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Two Worlds Uncharted 2 Part 4

(South America Secret Military Base aftermath/Carlos Navarro standing over the dead bodies of his men/The intense look in his face)

Soldier, Sir. He's gone. Drake's gone.

Carlos, So. Drake had help escaping did he?

Soldier, We don't know sir. But something happen to this Base.

Carlos, Assemble the men now. (Gesturing the Soldiers) We're moving out. The Base have
       been comprised.

(Soldiers boarding Helicopters and Jeeps/Carlos getting into a Chopper/Camera follows the Attack Helicopters/Rotor blades spinning/Drake going deeper into the Forest)

(He stops and hides behind a tree/A search light from the Choppers above/Flying overhead)

Drake, Didn't taken that long. Got to get to Rio. Elena's probably worried out of her
      mind. How am I going to explain this to her?

(He misses his footing then slips down a large hill/Screams/Rolling down the hill quickly)

Drake, OH CRAP! (Screaming/He catches himself on a vine the slides down/Thudding)

(Landing hard)

Drake, (Groans) Well that hurt.

(However Drake turns his attention to something large in the background within the thick mist)

Drake, Where am I? (Walking around slowly trying to see where he's going)

(A close up of his face as Drake serves the area/Camera switches to the side of him as he walks right in front of a statue/Yells/Grunts/Groans)

(The Statue itself is quite large and looks like a giant winged humanoid almost familiar)
(Looking past it/The camera pans upwards to a very large unfamiliar Mayan Temple)

Drake, A Temple? Way out here? That's not normal.

(Drake getting a closer look/Seeing more and more statues of Winged Humanoids/Going up the steps/Drake also notices how eerily quiet the surround area is/No noise no animals making sound/Dead silence)

(Pulling out his flashlight/He enters it/The Temple is dim lit with a eerie glow to it/Turns to the left seeing a wall with pictures of a massive Winged Humanoid with three heads/Below the picture of people burning in hellfire/Torture like screaming expression)

Drake, That's not inviting. Wait. (Glides his hand across hieroglyphics) The Treasure of
      The Harpy's Jewel. Ok what's a Harpy's Jewel?

(Checking his Notebook from page to page)

Drake, Nothing in here. So what's the Harpy's Jewel? (Reading) The Coming of the Black
      Moon. The return of The Ancient One. Those who seek out the Harpy's Jewel.

(Continues further down/Looking at the walls seeing the picture of the Winged Three Head Humanoid descending from the Skies)

He steps on some loose ground then falls right through it/Screams/Thudding/Landing in a Secret Chamber/Groans/Opening his eyes/Gasp in wonder/The camera pulls away to do a 360 view)

(Drake has stumbled on a large secret Treasure/He can't believe it/His eyes widen to dinner plates/Laughing)

Drake, HOLY SHIT. Look at all this!

(Looking out the corner of his eyes as the camera focusing on what he's looking/In the center of the Chamber is a Winged Humanoid Statue with a extremely beautiful Golden Necklace with a large gleaming Ruby Sapphire Jewel/Drake is instantly draw to it)

Drake, Whoa. That's a really huge gemstone. (Walking over to it)
      So this must be the Harpy's Jewel.
(He removes the Necklace from the statue)

Drake, Now to get the hell out of here.

(Looking down he sees another Notebook picking it up/He reads it)

Drake, Professor Standford? He was here too?

(Looking over the notes)

Drake, (Reading) August 7 1975. Three years have pasted since my last expedition. I decide
      to try again in another part of South America. There were rumors of a unmark Mayan
      Temple location. I brought a crew with me so not to make the same mistake again.
      For three weeks we traveled across the Amazon Rainforest until we make a discovery.

(Flipping to the next page)

Drake, (Reading) August 28 1975. We located the mysterious Temple. It was settled in a
       area that wasn't shown on the map at all. Me and my team tread carefully. And what
       we learned was beyond our imagination. The Hieroglyphs speak of an Ancient Three
       Headed Winged Entity. One forgotten by time. And the coming of it's return. The
       coming of the Black Room. And the awaken of...

