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Profile Lucifer Morningstar

Name Lucifer
Aliases Lucifer Morningstar The Devil Satan Prince of Darkness Angel of Darkness The Beast
Age Ageless
Species Fallen Archangel
Height (Varies)
Skin Color (Varies)
Hair Color (Varies sometimes black)
Height (Varies)

Info, Lucifer the second oldest Archangel next to his brother Michael. Lucifer was the most beloved Angel in all of Heaven's order. His grace and magnificent was above all other Angels. So much his holiness and light was beyond any sight to behold. He command a Third's Heavenly Angel Corps. Or Heavenly Order. He was regarded as the Light of Holy Power.

He was God personal favorite. However Lucifer had a dark side he kept to himself. It would not become present until much later. For the most part Lucifer was happy along side his brother and sisters. It wasn't until much later during the evolution of mankind(The Human Race) When God commanded all of the Heavenly Host to bow down to the newest creation to evolve the Human Race. Lucifer Seeing humans a nothing more than insects in his eyes and considered them inferior and flawed and weak. His dark side would slowly emerge. In time Lucifer would grow jealous of them and begin to hate all humans.

God commanded all the Angels to love and care for the Human Race as much as they love him. Lucifer in his arrogance openly refused to bow to down to an inferior race. He would seek help from his older brother Michael to convince God to change his mind. But Michael sided with God decesion in loving and worshiping the Human Race. In that moment Lucifer flung into a rage and openly stated he would never bow down to the Human Race.

He threats to destroy the Human Race in order to retore Gods love for them. Lucifer wasn't the only Angel who agree with him. Soon the Third of Heavenly Order didn't want to bow to Humans and decide to join and side with Lucifer. Lucifer decided he would fight God for the fate of the Mankind. He along with his fellow Angels waged a battle against the Forces of God. Which would later be called The War of Heaven.

The War of Heaven lasted for a very long time nearly wiping out most of the Heavenly Order. Finally Lucifer's Army was defeated and cast out of Heaven forever. God commanded Archangel Michael to cast out Lucifer from Heaven for all eternity never to return.

Lucifer now on Earth would take the form of a Snake and temp Adam and Eve to eat the Forbidden Fruit. This is act God would create the dimension called Hell where God would banish Lucifer and his Fallen Army with him.

At some point Lucifer has manifested in Solarius-Nargoth. When and where this happen is unknown. However what is known to few that Echidna or Ashanti Mumbiya is a descendant of Lucifer's bloodline.


Lucifer being the second oldest Angel of the Second Generation. He is one of the strongest beings in existence. Second only to his Brother The Archangel Michael and third to God.

Omnipotence, Lucifer is extremely powerful with near limitless power. Even being cut off from Heaven his power after all these years is strong. He can do virtually anything outside power of existence. The full extent of his power is unknown.

Matter Manipulation, Lucifer cAN control all forms of matter. Reshaping entire cities to ash. Conjure objects from out of nothing. Turn lakes into gold. animate inanimate objects.

Weather Manipulation, Lucifer can control all forms of weather on a planetary level. Ranging from thunderstorms to full scale hurricanes. His mere presence in area can cause the temperature to drop several degrees. Blacking out the Eastern Seaboard.

Possession, Lucifer can mainfest by possessing a body of a person. He doesn't require the premission of the individual in order to possess them.

Hellfire Manipulation, Lucifer can wield generate and control Hellfire or Mystical Fire. He can burn a person soul with a mere flicker of his finger. He can reduce entire cities to smoldering ash in seconds and can even kill other Angels with this power.

Near Omniscience, Lucifer is funtionally almost all knowing. He hold a tremendous knowledge of many things throughout the universe.

Flight, Lucifer can fly anywhere and nowhere in a matter of seconds.
Two Worlds The Door Part 12 The Uncharted Act 1

(Peten Basin/Jungle noise/Sounds of running as Drake and Sullivan are moving through the Jungle)

Sullivan, How far is this Mayan Temple?

Drake, Not far. (Jumping on a wine and climbing up the tree)

(Drake reaches the top/Looking around/The L3 icon appears/He looks in the direction of the icon/Seeing the Abandoned Mayan Temple in the distance)

Drake, There's the Temple.

Sullivan, How far?

Drake, About a mile from here. (Drake climbing down/Drops down)

(As they cross a large space/Distant gunfire/Voices yelling/Drake and Sullivan looking to the left they see Jak with Daxter riding own his shoulder/Open firing on the Humanoid Slime Creatures as they pursue them)

Daxter, Jak! Look out!

Jak, Let's get out of here! (Jak pulls out his Hoverboard and rides away while firing at them)

Drake, Who were those guys?

Sullivan, No idea.

(They continue onwards/More distant Gunfire/They run towards it)

Man voice, Look out. (Gunfire) To your left.

