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Two Worlds Nightwing Part 3

(Gotham City/Night Time)

(Camera pans across the entire city/Yumiko in Harpy form flying over the city as she)
(pushes away from the camera/A Warehouse/Penguin back hands/Smacking Nightwing in the)
(face he's tied up/He walks away smoking/Groans/Nightwing smiles)

Nightwing, Nice to see you Too Pengy.

The Penguin, You've got a lot of nerve pulling that stunt. Do you have any idea how
            much I invested in those weapons.
Nightwing, Well I would do the math but I don't have a calculator.

(Penguin punches him in the face/Grunts and groans)

The Penguin, Don't get cocky with me you little shit. Your going to pay with your blood
            for what you've done to me.
Nightwing, I'm all tears.

Penguin, (Growls) I should kill you right now. (Pointing a gun at him)

Nightwing, Will you?

Penguin, Yeah. That's right I can. Batman isn't here to save your ass. You Sidekick.

Nightwing, Again with the sidekick thing really?

Penguin, Enough of this. I'm going to kill you plain and simple. Without the Batman here.
        You wont escape this time.

(Windows starting to shudder/Windows shaking/Close up them shaking/Camera switches to)
(above the warehouse a snowstorm clouds forming above the city/Rumbles of thunder)

(Window shaking ever more violently/Penguin looking up along with his men/Camera pans)
(across all of them)

Penguin, What the hell is going on? (Nightwing seeing the lights flickering)

(Scene switches to all of Gotham/Suddenly the power shuts down across Gotham/The lights)
(in the warehouse goes off/Thugs yelling and chattering)

Penguin' voice, Get those lights on now. (Turning their attention to the warehouse doors)

(Warehouse doors shuddering and shacking/The men grabbing their weapons Penguin stares)
(at the door/The doors burst open knocking them off their hinges/Wind blowing)

(Wind blowing so hard knocking Nightwing down on the floor/Grunting/Hitting his head)
(Penguin and his men ready their weapons/A figure appearing by the doorway)

Penguin, Who the hell is that? Don't just stand there open fire.

(Nightwing lifting his head as his vision blurs/Seeing Penguin and his men firing upon)
(the figure/Gunshots and screaming/His vision fading the he passes out/Screaming fades)

(Gentle wind blows with small snow flakes/A close up of Nightwing/He starts to wake up)
(He looks up seeing the warehouse door open/Penguin and his men are nowhere to be seen)
(Gasp/Getting up walks around and notices everyone is gone/Bullet casing on the ground)

Nightwing, What happened here? And where did everybody go?

(Stepping outside/Gasp/Cameran pans to it snowing and already have covered the ground)

Nightwing, It's snowing. I don't remember the forecast about snow?

(He walks around/Scene transition to him walking the streets/He notices that the streets)
(are deserved/The streets are eerily quiet no signs of traffic or people anywhere and on)
(top of that all the power in the entire is down/Snow continues to fall)

(Nightwing is slightly unnerved just how dead silent is is/He gets on the Comlink)

Nightwing, (Radio) Alfred come in. Alfred come in. Alfred....(No response) Something's
          wrong. (A noise off screen/Nightwing looks off camera while looking up)

(The Horned Hooved figure standing op top a Store looking down at him while spreading its)
(large wings/Gasp)

Nightwing, WHAT THE HELL? (Backing up then going for his Shocker Sticks)

(Looking up again seeing the Horned figure is already gone/His eyes dart looking up)
(He pushes button on his belt/Vrooming/The Batcycle zooming then stops right next to him)
(Getting own/He drives off past the camera)

(Driving down streets noticing no one is out on the streets or traffic)
(Camera pans back a little showing Yumiko flying behind Nightwing unaware she's behind)
(him/Wings flapping/He sees his breath looks back she's already gone)

(Nightwing gasp/Camera zooming towards the Horned Hooved figure walking the streets)
(About to crash into it/Nightwing makes a hard turn swerve to the left/Tires screeching)
(Nightwing serves then flips over and over with Nightwing bouncing off then slams into)
(the ground/Groaning quietly/Then passes out/Sound of footstep coming)

(Close up of the Hooves walking towards the unconscious Nightwing/The figure's shadow)
(over Nightwing/The figure reaches then picks up Nightwing with one hand then throws)
(him over its shoulder and walking into the distance/Wind Howling)

           (The End)
Two Worlds Nightwing Part 3
The city is engulfed in snow and Nightwing is in the clutches of the Horned figure. What does this figure wants. Find out in Two Worlds Nightwing Part 4. To find out. See you later.
Tales of Solarius-Nargoth 2nd Thanksgiving Special

(Solarius-Nargoth/The Forbidden Forest East Side)

(Camera pans into Echidna and Aleena hiding behind some trees/Echidna sees the giant)
(sized Turkey pecking at the ground/Small clucking)

Echidna, There it is. (Laughs) Turkeyzilla.