(Looking at the name)

Drake, The Dweller of The Deep? What the hell is The Dweller of The Deep. And what did I
      just get myself into?

              (The End)
Two Worlds Uncharted 2 Part 4
Hmm what indeed. This aren't looking good for Nathan Drake. He's stumbled on a great treasure however it came with a cryptic message. Who or what is The Dweller of The Deep? All this and more in Two Worlds Uncharted 2 Part 5. See you soon. Bye.
Two Worlds Uncharted 2 Part 3

(South American Secret Military Base/Prison Holding Cells)

(Camera travels down the corridor/Where two Soldiers stand post by Drake's Cell)
(Drake lying in bed trying to make sense of everything that just happen while looking up at the ceiling)

Soldier, I've got to take a leek. You sure your going to be ok with him?

Soldier 2, Relax, He's not going anywhere.

Soldier, Alright. (Turns at walks away)

Drake, (Under his breath while watching him) That's what you think buddy.

(Getting up then walking slowly behind then grabs him quickly to slam him against the Cell Doors/Loud thud/Body drops)

Drake, You forget one thing pal. I've pick a few new tricks.

(Drake reaches from under his leg and pulls out a Lock Pick/Carefully picking the Lock)
(Clicking noise/Opening the door/He picks up the Soldier's two guns/One is a Mark 23 and a Bandana)

Drake, Wait a Mark 23 SOCOM a Bandana? What do you think this is Metal Gear?

(Scene switches to a door next the Cell Door/Solid Snake dressed in his MGS1 Sneaking Suit enter the frame/Metal Gear Theme)

Solid Snake, Kept you waiting huh? This is Snake.

Drake, Sorry pal your in the wrong story.

Solid Snake, (Scoffs) Sorry. My mistake. (Snake heads out of frame)

(Drake looks at the camera with a raised eyebrow/Focuses back Drake)

Drake, Now to get out of here.      (Low rumbling growling/Shakes the Cell Doors)
      What the hell was that?

(Drake goes down the corridor/Rounding the corner/The Soldier from before coming down the hallway/Drake hugs the corner/The Soldier about to turn the corner/Drake does a stealth takedown by slamming him against the wall/Loud thud/Knocks him out)

(Taking some of his equipment/He rounds the second corner and fires two shots at the Guards standing with the Mark 23 equipped with a silencer or suppressor)

(Taking them both out/He moves the first floor/Going down stairs he stops at a Large Mess Hall/With Soldiers walking in and out/Chattering/He hides behind the plants)

Drake, Shit now what?. There's too many Soldiers here. I can't fight them all.

(Loud rumbling/The building shakes/Soldiers yelling)

Soldier, What the hell was that. (Distant roaring/Sounds of distant flapping)

(The Soldiers leaving the Mess Hall/Loud booming/Soldiers and Drake stumble then falls)
(Drake dodging a piece of debris/Grunts/He gets back up)

(Sounds of screaming and gunfire in the distance/Soldiers screaming/Loud rumbling)
(Building shakes)

Drake, What's going on out there? (The lights flickering)

(Drake goes down the hallway/He stops at another hallway/Looking towards his left/Soldiers running down another corridor firing back at something/Roars)

(Something with wings flies past the camera quickly)

Drake, What the hell!

(Turns to the right and dashes down the long hallway/Screaming/A Soldier being dragged across the floor by something/Just out of frame/The thing takes off/Distant flapping)

(The Building shakes again/Drake yells/As he tries to stay on his feet/He sees a couple of Soldiers with large gashing claw marks/On Soldier has a sharp feather jammed into his throat)

Drake, (Looking at the marks) What could done this?

