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Profile The Wolf of Nazarak

Name Unknown (Known as The Wolf Nazarak)
Aliases The Spirit Wolf The Wolf of Nazarak The Ancient Wolf Lobo of Nazarak
Height Various (Stands over 60 feet to 100 feet)
Race Ancient Spirit Wolf
Skin Color Blue Silver
Eye Color Grey Blue
Fur Color Bluish Silver

Info, The Wolf of Nazarak is a mysterious and incredibly powerful Entity from the World of
Nazarak. Very little is known about The Wolf. His origins are a complete mystery. What is
known that The Wolf of Nazarak is a Ancient Being who's been around possibly from the Pre
First-Age or First Age of Solarius-Nargoth.

Another thing to mention The Wolf belongs to a group of Ancient Spirit Animals. Two other
extremely powerful beings belong in this category. Which includes Areion The Wise the
Ancient Spirit Horse and Nermanian The Winged Lion. The Wolf of Nazarak is probably the
most mysterious.

What role or reason for The Wolf of Nazarak presence in Solarius-Nargoth. It's unclear.
One thing was stated that The Wolf did have crossed path with both Areion and Nermanion.
What took place between them is currently unknown. Because of this meeting between them
which lead to the decision for The Wolf to remain in Solarius-Nargoth. Some rumors that
the return (Though not conformed) of Inari The Dark One. As The Wolf has interaction with
Inari The Dark One. Which caused Inari to despise The Wolf.

The whereabouts of The Wolf of Nazarak currently in Solarius-Nargoth is unknown. What is
possibly that long ago that before Inari The Dark One. The Werewolf Race worshiped The
Wolf as their personal deity. Whether or not they still worship The Wolf of Nazarak is
yet to be seen.


The Wolf of Nazarak is a incredibly powerful being. One of the strongest in Solarius
Nargoth. However the true level of his power isn't recorded yet. Since we know very little
about The Wolf and the full extend of his powers. It's said that his mere presence in the
World of Solarius-Nargoth. Caused great turmoil in the Werewolf community. The Followers
of Inari feared a confrontation between the two immensely powerful Entities. Which means
that are still Worship The Wolf of Nazarak over Inari The Dark One. But he's powerful to
give Winged Humans a run for their money.
Profile The Wolf of Nazarak
Profile on The Wolf of Nazarak. Hope you enjoy. Bye.
It's Finally Over

Sorry for not posting anything. But I'm finally done. I've taken care all my personal
business including finally getting my computer completely fixed of all bugs problems
virus that's been plaguing my computer for two years. But I've over now.

No more problems. I can finally focus on my storylines again. I'm back for GOOD. So expect
to see more Two Worlds Tales of Solarius-Nargoth and a new Segment Second Story.

So you for those who wonder why I've been taking so long. It's done. No more distractions.
no more virus bugs or problems. Time to finish what I started six years ago.

So yeah. Join me in Two Worlds FNAF Part 4. Bye.
It's Finally Over.
Description is in the box. It's good to be back for good. See you soon. Bye.
Profile The Tamarian Race

Threat Level 5 to 7
Size 6 to 100 feet

Info, The Tamarian Race (Also Monkey People/Monkey Girls) are a race of Half Human Half
Monkey Humanoids that are descended from both humans and ape like humanoids that once
existed sometime during the Age of Solarya. Tamarians first appeared during the Pre-First
Age of Solarius-Nargoth. In fact Tamarians are one the oldest races in Solarius-Nargoth.
(Somewhere around 12,000,000,000 or 13,000,000,000 BDI or Before the Death of Inari)

As mentioned above. Tamarains are humanoids or humans with monkey like characteristics.
But most of them have large monkey like tails that come in shades of red brown black and
are prehensile acting like a third arm. Some Tamarians have certain patches of fur on
their arms legs Male Tamarians have thick hairy fur like hair on their chest necks groin.
Female Tamarains have very little body hair but sometimes on their legs or arms. Some
times have white fluffy fur around their neck legs ankles and wrist. Some don't have fur
at all and just have a monkey tail.

Some Tamarians have anthropomorphic live characteristics or hybrid like appearance.
Tamarians spend most of their life high in the canopy tops and trees of Jungles and
Forest. However a lot have accustomed to modern society. Living in the Urban Jungles so
to speak. Tamarians are incredibly powerful race. have spend much of their focusing their
natural Strength Speed Agility Reflexes they are prolific and seasoned Martial Arts.
Training in various forms of combat. A Tamarians are one of the most skilled fighter in

A Tamarian who trains daily and improving and homing their intelligence speed agility
power can achieve high levels of strength. Some Tamarians have also mastered Energy Air
Wind Manipulation or even Weather Manipulation. Some of the strongest have been able to
go toe to toe with predatory creatures and have challenged very powerful Winged Humans
to combat.