Aleena, Turkeyzilla?

Echidna, Yeah it's our jobs to catch. For our Thanksgiving Feast I mean.

Aleena, I still we should have at least brought Lily with us.

Echidna, She said she was working on something. She didn't give specific details.
        So it's up to us. Well your up first.
Aleena, (Looks at Echidna) Huh? (Groans) fine.

(Walking past the camera then shifts to Cobra Naga form with her wings disappearing)
(She slithers slowly towards Turkeyzilla/From her POV seeing the giant Turkey)
(Aleena smiles then with quick movement she leaps out from the bushes)

Aleena, Your mine Turkeyzilla. (The Giant Turkey turns to face her in lightning speed)

(Lifting his foot/Aleena gasp/She gets kicked in the face hard/Loud booming/Camera pans)
(back/Screaming/Aleena flying through the air screaming past the camera/Which switches)
(to another angle with Aleena crash landing far into the distance)

Echidna, (With hand over her eyes) Hmm. I think we need a better approach.

(Minutes later/Echidna coming up with another plan/Aleena with bandages and wrap around)
(her face)

Echidna, Ok. Look check this out. Check this out. We dig a tunnel underneath then once
        were under Turkeyzilla then we grab him. Cool right?
Aleena, (Holding her face) Are you sure?

Echidna, Have I ever stirred you wrong?

Aleena, (Are you kidding look) Seriously?

(Aleena down into the hole digging while Echidna on top watching/Camera follows Aleena)
(as she travels underground/Digging sound/The Turkey looks down as the hole appears right)
(below him/Aleena sticks her head out looking both sides/The Turkey is behind her)

Aleena, Where did he go. (The Turkey pecking her in the head repeatedly/Yelling)

(Ok Attempt number 3/Aleena with more wraps and bandages and Echidna pacing back and)
(forth past the camera/While Aleena attending to her wounds)

Echidna, Ok that plan didn't work we've got to come up with another one.

Aleena, (Non Enthusiastic) Oh joy. What can you do to get my hurt now?

Echidna, I've got it. Here's what you do. (Whispering in her ear)

(Echidna looking up/Seeing a Plane fly past/Aleena dressed in Sky Diving Gear)
(She signals to the pilot/She jumps out as she dives down towards the ground/She comes)
(to the realization)

Aleena, Wait a minute! (Looking at the camera) Why am I doing this?

(The Turkey looking out seeing Aleena coming towards him from the sky/He thinks then)
(grabs a tree then walks out the frame/Buzz saw sound/He walks back into frame with a)
(super size Bat/Battering up/A close up of him swings the Bat/Aleena dives towards it)

(Loud booming/Screaming/Sent flying into the sky/Crashing into the plane/Both crashing)
(Into the mountain/Echidna raises her eyebrow)

Echidna, Well then on to Plan D.

(Echidna tapping her feet thinking while Aleena wearing a Neck Brace along with bandage)
(wraps holding her neck in pain)

Echidna, Well that plan was a bust but don't worry. I'm just getting started.

Aleena, Hold it. How come I'm doing all the heavy lifting and taking all the beating?
       So far I'm doing all the work and your doing nothing at all to help.
Echidna, But I am helping. I'm helping you coming up with plans on how to catch this
        Giant Turkey or Turkeyzilla.
Aleena, (She looks at her with a pouty face and crosses her arms) Yeah right. You just
        want me to do all the work while you take all the credit.
Echidna, That's not true. Look I'll tell you want I've got more trick up my sleeve. I
        promise this will work. Trust me.

(Aleena looks at her with an irritated look on her face/Groans the breaths out)

(A second later/The Turkey pecking at the ground/Aleena inches closers with a rope)
(she twirls it then throws it around the neck of Turkeyzilla/The Turkey turns his head)
(at Aleena)

Aleena, I've got you now. (The Turkey rolls its eyes while looking at the camera)

(Then it takes off at high speeds/Aleena gets yanked with it/Screams/Leaving her eyes)
(behind for a second/The Turkey running at tremendous speed zigzagging left to right)
(Aleena screams/As her gets slammed repeatedly into incoming trees/Bang boom bang)

(Her face gets slammed again and again while holding on/Her face collides with large)
(rocks knocking some of her teeth out/She grins in a daze/Then zooms off screen)

(The Turkey sees something then comes to a halt/Throwing Aleena off/She flies over the)
(Turkey then crashes off screen/Lily The Genius waiting with her hands on her hips stares)
(at Turkeyzilla/Echidna appears behind her with a grin/Lily pulls out a laser gun)

(She fires the Laser Gun at him/Blasting Turkeyzilla into smoked meat/Blows on her gun)

Echidna, Alright Lily you made it.