Girl Voice, I got this.  (More gunfire/They pear over the edge/Joel and Ellie holding their ground again the Slime Creature/Joel throws a grenade/Explosion/Slime Creature howling/As they make a dash from the Creatures giving chase/Drake and Sullivan watching this)

Sullivan, More people out here? What are they doing here?

Drake, Come on.

(Jump down from the edge with the camera following them/They can see the Temple in the distance)

Drake, We're almost there.

(A little further down and they see Crash Bandicoot Spin attack one of the Slime Creatures/Aku-Aku tribal noise as they past on by/Drake really confused)

Drake, Okay what the hell is with this Jungle?

(The ambient sounds of the Jungle grow dead silent again)

Drake, We're getting closer to the Temple.

Sullivan, How can you tell?

Drake, Listen. Here that? Absolute silence. We are almost there.

(The area around them shrouded in a thick mist like fog/Drake and Sullivan climb over the ridge seeing the Abandoned Mayan Temple/Some of the Humanoid Slime creature moving away from the Temple/Both climbing down very carefully and quietly so is not to disturb the Slime Creatures)

(Hiding behind a large statue/Camera focus on the Female Humanoid Slime Creature/She around after hearing a noise then for a second she slithers away/They make their move/Going past them slowly and going up the stairs/Inside the Temple walking over the dead Mayan bodies)

Sullivan, Where to kid? (He points in down the Corridor)

Drake, Down that corridor. We better hurry.

(Going down the Corridor/Seeing the Hidden Pathway with Stairs/Taking their time down the stairs not to make any noise/Reaching the bottom/Camera switches to them reaching the Hidden Corridor/They run down towards the end of the Hallway/Drake looks up as the camera switches to the open Doorway with mist coming out of it)

Drake, There it is. The Door. (Arriving at the Door)

Drake, Got the mirror. (Sullivan pulls out the mirror from his pocket)

(Drake turns to the page with the incantation on it)

Drake, Ok here goes nothing.

Sullivan, You sure you know what your doing it?

Drake, No idea. But that's never stop me before. I improvise.

(Sullivan holds up the mirror/Drake reads the words in the mirror)

Drake chanting the Incantation in reverse/The Slime Creature sensing the words being spoken/Slime Creatures howling/As they going back inside the Temple)

(Howling and screaming in the distance/Hearing them coming)

Sullivan, Read faster. (Deep rumbling noise from within)

(Within the space inside the Door/A massive Eye manifest staring down Drake and Sullivan/Low rumbling growling/Drake somewhat shaken continues)

(Chanting faster/Screaming howling/Sullivan looks up as the Slime Creatures oozing through the walls of the Temple/They ooze through the floor as they block the Stairway)

(They come towards them/Chanting continues/Camera pov/Zooming closer towards them)

(Drake finishes the last of the incantation/He looks up/They stop inches away from them)

(The Humanoid Slime Creatures screaming/As their bodies begin to fade away/Revealing people underneath them/Loud rumbling booming/As the Door begins to close/Drake sees the massive Eye watching him then a big toothy grinning smile as The Door comes downwards)

(Slamming down with a thunderous boom/Outside the Temple is the Mayan Girl she stares at the Temple/As her body begins to fade)

Mayan Girl, (Unearthly voice) I'll be back. (Giggling echoing/As she fades out of existence/People in Panama City waking up and getting to their feet/Chattering)

(Carlos Navarro walking around seeing no more Slime Creatures/One of his Soldiers come up to him)

Soldier, Everything seems back to normal sir. Nathan Drake I still out there. Should we
        go after him?
Carlos Navarro, No. He and I will meet again. And this time it's for keeps. Everyone back
               to base. We're out of here.

(Switching to the Abandon Mayan Temple/Drake and Sullivan slumped over tired)

Drake, Whew. Let's never do this again.

Sullivan, Yeah some mysteriously are best left forgotten.

(Minutes later/Drake setting the last of the C4 on the entrance of the Temple)
(He pushes the bottom/Explosion/Destroying the entrance to the Temple/Debris falling)

Drake, Great now no one will ever enter this place again or unleashes the Terrible Ones
      from their imprisonment.
Sullivan, Amen to that.

Drake, Funny. Despite all this time. We didn't find any treasure.

Sullivan, Well I wouldn't say we didn't. (Sullivan uncovers a box full of Mayan Gold Treasure)

(Drake laughing)

Drake, Sully you sly son of a bitch. Where did you find that?

Sullivan, You'll be surprised what you can find in an Ancient Mayan Temple.

(Laughing/Picking up the Treasure/Both walking away/Watching from distance is Brandon Winchester)

Brandon, Hm. You did good boys you did good.

