Anyway let's hurry up and find this thing.

Constantine, Did you check the history on this House?

Echidna, Nothing. Nothing that would indicate any paranormal activity.

Constantine, Then what the hell are we dealing with here?

Echidna, It's not a Ghost or a Demon either apparently. I think we better check that
        Little Girl's room again.

(Thumping upstairs/Knocking/Voice whispering/Looking up at the ceiling)

Constantine, We better hurry.

(Returning to the Little Girl's Bedroom)

Constantine, Now what?

Echidna, Look. (Sitting on the dresser again is the Doll with it's eyes closed)

Constantine, Holy shit.

(The Music Box opens then plays a haunting melody/Camera focus on Echidna and John)
(The Dolls eyes open as it slowly turns her head to the left watching them)

Echidna, It's the Doll. It's behind all this.

(Suddenly the Doll rises a multiple shadow hands emerge from it's body like spider hands)
(The Doll grins with a mouth full of sharp teeth/Low growling)

Echidna, Whoa.

(The Creepy Doll lunges at the camera mouth open with sharp fanged teeth/Doll roars)

                   (The End)
Two Worlds Haunted Halloween Special Part 3
The Entity has been revealed. Can our Heroes survive this haunted encounter? Find out in a final part Two Worlds Haunted Halloween Special Part 4 to find out. Happy Halloween. Bye.
Two Worlds Haunted Halloween Special Part 2

Salt Lake City/Suburban Area/The Two Story House)

(Both Echidna and Constantine sitting in the Living Room)

Echidna, We've searched the House and still nothing.

Constantine, Like you said. Whatever is in here doesn't want to show itself.

Echidna, Well I'll be back. I got to go to the little girl's room.

Constantine, Bathroom on the second floor.

(Constantine sighs/Sitting back in the recliner chair/Camera around slowly from someone's or something view)

(Small thud)

Constantine, Hmm? (Looking in the direction of the noise)

(Sitting on top the TV is the Doll from upstairs with/John getting up and goes over to the Doll)

Constantine, Ello? What's this doing down here? (Picking up the Doll)

(The Doll's eye open looking up at Constantine)

Constantine, JESUS! (Throwing the Doll across the room/Thudding) The Bloody hell?!

(Going over where he threw the Doll/Can't find it/The Doll is gone)
(Looking around for it)

(Echidna washing her hands/Lights flickering)

Echidna, Must be a shortage. (The lights go out then come back on/Behind her is shadowy hands on the wall reaching out for her in a eerie fashion/Looks into the mirror/Hands are gone)

Constantine, (OC) Echidna.

Echidna, Yes. (She looks up but hears nothing) John?

(Walking out the Bathroom/Looking left to right)

Echidna, John? (The Bedroom Door down the hall opens/Creaking/eerie silence)

(Treading very carefully as she makes her way to the Bedroom/She peeks in/Seeing nothing out of the ordinary/A large mirror sits against the wall in the corner)

(She walks over to it/Looking at her reflection)

Echidna, Nothing wrong here. Everything is fine.

(Continues to look the Mirror/Suddenly her reflection springs to left jumps out the Mirror grabbing her on the shoulders)

Reflection, I don't think so. We've trapped in a Haunted House. Does that sound fine?

(Her reflection begins to choke her/Laughs/Echidna from another angle is choking herself)
(Laughing echoing away/Gasp/Stops chocking herself/Looking back her reflection)

Echidna, John. (Leaving the Bedroom/Constantine coming up the stairs)

Constantine, Are you ok?

Echidna, I think I had a run in with myself.

Constantine, What?

Echidna, Nevermind. What happened to you?

Constantine, There was a Doll downstairs. I think it was the one from the Little Girl's
            Room. It came to life and I threw across the room. Only now I can't seem to
            find it anywhere.