Lily, I would prefer it if you'd called me sooner. We could have avoided all this trouble.

Echidna, I know but I wanted to give it a shot myself catching it. Hey Aleena Lily caught

(Aleena laying on the ground half dazed with birds flying around her head with teeth)

Aleena, (Dazed) Hip hip hooray. (Groans/Out cold)

(An hour laters/Everyone eating at the table including Crisis Melany Vivian Misha Lilith)
(Tiamat/Aleena busted up and bruised sitting next to Echidna)

Echidna, All in a days work wouldn't you say Aleena?

Aleena, All in a days work my butt. I get beat up for nothing. You knew Lily was waiting
       for us didn't you?
Echidna, Of course not. What kind of friend I be putting you through all that mess. I mean
        it's not like I called her early and told her to wait for you...I mean us.
Aleena, I knew it! You did know. Why you...

Echidna, You can kill me later after our Thanksgiving Feast. And with that I say Happy
        Thanksgiving to all. Goodnight everybody.

              (The End)
Tales of Solarius-Nargoth 2nd Thanksgiving Special
I hope you enjoyed Tales of Solarius-Nargoth 2nd Thanksgiving Special. I know I did. Well that's it for now. I'll see you on the flip side.
See you later and Happy Thanksgiving. Bye.
Profile The Ethereal Celestial Race

Threat Level Varies
Size Varies

Info, The Ethereal Celestials are another race of Extraterrestial Beings type humanoids
comprised of Pure Energy. They wield near if not borderlines Cosmic Level powers. They
are worshiped as Cosmic Deities by many other Alien Species that inhabit The Solarius
Galaxy. Their first appearance in the Solarius Galaxy is unknown somewhere in the Pre-
First Age. Or 12,000,000,000 BDI. (Before The Death of Inari)

As stated above Ethereal Celestials are silhouetted like humanoids with black outer space
skin with star like spots o their bodies. They have a ethereal like celestial glow. With
long flowing energy tendril like hair. They have large expressive piercing eyes no known
nose to speak of. Sometimes they will smile with a eerie smile that can freak someone
out when they're smiling at you.

Ethereal Celestials being Pure Energy. They wield cast manifest extremely powerful and
tremendous near Cosmic Levels of Energy Manipulation. Which ranging from Energy Bending
Energy Manipulation Reality Manipulation Flight Levitation vast Matter Manipulation
Teleportation Dimensional Travel Dark Matter Energy Manipulation Anti-Matter Energy
Manipulation Celestial Energy Manipulation Limited Gravitation Manipulation Super Speed
Super Strength Shape Shifting Pyrokinesis and Psychokinesis.

It's not entirely clear where in the Solarius-Galaxy that Ethereal Celestial inhabit from.
There's a goo chance that they were born in the outer regions of space. A specific point
hasn't been categorize yet until a later date. Despite being Energy Beings the Ethereal
Celestial can interbreed with other races and will take on the characteristics of that
particular race. Ethereal Celestial are neither Abstract Or Ascension types. Which means
in laymen's terms they're not spiritual beings nor exist on a higher plane of existence.
They're grounded in reality nor are do they possess Omniscience or Cosmic Awareness.

Because they are worshiped by other races in the Solarius-Galaxy they've often seen as
Messiahs Deities Prophets Cosmic Beings or Cosmic Abstract Entities. However Ethereal
Celestials don't see themselves as such and mostly just roll with it why question a good

Ethereal Celestial have a long dark and violent history with Elder Gods. For those of you
who don't know what an Elder God is check out my previous Profile The Elder Gods for more
better description on them. Ethereal Celestials in the past have often clash with Eldritch
Monsters and consider them a galactic threat to everyone in the Cosmos. As there purpose
is similar to Ethereal Celestial being worked by many species in the Solarius-Galaxy with
much darker purposes. Which lead to a war in Solarian Space called the Galaxy Wars or if
you want another name for it the Star Wars if you will. Insert Jedi joke here.