(Drake kicks the front doors open/Gasp/Camera pans a wide shot/Bodies of the Soldiers lye torn apart violently/Blood bullets and bodies lay across the Base/The Base looks like it's been through a Warzone/Drake with widen eyes taking it all in)

Drake, My god what the hell went on out here. (Out of nowhere a body drops on the side of him)

(Drake yells)

Drake, Jesus. (Looking up/Wings flapping/He steps only to stumble on something)

(Looking down with shock expression/A very large footprint/A very large Bird footprint)
(Drake follows the prints to a destroyed wall/Taking the opportunity to take his leave)
(Falling back into the Rainforest)

                    (The End)
Two Worlds Uncharted 2 Part 3
Drake manage to escape his Cells however the Base was attacked by something or something leaving a large print. Mysterious isn't it. It's about to get more mysterious in Two Worlds Uncharted 2 Part 4. See you soon. Bye.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Harpy Race Species Part 4

I know I said Part 3 was final but I've got a couple more Harpy Species to explain so here are some last minute ones.

Succubus Harpies

Threat Level 11
Size (Varies) (Possibly 200 feet to 450 feet)
Wingspan (Varies)

Succubus Harpies also called Demon Harpies or Fallen Harpies are a demonic type Harpies with demon characteristic. Their skin tone ranging from purple blue red and black. Succubus Harpies have large curly horns with demon like tails and feathery bat like wings. Succubus Harpies are extremely rare and for go reason. Succubus Harpies are driven by two things. well many things but two major things. Eating and having sex or a combination of the both. Succubus Harpies travel from place to place around Solarius- Nargoth searching for a potential mate. Driven by a super high sex drive. That left unchecked can borderline nymphomania. The major difference between real life and a Succubus Harpy is that while a Succubus would have sexual intercourse with a mortal while they're dreaming. A Succubus Harpy will attack any male Harpy Winged Human or humans in general in sight and ravage him ungodly until she is satisfied. Which will take a long time. Fortunately they are extremely rare and only appear in certain parts of Solarius.

Ocean Harpies

Threat Level 8 to 12
Size 350 feet to 570 feet
Wingspan 400 feet to 600 feet

Ocean Harpies also called Sea Witches or Sea Harpies are one of few species that have evolved for life in the Ocean. Their skin tone ranges from blue to aqua marine to jade green to dark purple. They are mostly found in all of the Solarius Oceans. Their wings have evolve for life in the Ocean. Looking more like large Devil Manta Ray wings instead of feathery birds wings. Helping them move through the water with fast and nimble dexterity movements. Moving at speeds faster than 70 to 130 notts. Ocean Harpies feed mostly on fish and other marine life but every now and then feed on humans but not often since they aren't very voracious. Ocean Harpies also feed on Mermaids Bell Jellies and the occasional Giant Sea Snake. Like Succubus Harpies they are rare and mostly feed in certain locations.

Phantom Harpies

Threat Level 7 to 10
Size 6 feet to 450 feet
Wingspan (Varies)

Phantom Harpies called Spectre or Ghost Harpies are a very unusual species of Harpy. They are sometimes refer to Barn Owl Harpies because their skin tone and feathers are all black except fore their white facial disc like face. Just like their Owl Harpy cousins they can turn their head around 360 degrees and move silently through the air. However that's not why most people fear them immensely. Phantom Harpies have an unnatural ability to move through solid matter. In other words a Phantom Harpy can literally walk straight through your wall house or home virtually out of nowhere and will sometimes stand motionless or hover over your bed for hours watching you while you sleep. (Shudders) Make me nervous just thinking about it. However unlike the previous above Phantom Harpies are not rare and can be found mostly anywhere within Solarius-Nargtoth. It's really hard to get a good night sleep with a Phantom Harpy standing by the foot of your bed. So be careful all you reading this. Cause you never know there might be a Phantom Harpy watching you sleep at the foot of your bed. (Evil Laughter/Thunder and lightning) Sorry.