(Brandon sprouts out four large white wings and a tail/Turns out Brandon Winchester is a Winged Archangel Human/He flaps his wings and flies off into the sky)

            (The End)

      (Ending credits)

        Voice Talents

Nolan North Voice Nathan Drake and Brandon Winchester

Richard McGonagle Voice Victor Sully Sullivan

Emily Rose Voice Elena Fisher

Roger Craig Smith Voice Carlos Navarro and Soldiers

Mayan Girl Voice Tara Strong

Mark Erwin Voice Jak

Max Casella Voice Daxter

Troy Baker Voice Joel

Ellie Voice Ashley Johnson

             Thank You for Watching Two Worlds The Door.
        Naughty Dog Characters Uncharted Crash Bandicoot Jak and Daxter The Last of Us.
Two Worlds The Door Part 12 The Uncharted Act 1
And finally the last chapter to this Story. The threat of the Ancient Slime are gone for now but one day this will return. Anyway thank you for watching Two Worlds The Door Part 12 The Uncharted Act 1. Coming Soon Two Worlds Act 2. Bye. Have a Happy Halloween. Bye.
Two Worlds The Door Part 11 The Uncharted Act 1

(Panama City/Surrounded by flames/Drake tries to free Sullivan from the upside down car)
(The Mayan Girl watches them intently as she's waiting for something)

Sullivan, What the hell is she waiting for?

Drake, Almost like she's waiting for something.

(Shift to the Mayan Girl as she smiles/Eyes and mouth glowing/She jerks and sprouts out massive black tentacles with eyes on the ends/Low eerie laughs)

Drake, What in the hell? (Watching from Panama Viejo is Brandon through a high powered Sniper Scope/Custom made for him)

Brandon, Blimey. Wait I've seen this before. Echidna informed me of Gaia-Nexus had
        tentacles like that.

(The Mayan Girl walking closer towards Drake and Sullivan/Drake tries to pull Sullivan out quickly/Her shadow creeps up on them/Distant Gunshot)

(The camera catches glimpse of a fast moving bullet/The bullets pierces through her head straight shot/Eyes widen as the bullet explodes/Explosion/Engulfing The Mayan Girl)
(Inhuman screaming)

(Suddenly a bright light appears above them/It comes down/Wings flapping in a flash of light Drake and Sullivan are gone)

(Drake and Sullivan opens their eyes as they find themselves at the Pasion River)

Sullivan, How the hell did we get here?

Drake, Last thing I remember was a bright light. Anyway. Let's hurry.

Sullivan, Hold on. Just how are we going to close that Door.

Drake, Something tells me the answers lie in Dr. Standford's Notebook. With these we can
      shut The Door again. This time for good. Come on.

(Drake asking a Fisherman can they borrow his Boat/He agrees and shows them the Boat)
(Drake takes the wheel as Sullivan with gun in hand stands watch)

(Going down the River/Jungle noises)

Sullivan, Kid you alright? You've been awfully quiet.

Drake, I was just thinking about our previous adventures. It always seems that no matter
      what we've always come out ahead. Only now I feel that I think we've way over our
      heads. I don't know what to think now. So much has happen. It's hard to keep track
      of everything.
Sullivan, It's our shitty luck. I told you nothing in our line of work is every easy.
         Hell. Out of all the weird shit we've dealt with in the past. This has got to
         be weirdest adventure yet.
Drake, Well let's try not to make a habit out of it. Between the creepy Slime Creatures
      and Navarro's brother gunning for our heads things can't get any worse.

(Passing by a familiar place)

Drake, We're almost there get ready.

Sullivan, Have you figured out how to close the Door yet?

(Glances at the Notebook with the page of the ancient spell incantation)

Drake, Not yet. Still trying to figure that part out. (On closer inspection)

Drake, Wait.

Sullivan, What? (Drake searches through his backpack then pulls out a mirror)

(He views the words in the mirror)

Drake, Of course that's the key?

Sullivan, Nate?

Drake, Remember what that guy said? The answer lies in the mirror. Sully the incantation
      spell to closing The Door is reading the spell backwards through a mirror.
Sullivan, Great, now that you figured that out now all we got to do is find away back to
         the Abandoned Mayan Temple. (Chuckles) Knowing our luck the place is crawling
         with those Slime Creatures.
Drake, Baby steps Sully. Anyway we're here.

(Returning to the place they docked before/Tying the boat down/Walking into the Jungle)

            (The End)
Two Worlds The Door Part 11 The Uncharted Act 1
The Final moment is at hand and our heroes race towards the Mayan Temple. Can Drake and Sullivan save the world again. Find out in our final part Two Worlds The Door Part 12 The Uncharted Act 1. Bye.
Two Worlds The Door Part 10 The Uncharted Act 1

(Panama City/Brandon Winchester walking towards them/Spitting out the bullet in his mouth)

Brandon, Evening gents.