Like many other Extraterrestial Races. Some Ethereal Celestials have made their home in
Solarius-Nargoth. And like many other before them don't like being referred to as Aliens.
In the stereotypical manner. Believing it's a derogatory term which they too find it
insulting to their nature. Since they're fascinated by humans and will mate with them.
This implies the same for Winged Humans also.
Profile The Ethereal Celestial Race
Another profile on The Ethereal Celestial Race. Hope you enjoy. See you later and don't miss the Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Thanksgiving
2nd Special. See you later and Happy Thanksgiving. Goodbye now.
Profile The Daimonian Race

Threat Level 4 to 6
Size 5 feet to 7 feet

Info, The Daimonians are an Extraterrestrial Race of Demon Humanoids. Or Space Demons.
Daimonians inhabit The gigantic Mordus Moons in the Solarius-Galaxy West of Solarius
Nargoth world. (Yes Solarius Nargoth exist in the Solarius-Galaxy/More on that later)
Daimonians are an offshoot species of Demons that evolved outside Solarius-Hell. They
first evolved during the early Pre First-Age or 10,000,000,000 BDI. Before the Death of
Inari. Daimonians possess incredibly powerful psionic powers and abilities. Their power
borders on Stellar Level.

Daimonians are Demonic Humanoids with blue skin but unlike like hellish cousins and
ancestors. They no longer possess what you consider demonic characteristics. They've
includes things like Demonic Wings Hooves Horns but more streamline and sleek bodies
similar to a human or angelic being. As stated above Daimonians posses incredible psionic
powers. Which ranges from Psychokinesis or Telekinesis Telepathy Pyrokinesis Levitation
Astral Projection Energy Manipulation Matter Manipulation. Electromagnetic Kinetic Energy
Manipulation. Supernatural and Paranormal Energy Manipulation.

Daimonians are more peaceful in nature compared their demonic ancestors and cousins and
rarely act out their nature. However there are evil Daimonians though rare and mostly
a peace race. Daimonians very rarely interact with their Demonic cousins or venture to
Solarius-Hell. Daimonians are on good terms with Angels and Winged Humans despite being
descendants of Demons. Daimonians have a history with another Extraterrestrial Race the
Pandorians Solarius-Moon Pandorus. Because Pandorians also possesses psionic related
powers and abilities seeing them as kindred spirits. They will often cross paths and will
engage in Psychic Battles. To test who is the strongest of the two races. Which is clean
harmless fun.

Like Pandorians. The Daimonians detest and dislike the stereotypical term Alien. They feel
is a derogatory and insulting name for them. They would prefer you refer by their names.
Because humans often thinking all Aliens are evil and want to conquer Solarius-Nargoth.
However Daimonians don't possess advance technology that is designed to harm or hurt other
races and don't really need to because they're tremendous psionic powers are more than
enough to defend themselves. Daimonians don't have much interaction with the ongoing or
history of Solarius-Nargoth in general. However they do know about the history of Inari
The Dark One and history with Solarius-Nargoth and Solarya. Nor do they have a really high
opinion of her or her race. Daimonians also have a affiliation with The Galaxy Space
Police Force. More on that later.
Profile The Daimonian Race
Another profile on The Daimonian Race. And don't miss Tales of Solarius-Nargoth Thanksgiving 2nd Special. See you real soon. And Happy Thanksgiving. Bye for now.
Two Worlds Nightwing Part 2

(Gotham City/Near Dixon Docks)

(The Teenagers have stop/The figure turns out to be a tall Japanese Woman with long Dark)
(Blue thick hair with emerald blue eyes slightly light blue skin/She wears an all white
(Furisode Kimono with a red Obi sash and very large breasts nearly popping out her)
(Kimono she wears Japanese saddles/A close of her head as she slowly glares in their)
(general direction with a ominous cold stare at them/She shifts to human skin tone)

Teenager, Oh look what we got here. (The driver stepping out the car) Hey baby want to
         ride with us? (Notice how tall she is compared to him) Whoa your a big girl
         aren't you. Don't worry I'm in to big girls.

(She stares down at him then grunts in disgust/The woman is Yumkio Mumbiya The Winged)
(Yuki-Onna/As he glares down at her large breasts and cleavage)

Yumiko, Isn't this a school night? Shouldn't you be at home studying little boy?

Teenager, Come on baby don't be like that. What da say?

(Walks over to her then places his hand on her side/Freezing sound/Looking down sees)
(his hand freezes instantly/Screams/Pulls it away/He backs up and his hand is fine)

Teenager, What the hell are you?! (He goes over to his and pulls out a gun/Cocking it)

(Aims the gun at Yumiko as the camera focuses on here)

Teenager 2, She some kind of freak.