Tamarians are highly social race they interact with anyone both predator and prey. And are
highly respected for that. Seeing that unlike most ape social groups live in a more human
life style instead of a Matriarch or Patriarch fashion or in better terms there are no
Alpha Males or Alpha Males they more closer towards the Human ancestors then their Ape
Ancestors. Living more like human family would as opposed to what is consider primate
society. However depending on the Tamarian they will often keep to themselves high above
the trees and away from the problems of the world below them. Now that doesn't mean they
are xenophobic or anything they just don't like getting involved with conflicts that does
not pertaining to them.

Explained above Tamarians interact with virtually anyone and will often go out of their
way to feed their curiosity when the mood strikes them. Now interactions between Humans
and Tamarians is great actually. They interact with no problems or discrimination at all
we some do but who cares about those douchmonkeys(You see what did there) Anyway. Well
why shouldn't they after 80% of their genetic makeup comes from humans so why should they
get along with them. Now Winged Humans on the other hand they like many other races do
have a unnerving presence around them. Some Tamarians are afraid of them. But that's
few and far between. It's a more of because of their tremendous power most Tamarians can
sense their monstrous power and can be a little intimidated by them but most majority of
Winged Humans (Outside Hitler The Winged Nazi Dr. Vinentus and uh oh almost spoiled it)
(While get back to the last individual later) are friendly towards them and don't mean
any harm.

Also on a side note Tamarians because of their appearances pertaining to Monkeys have
often been called the Saiyans of the Solarius-Nargoth Universe. Which to them is amusing
and flattering although if you ask a Tamarian what a Saiyan is they'll most likely don't
know. However like Saiyans they been known to wrap their tales around their waste when
trying to look normal but unlike Saiyans unless trained a Tamarian's tail isn't their
weakness. Another thing they can't transform into a giant ape or turn into a golden hair
warrior of unimaginable power. That is both physically and biologically impossible from
them. Which they find the concept silly to them.

However instead of a giant ape form they have what I called Berserker Sex Rage. Where
Saiyans transforming into giant ape like mindless monster. Tamarians turn into mindless
Sex Monster on a near unstoppable Sex Rave that can lay waste to most men and female.
Which is bad in it's own right.
Profile The Tamarian Race
Profile on The Tamarian Race. Hope you enjoy. I'll see you later for more FNAF. Bye.
Two Worlds FNAF Part 3

(Boston Massachusetts/McFarland's Diner)

(Camera pans down towards them walking/Close up of Constantine/His eyes catches sight of)
(something to the left just out of view/Camera switches to a room with a book sitting)
(On the desk/The words Ritual sends a red flag/Constantine continues along with Mr.)

Mr. McFarland, I'll show you the Security Control Room.

Constantine, You have a Security Room?

Mr. McFarland, Yes we do. My father had it installed some 10 years ago because we got
              robbed by one of our employees. Stole over 3,000 dollars in cash.
Constantine, That's harsh.

Mr. McFarland, So we decided to get a security system. I had updated with current gen

(The Door with the words Security Control Room/He unlocks the door/Opening door to a)
(White Room with high-tech systems with large monitors with real time imagine)
(The Monitors are set on several rooms including the Main Stage Room Pirate's Cove)
(The Back Door The Front Door The Kitchen Room/The Office Room The Parking Lot)

MR. McFarland, We've been using the latest Real Time Operating System. Sending us data in
              crystal clear imagining. Audio System is HD. One can see and hear even if
              your not on the monitor. We've also got Thermal and Night Vision and
              Ultraviolet Optical Systems.
Constantine, (Whistles in impressiveness) Your on top your A game. Did you review the
            footage on what happened to the Security Guard?
Mr. McFarland, Yes I watched and I was deeply disturbed by what I saw.

Constantine, Can I watch it?

Mr. McFarland, Ok. But you wont like what you'll see.