Nurse and Nun Harpies

Threat Level 6 to 10
Size 6 feet to 470 feet
Wingspan 7 feet to 500 feet

Nurse and Nun Harpies are another unusual species of Harpy. They both evolved in ways which is considered abnormal to outsider not native to Solarius-Nargoth. Both species are the only ones so far can mimic or past off as normal humans. They are also called Mimic or Trickster Harpies because both species can shift between Human form and Harpy form. Both species can manifest their feathers to mimic the same material and fabric of actually clothing. Particularly Nurse and Nun clothing. Nurse Harpies will infiltrate a Hospital or Home and appear to be an ordinary nurse however these is only in part a their farce. Once inside the Nurse Harpy will act just a normal Nurse would take care of said patient. But this is a plot just to be alone with said patient will proceed once alone to have sex with the male patient or sometimes female patient it can go both ways. Once done the Nurse Harpy will move on to the next home sick or hospitalize patient. However sometimes that isn't always the case. Some Nurse Harpies have been known to study medicine
in order to treat the patient. Which in case they will go out of their way to cure someone of their illness. Sometimes Nurse Harpies will play Wet Nurse with the ability to lactate milk ever before their pregnant.

Nun Harpy can also manifest their feathers to mimic human clothing including a Nun outfits. But just like Nurse outfit it's designed to be very sexual. Which means their outfits are going to be skintight and hug them in all the right places. Nun Harpy will infiltrate a Church and pose a normal Nun and go about their business like a real Nun would. That all chance when alone with the Priest. Which they will try to seduce and only for sexual gratification. Sometimes they will you a use a Confession Box as their Sex Ground to lure any young Human male to have intercourse with them. And just like their Nurse counterparts. Nun Harpies will sometimes going around their daily business and will assist anyone they can. Though to a less extend then Nurse Harpies.
Profile Harpy Race Species Part 4
Another Profile on the Harpy Species Part 4. This one you may or may not like either way I hope you enjoy. Bye. See ya soon.
Two Worlds Uncharted 2 Part 2

(South America Sothern Atlantic Ocean/Drake walking across the beach/Camera follows behind him/Walking while holding his arm)

(Coughs/Sound of the waves crashing)

Drake, What the hell happened. (Noise from above/Looking up)

(A large piece of debris falling fast/Screams/He makes a mad dash away as the large piece slams into the beach and bounce violently towards him/Loud booming rumbling)

(Drake leaps forward as the debris bounces right over him/Missing him by inch only to slam loudly into the ground/Drake getting up)

Drake, (Weak laughing) Holy shit.

(He arches his way from the beach to the forest/Sitting down by a tree/Pulling out his cellphone/Unable to find a signal)

Drake, Shit. (Puts it away) Ok. I've been in worse situations before. Nothing new.

(Stands up and looks around)

Drake, Course I've always have a back up plan. (Sighs) This blows.

(He continues into the forest/Ambient forest noise/Drake moving through the Rainforest)
(Climbing up a tree to get a signal on his Cellphone/Beeping noise)

(As he trails the Forest/Reaching a rocky wall/He climbs up it/Grunting)

Drake, Up we go. (Camera focus upwards towards the sky as Drake jumps to one rocky placement/Grunting/He slips and falls for a bit only to catch the next one)

(Sigh of relief/Continuing to climb up/Reaching the top of the rocky wall/The camera focus on the ground/Tire tracks)

Drake, (Checking them) Fresh tire tracks. Which means they went pass not to long ago.
      Where there's tracks that means people. Most likely the authorities who saw the
      Airliner go down.

(He follows the tracks/Pushing back some bushes/The tracks lead to a hidden very large Military Base/As the camera pans the entire base/Distant alarm noise)

Drake, Whoa. A Military Base way out here. They must have a phone somewhere in there.
      Wait a minute.

(Pulling out his binoculars/He focus on the Military Soldiers all dressed in black and dark fatigues high tech equipment including M-14 Carbines and FN-SCAR Rifles/Wearing a La Muerte Symbol on the side)

Drake, Oh no. I recognize that uniform. That's one of Carlos Navarro men. This is there
       Secret Base.

(The camera pans across the base/Carlos Navarro the younger brother of Atoq Navarro can be seen walking across with a squadron of his men)

Drake, Damn it. Of all the places to wind up to it had to be this one.