Drake, Who in the hell are you?

Brandon, Sorry. For the delay. Echidna couldn't help you. But I was sent in her in place.

Drake, Wait slow down Echidna? Who's Echidna?

Brandon, Sorry friends can't talk now. Hurry to the Mayan Temple. The key to closing the
        Door is the spell of the mirror.
Drake, What spell.

Brandon, Hurry mate time to get to your destination. (As he walks past them)

(Wings flapping/They turn around to face him but he's disappeared)

Drake, Uh where did he go?

(Navarro climbing out the Tank/Drake and Sullivan take their leave quickly)

(Running over to a Car/Drake smashes the window/He unlocks it opening the panel underneath/Pulling out the wires)

Sullivan, Since when did know how to hotwire a Car?

Drake, I picked up a few new tricks. (Engine roaring) Let's get the hell out of here.

(Navarro watching them leave/Several Soldier on motorcycles show up and stop)

Navarro, Hunt them down.

(They take off after them/Tires screeching as the car speeding through the city)

(Camera follows the Soldiers on cycles chasing Drake and Sullivan/Cell phone ringing)
(Drake checks his Caller ID/Elena Fisher)

Drake, Crap. (Putting the phone to his ear) Elena hi you doing.

Elena, Hey Nate. I was calling about something I want to discuss with you. I need a second
Drake, Now's not the best time for this Elena.

Elena, Why? Is something wrong?

Drake, Wrong? Nothing wrong. We're all peachy.

(A bullet being fired comes through the back window and passes by Drake's head)

Drake, Shit.

Elena, Nate what was that? Is everything ok?

Drake, Everything fine just fine. (Distant gunfire)

Elena, Was that gunfire I heard?

Drake, Uh no?

Elena, (Serious) Nate? What's going on?

Drake, Well I'm in Panama City.

Elena, Why are you in Panama City?

Drake, Well uh. (Sign) Because I'm being chased by soldiers led by the brother of Atoq
      Navarro which he is hell bent on killing me while in the process of stopping
      a Doomsday Apocalyptic evil that was awaken from an Ancient Mayan Temple that
      nearly almost wiped out the Mayan Civilization 1200 years ago and it's reeking
      havoc in the city.

Elena, (Serious) What?

Drake, I know it's sounds crazy but.

Elena, Oh God Nate.

Drake, Hey now don't sound so upset. Me and Sully will fix this we always do.

Elena, Goddamn it Nate. I leave you alone for three days and all hell breaks loose. And
      as always your at the center of it.
Drake, Elena you have nothing to worry. This is me we're talking about here.

Elena, Now I am worried.

Drake, Elena don't worry. I'll fix I promise.

Elena, And if you don't?

Drake, Well I here Saturn is a nice place to live.

Elena, (Serious somewhat mad) Nate.

Drake, Only kidding. I talk to you later. Oh Sully says hi. (Hangs up the phone)

(Bullets flying through the back window)

Sullivan, Well got off easy.

Drake, (Scoffs) Just wait until I get home. I'll never hear the end of it.

(Soldiers put up a Blockade in front of them)

Drake, Hang on. (Drake makes a hard turn to the left avoiding the Blockade)

(A wide angle shot of Panama City/The scene switches to Panama Viejo/Camera with a slow close up shot of the building/Rumble of thunder/An outline silhouette of a figure with wings descending from above/Wings flapping/The Figure walks out from the shadows)

(The Figure is Brandon Winchester/He looks around then walks off)

(People running from the approaching dark slim coming towards them/The Mayan Girl from before watching the Soldiers driving past from below/She jumps then falls)

(As she descending/Drake sees her coming down and avoid/She comes down with a mighty thud)
(Sending a shockwave that knocks over both the soldiers and Drake and Sullivan/Screaming)

(Their car sent flying then crashing hard/Loud booming sound)

(A minute later the Car is flipped over with Drake crawling out) (Coughing)

Drake, Sully? Sully you ok?

Sullivan, I'm fine. But I trapped in my Seatbelt. (Drake getting up then goes over to sully)

Drake, Hang on I'm going to get you out of here? (Flames roaring)

(He looks towards the left/The Mayan Girl walks through the flames like it was nothing)

Drake, What in the hell?

(Her eyes and mouth glowing hot pink as she grins with an unearthly smile)

Sullivan, What do we do now?

Drake, Would you believe I don't know?

          (The End)
Two Worlds The Door Part 10 The Uncharted Act 1
Sullivan is trapped and Drake is trying to save him however The Mayan Girl appears. What happens next? Find out in Two Worlds The Door Part 11 The Uncharted Act 1 to find out. Jesus these title is long. Bye.
Coming Soon Project Seven

As stated above Project Seven is coming soon. Whether or not you'll like it. See you later.


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