(McFarland replays the footage)

(The camera shows what happened to the Security Guard hiding behind the Divider Wall)
(He hides from the moving shadow then most past the camera then continues)

(He comes out of hiding then rounds the corner/We get to see what Animatronic killed the)
(Security Guard/He stands in the frame of the Hallway/The large framed figure behind him)
(The Figure turns out to be Freddy Fazbear towering menacingly behind The Guard as his)
(eyes glow silver then red/The Guard turns around seeing Freddy/Freddy picks up The)
(Security Guard/Lifting him three feet off the floor)

(He carries The Security Guard as Guard kicking frantically/The three sets of silver eyes)
(below to from the left to the right Foxy Chica and Bonnie watching from the room as)
(Freddy walks past them carrying the Security Guard/Freddy reaching the back door)

(As they watch with intensity/Freddy stands in front of the Garbage Bin/With a quick)
(twist of the man/Snapping sound/Freddy just snapped the neck of The Security Guard)
(His lifeless body dangles from Freddy's large/Freddy laughs in haunting echo)
(He throws his body into the Garbage Bin/He walks then stops and stares at the camera)
(with silver eyes and unflinching expression/The camera statics then goes black)

Constantine, And that's where the Police found his body?

McFarland, That's why I wanted your help. I need you to the investigate and monitor the
          system. I want to know that my fears are unfounded. That Freddy and his crew
          aren't responsible for a string of murders.
Constantine, You mean...

McFarland, This isn't the first time this happened. At first I didn't want to believe it
          was them. I don't know what happening to our Diner but I believe it is super
          natural in nature.
Constantine, When did you know that suspect something was wrong?

McFarland, About a couple years ago. Our employees reported unexplained events happening
          in the Diner. I don't know what's really going on but I believe it's more than
          just the Animatronics. This thing might be bigger than I completely understand.
Constantine, I see. Well I glad you'd called me. Me and my friends will do everything in
            our power to fully understand on the events that are haunting your Diner.
McFarland, Thank you.

(Both shaking hands as McFarland walks out of the room/Chas and Cat Sith entering)

Chas, So how do you wanted to handle this?

Constantine, We'll play it by ear. Something tells me there's more to this than meets
            the eye.

(With him saying that he looks into the Monitors/Seeing Freddy Bonnie and Chica staring)
(back at him through the camera as if they see them in the Security Control Room)
(Constantine watches them with stern serious expression)

            (The End)
Two Worlds FNAF Part 3
With everything in place now comes the really tough part. Things are about to go done. Or as they say Shit about to get real. Find out if Constantine and friends can survive Five Nights At Freddy's. Find out in Two Worlds FNAF Part 4. Now we start the Night. See you later.
Two Worlds FNAF Part 2

(Boston Massachusetts/McFarland Diner/Pizzaria)

(Constantine and Chas standing a few away from The large McFarland Diner)

Chas, So what this about again?

Constantine, Mr. McFarland wants me investigate his Diner is haunted by which are as
            he stated possessing his real life Animatronics he based off FNAF.
Chas, FNAF? What's FNAF?

Constantine, From what he explained. It's called Five Nights At Freddy. It's a very
            popular Indy Video Game Franchise. The franchise was created by one man.
            name Scott Cawthon.
Chas, What it's about?

Constantine, From what he explained it's a horror game. You play as a Night Security
            Guard. Your job is to survive Five Nights At Freddy Restaurant while killer
            Animatronic are trying to kill you by stuffing you in a costume or Fred Bear
Chas, Charming.

Constantine, What's the matter? Not much of a gamer?

Chas, I'm not much of a gamer. I don't have enough time to play video games. What about
Constantine, Sorry mate. Never grew up during the video gaming age. We didn't have video
            games in my day.

(Another car drives up next to them/The owner Jason McFarland getting out/Along with Cat)
(Sith still in human form)

Mr. Farland, Welcome I glad you came. I want to show you around get the layout of the
            building. To get a better situation of what's happening here.

(He reaches for his keys/Walking up the steps/Constantine Chas and Cat Sith behind him)
(As he unlocks the door/Constantine catches a quick glimpse of white eyes watching from)
(one of the windows/Door unlocking/McFarland smiles then pushes the door open)

McFarland, Well Welcome to McFarland Diner Restaurant.

(From the perspective from the camera/The Diner is beautiful/Very modern classic well)
(constructed Restaurant/The vinyl coloration and decoration is second to know a near Art)
(Deco Interior Design/The Columns that reach up to the ceiling/The Tables and Chairs are)
(highly fancy design you find a four star restaurants/With HD High Definition Flat Screen)
(TVs built into the walls and ceiling of the Diner with a large kitchen in the backrooms)
(Very large Diner Table Setting/Its a combination of old and new classic and modern)

(He spared no expanse on the remodeling of the Diner compared to his father/Constantine)
(Whistles impressively)

Constantine, I must say I'm impressed. When did you have this place remodeled.