(Drake goes low then slowly crawls through the bushes/However he winds up in front a patrolling guard/He looks up only to be bunt in the face)

(From Drake POV/He slowly opens his eyes as he's being dragged/Groans/Out of focus shots of Soldiers walking past/Until they come to a stop where Drake regains his sight)

Carlos's voice, Well well. (As they stand him up) Mr. Drake. It's been a long time since
               our paths crossed is it not?
Drake, Not long enough asshole.

(One of the Soldiers bunts his in the stomach with the end of his gun/Blow landed)
(Drake coughing up some blood/Gasping for air)

Carlos Navarro, Please, Please no violence Mr. Drake here is our guest. So tell my Mr.
               Drake. Why did you come here? And more importantly how did you find this
Drake, I(trying to catch his breath) I wasn't looking for you. I was in an in a plane
Carlos, Plane crash? What plane crash.

Soldier, Sir, There was a report that a large Airliner crashing about 30 miles from here.
             No survivors.
Carlos, Except for Mr. Drake here. Well that answers one question. One question remains
       how did you find this place.
Drake, I followed the tracks here.

Carlos, I see. Well Mr. Drake your out of luck. You've found my Base. But I'm afraid I
       can't let you leave. You know where we are and I can't have that.
Drake, So kill me and get it over with.

Carlos, Oh no Mr. Drake. Not yet. I think I'll let you rot in my prison until I figure
       out what to do with you. And who else knows about this Base. Take him to the
       Holding Cells.

(Drake looks up/Another guard about to bunt him)

Drake, Oh no not again. (Blow landed/Groaning/Dragging Drake away)

Soldier, What shall we do with him?

Carlos, Leave him in the Holding Cells until tomorrow. Then we'll kill him. I've got an
       errand to run. Make sure you keep your eye on him.
Soldier, Yes Sir.

(Carlos goes off into the distance/Loud clanging bang/Drake finds himself in a rusted moldy old cell)

Drake, Great. A fine mess I've got myself. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. What
      else can go wrong?

(Outside the Base/Camera pans to the forest/Rumbling noise/Something with piercing glowing eyes pears into the camera/Low rumbling growl/As the eyes narrow)

                 (The End)
Two Worlds Uncharted 2 Part 2
Well I think Drake said it best out of the frying pan and into the fire. Will Drake be able to escape Carlos's Secret Military Base? Or something else is waiting to happen? All this and more in Two Worlds Uncharted 2 Part 3. To find out. And I said before and I'll say it again. It's good to be back. Bye
Two Worlds Uncharted 2 Part 1

        (The Uncharted Theme playing/The Title Screen appears then fades out)

(South American The Amazon Rainforest South Atlantic Ocean/Night Time/Nathan Drake washed up on the beach to the Forest/Camera closes in on Drake's face/Groans/He begins to stir)

(He slowly wakes up/Opening his eyes/Looking around then slowly getting to his feet/Coughs) (Groans)

Drake, (Groggy) Where am I? (Looking behind seeing the debris from a Airliner) Oh yeah.
      Now I remember.

(He walks up the beach/Coughs/Camera follows/Unhooking the parachute/He staggers trying to keep his balance/He looks around/Not a person for miles/Pulls out a radio but it's busted)

Drake, Crap. (Throws it away) (Camera pans upwards as something with wings flies over head)

(Drake walks towards the camera)

        (Five Hours Earlier)

(Austin Bergstrom International Airport Austin Texas)

(Drake and Sullivan walking down the corridor)

Sullivan, You sure about this Kid?

Drake, (Laughs) Relax Sully I'll be find. I'm only going on vacation. What could happen?

Sullivan, So your cool flying solo?

Drake, I'm find. I'm only going to Rio. Besides I promised Elena I would meet her there
      for our Second Honeymoon or Third. Plus I told Elena no treasure hunting.
Sullivan, Not after that crazy shit that went down last year.

Drake, Yeah so I deserve a break every now and then.

Sullivan, I can't talk you out of this?

Drake, Sully I'll be fine. What's the worst going to happen to me?

(Woman on PA System)

Woman, Flight 87 to Rio de Janeiro now boarding.