Teenager, Eat this Bitch. (About to fire a bullet/Sound of something being sliced)

(He stands there seeing the barrel of the gun being sliced in half/Both screaming)
(She has a Odachi Katana Long Sword in her hands/The other teens jumps out and flee)
(the scene/The Teen Driver drops to the ground in fear and pees on himself)

(Yumiko rolls her eyes then walks away from him while dispersing her sword/The Teen)
(Driver frozen in fear then crawls over to his car/As light snow begins to fall)

(Breathing heavily/He hides behind his car)

Teenager, Who the hell was that? (Camera switches to thud/Where a large hooved foot comes)
(down/The Teen eye's widen/Hearing the deep foot steps/Looks under his car)

(From his POV a pair of Hooved Goat like feet walking past the camera in a low angle)
(It walks the car/He looks up seeing a very tall silhouette figure with large Bighorn)
(Ram curled back horns as the eyes of the figure turns to face him with massive demon)
(wings spreading/Teenager screaming)

(Nightwing on the Batcycle going down the street/As camera pushes away from him)

Nightwing, (On radio) Nothing going tonight I'm heading back Alfred.

Alfred, As you wish Master Dick.

(A Penguin Thug comes from out of nowhere in front with a Rocket Launcher aimed at him)

Nightwing, Oh crap.

(The Thug fires the missile/Missile traveling past the camera/Nightwing jumps off his)
(cycle at the last moment/He looks back at it/Exploding/Bursting into flames/Lands)

Nightwing, Hey I had a down payment on that bike. Do you know how hard it is to get one
          of these?

(Penguin's men coming out the woodwork/All armed and aiming at him from all sides)

Penguin's Thug, End of the line Nightwing. Penguin's put a price on your head.

Nightwing, Glad to feel appreciated. No seriously I do.

Penguin's Thug, Appreciate this. Open fire.

(They open fire/Nightwing throws down a smoke pellet/Smoke everywhere)

Penguin's Thug 2, Quickly put on your Thermals and Night Vision.

(Putting on their Night and Thermal Goggles/Turning them on/Nightwing punches on in the)
(face/Avoid the gunfire throws his Shock Baton like a boomerang toward the guy on the)
(Right/Electrifying him/Screaming/Firing wildly/Hitting some of the other members)

(Nightwing sweep kicks the one with 360 camera turn in slow motion/Then rolls the bullets)
(from behind/He backflips over the bullets then throws a Batarang at him/Knocking him in)
(the head/He falls/Nightwing ducks a right hook punch then spins back with a connecting)
(punch of his own/As the smoke clears/Nightwing dodges a knife being thrown at him)

(He throws a Batarang at the guy on the left/Camera switches then slowly pans up to a)
(Telephone Poll/With snow falling/Yumiko Mumbiya perched on the Telephone Poll in)
(Harpy form with large blue wings and long blue tail feathers and icy like harpy feet)
(She watches the fight from a frozen Poll/A close up of her face as she watches)

(Nightwing flips to his side avoiding a attack then drop kicks the last Thug)
(taking them all out/He stands over them)

Nightwing, What? No more? (Sound behind/Turns around only to be smacked in the head by)
(the bunt of a gun/Knocking him out unconscious/Thudding/A couple more of Penguin's men)
(show up/A truck arrives on the scene/Yumiko watching from afar)

(They load up Nightwing into the truck)

Thug, Take him to the boss. Penguin wants a few works with him about the shipment.

(As the Truck speeds away as Yumiko follows it with her eyes/She spreads her wings then)
(flies off following the truck close by as the camera goes up)

(The remaining men getting back into their cars/Camera shifts to the Hooved Goat like)
(feet/They turn a see something off camera/Their eyes grow big/Screaming)

                (The End)
Two Worlds Nightwing Part 2
Nightwing has been captured and now on his way to The Penguin. What does The Penguin have in store for Nightwing? Find out in Two Worlds Nightwing Part 3 to find out. See you later. Happy Thanksgiving. Bye.


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Two Worlds One Story is more than just a crossover of Felarya and Solarius-Nargoth. It's a story about many connections to why the seperate worlds are so similiar. What going into Too much details. But it might answer some of the questions but that's up to the viewers whether or not me. Whether the story is canon or not it's all up to you the viewers. Although there's one people on Deviantart who doesn't like my Soloarius-Nargoth. But I wont mention him. But for the rest of you. Enjoy. Thank you.
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