McFarland, A couple of months ago. My father's last wish before he died was to make the
          Diner the way you wanted to.
Constantine, Classy Mate.

(McFarland looks towards the Divider Wall and stares down the crossway)

(McFarland gesture to them)

McFarland, Follow me I'll take you to them. (Camera switches to the cross hallway)
(Going down the more almost eerie corridor with the light blinking/On the wall are)
(drawings and pictures of children interacting with the Freddy Fazbear and Crew)

McFarland, I had this part the Diner recreated to look as similar to the Freddy Fazbear
          Pizzaria. It's not quite what the game portrayed but it's the next best thing.

(He stops in front of the camera then turns to them/He with a serious look on his face)

McFarland, They are in there.

(The Main Stage Room/Constantine Chas and Cat Sith entering the Main Stage Room)
(The Main Stage Room is very large and wide with several large tables and chairs)
(Its a place for Birthday Parties/Looking around the Room/Constantine cast his view)
(towards the camera/From his POV his sees the large Main Stage)

(There in the center of the stage stands three large Animatronics that are close to or)
(at seven feet/From the light to the right/The First Animatronic is Bonnie The Bunny)
(A lavender colored with white parts on his face stomach and ears/He has black eyebrows)
(white sclera with pinkish irises and black pupil/He wears a red bowtie)

(In his hand is a Electric Guitar in red coloring with jagged edges/He in a position to)
(break into a song/His gaze stares into space not looking in any general direction)

(On the right is a Yellow Animatronic is Chica The Chicken with orange feet wearing a)
(bib with the words Let's Eat/She also have black eyebrows and same color eyes/In her)
(left hand is a plate with a Animatronic Cupcake with eyes on them giving a unsetting)
(appearance/Her position also is fixed gazed straight forwards into space)

(Constantine looks at the center of the Stage)

(In the middle of Bonnie and Chica is the final large framed Animatronic/This is the main)
(Animatronic Freddy Fazbear/A large brown and light brown stomach/He wears a black bowtie)
(And a black Topper Hat/He like other have large eyebrows with broad wide jawline)
(His eyes are white with blue irises/Freddy is holding a Microphone in his right hand)
(Looking to break into a song/However Constantine stares at him the most as his eyes seem)
(to slightly looking down half closed and mouth a jarred)

(His gaze seems more focus the spaced out/Constantine getting a unnerving feeling from)

McFarland, Freddy Fazbear. Bonnie The Bunny and Chica The Chicken.

Constantine, You said you four of them. Where's the fourth one.

McFarland, That would be Foxy The Pirate. He's down to the hall to the left.

(Constantine walks past McFarland then down the hallway/John comes into frame a minute)
(later/Seeing a large circular purple curtains with stars on them/A sign on the bottom)
(right with the words Sorry Out of Order inscribed on it)

(Constantine goes up to the Curtains/He parts them in front of him is a large seven foot)
(tall Red Animatronic with tires and tatters/He dressed in Pirate clothing/Including an)
(eye patch over the right eye/His right hand replaced with a really sharp pirate hook)
(His long snout with a couple golden jagged teeth/His expression is cold and lifeless)

McFarland, Foxy The Pirate. Be careful. He's the most hostile and aggressive of the bunch.
          According to the games. A bit twitchy.
Constantine, And you made life size replicas of these things?

McFarland, I know. But I thought it was appropriate at the time.

Constantine, I think you've got too much free time on your hands.

(As they walk away as the camera pans away from Foxy/A noise out of frame/The curtains)
(moved back into place/A humming tune begins behind the curtain)

                (The End)
Two Worlds FNAF Part 2
Our heroes have now seen the four Animatronic Freddy Bonnie Chica and Foxy.  Can our heroes survive Five Nights At Freddy's or will they
be stuffed into a Freddy Fazbear suit. Find out in Two Worlds FNAF Part 3.  See you real soon. Bye.


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Ronnie Sanders
United States
Current Residence: Dayton Ohio
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I don't know
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Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog
Personal Quote: Black is beautiful
Two Worlds One Story is more than just a crossover of Felarya and Solarius-Nargoth. It's a story about many connections to why the seperate worlds are so similiar. What going into Too much details. But it might answer some of the questions but that's up to the viewers whether or not me. Whether the story is canon or not it's all up to you the viewers. Although there's one people on Deviantart who doesn't like my Soloarius-Nargoth. But I wont mention him. But for the rest of you. Enjoy. Thank you.
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