(Returning to the Living Room)

Echidna, I don't know about you but something is toying with us. I'm starting to think
        there's more to this than a simple haunting.
Constantine, I'm starting to think that too. This is no ordinary haunting. This isn't a
            Poltergeist or Ghost type haunting. Whatever this thing is. It's not a

(Sitting by the Doorway to the Kitchen is The Doll with it's eyes open)

             (The End)
Two Worlds Haunted Halloween Special Part 2
Things are getting ever creepier by the minute. Can our heroes escaped find out in Two Worlds Haunted Halloween Special Part 3 Bye. Happy Halloween.
Two Worlds Haunted Halloween Special Part 1

(Salt Lake City/Night Time)

(A quiet Two Story House/Distant Music playing/Scene changes to a Little Girl's Bedroom)
(Her Music Box playing a haunted tune/The Little Girl falling fast asleep)

(Sitting next to her Music Box on the Dresser is Doll dressed in a Victoria style dress with big think purple bow and long silver her/A close up of the Doll)

(The Music Box stops playing/The Close up of the Doll/Her eyes open up slowly with piercing blue eyes/Voices whispering/The Little Girl wakes up/The Doll's shadow takes a life of it's own as it slowly creeps up the wall/She gets out of bed)

(Her mother walking down the hallway and walks past her room/Gasp/She turns around and rushes into her Room)

Mother, Jenny? Jenny?! Jenny where are you?! (Voices whispering)

(She looks into the camera/As something comes straight at her/Screaming/Fades to black)

(Next Day/John Constantine getting off the RTA Bus)

Echidna's voice, Hello John.

(Echidna waiting at the Bus Stop)

Constantine, Hello Love. Fancy meeting you here. What are you doing here?

Echidna, I need your help Mr. Constantine.

Constantine, On what?

(Wings flapping/Echidna lands carrying Constantine/Arrives at a Suburban Area)

Echidna, See that house over there? (Pointing to the Two Story House) About a couple days
        ago a Mother and her Daughter went missing in that House. Nobody knows what
        happened to them.
Constantine, So...why do you need me?

Echidna, The House is Haunted.

Constantine, Of course.

Echidna, Haunted by what I don't know. Whatever is in that House it's powerful. Like
        nothing I've ever since. I think it's behind the disappearance of the missing
        Mom and Daughter.

(The Front Door creaks open slowly/A pan shot of an empty and very silent House/No noise no nothing)

Constantine, What about the Husband?

Echidna, Out of Town. Wont be back until Sunday.

Constantine, Go check up stairs. I'll look around down here.

(John walks into the Kitchen/He looks around carefully/Goes over to the Sink/His back to the Refrigerator/Camera switches focus on the Refrigerator/It jerks to life a second)

(The Refrigerator door opens on its own/It reveals inside the Fridge is darkness/A pair of eye manifesting from inside watching him/Shadow like hands coming out creeping slowly towards Constantine/Voices whispering)

Echidna, Hey. (Off Screen) Find anything?

(The Fridge door is closed)

Constantine, Nothing.

Echidna, Come up stairs something I need to show you?

(In the Little Girls Room)

Echidna, You picking up anything?

(Checking his Medallion around his neck)

Constantine, No not yet. I don't sense anything.

Echidna, Me either. But something is here. It doesn't want to show itself to us.

(Constantine leaving the room/Echidna about to leave when something catches her attention)
(Sitting on the Dresser is the same Doll from before with a Music Box right next to it)

Echidna, Hmm. (Leaving the Bedroom/Camera moves closer to the Doll/Music Box begins to play)

(A close up of the Doll/It eyes open then stares into the camera)

              (The End)
Two Worlds Haunted Halloween Special Part 1
Here is Part 1 of Two Worlds Haunted Halloween Special. Stay Tuned for Part 2. Bye.
Coming Soon Two Worlds Haunted Halloween Special

Coming Soon Two Worlds Haunted Halloween Special.

Why not it is Halloween isn't it?


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