Drake, Well wish me luck Sully. I'm off to have a quiet treasure free vacation.

Sullivan, Alright see you when you get back Kid.

(Drake leaving to board his flight)

(The Airliner taking off/Flying over the Atlantic Ocean/Drake traveling in First Class)
(As he relaxes looking out the window/He pulls out his Note Book/Inside there's a picture of Him Elena and Sullivan in it along side a picture of just him and Elena)

(Sighs) (The Airliner flying through some clouds/Camera pushes back to get a wide shot of the night Sky)

(Drake looking out the window about to close his eyes/Camera switches to a POV perspective/Sound of wings flapping something casting a shadow over the clouds/Something big)

(Distant howling noise/Drake wakes up)

Drake, (Yawn) What was that? (Looking out the window again)

(A large and winged silhouette flashes with the lightning then disappears again/It cause Drake to wake up fully)

Drake, (Alarmed) Wait. What the hell was that? (Distant wailing/The people on board hear it too)

(He gets out of his seat/Sounds of loud flapping as the thing from it's POV flies towards the Airliner/Screeching howling/The Flying like humanoid silhouette slams into the Airliner)

(The Plane rocks with intense force/Loud banging and rumbling/Drake gets thrown back thrown to the wall/People screaming/The hit bouncing and shaking the plane/Drake bounces up and down as the people are ripped from their seats some are thrown against the wall some are knocked out/Screams/The Airliner buckles and shakes violently)

(Drake trying to get to his feet/The Flying Creature circles around then slams into the plane again/Drake screams/As he be knocked back and forth along with everyone else)

(Howling screeching/The Creature comes back again then rips a hole on the side of the door/Alarms going off/The tear on the side of the plane causes a fast moving suction)

(Causing people to be violently sucked out from the tear on the side/Drake holds on for dear life as the people behind him are being sucked outward/He tries crawl from sit to sit)

(Debris and stuff flying everywhere/Suddenly The Creature comes back and split in half the plane itself/Screeching howling/Drake is free falling from the plane some 37,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean)

(Screaming/Fallen debris all around him)

Drake, (Screaming) OH CRAP! (Screaming/Looking up as the Winged Creature flying above him)

(Screaming/Drake notices among the debris is a Parachute/He dives towards it while avoiding the debris/He extends his hand for it/Only inches closer/He grabs it)

(Screeching roar/The Flying Winged Creature who's form is feminine in shape and almost harpy like is flying towards as the camera pans over to the giant Flyer)

(Drake sees it coming/Screams/He quickly straps the Parachute on him in mid flight)

(Roars/He does a fast nose dive to avoid the Creature that barely missed him with it's claw talon as the camera from below follows Drake/Drake watches the Airliner going down and crashes somewhere in South American/Distant explosion)

(Going down fast/Looking up the Winged Creature is gone/He pulls the cord on the chute)

(He floats downwards while trying to avoid the debris at the same time/A few minutes later he hits the water/Loud splash/Drake flailing a little then grabs a hold of a piece of the Airliner and lays on it/Then passes out)

(The Ocean is calm and Drake still out cold floating/He reaches the beaches of Amazon Rainforest/He washes up ashore)


(Drake wakes up/Looking around/Getting up and walking across the beach/Coughs)
(The camera pushed away from him/As Something large flying above him/Low growling)

                   (The words Uncharted appear)

                     (The End)
Two Worlds Uncharted 2 Part 1
The First Story of the year. How's that for a Introduction? Well away Drake is somewhere off the coast of South American. Found out what happens in Two Worlds Uncharted 2 Part 2 to find out. I have to say it's nice to be back. Bye.


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Two Worlds One Story is more than just a crossover of Felarya and Solarius-Nargoth. It's a story about many connections to why the seperate worlds are so similiar. What going into Too much details. But it might answer some of the questions but that's up to the viewers whether or not me. Whether the story is canon or not it's all up to you the viewers. Although there's one people on Deviantart who doesn't like my Soloarius-Nargoth. But I wont mention him. But for the rest of you. Enjoy. Thank you.
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