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Two Worlds Awakening Part 10

(Port Jersey Upper New York Bay/People and Police Boats scrambling below)

(Camera pans up to Aleena who is dressed in her Sailor Scout uniform of Sailor Mars)
(Hovering above with her arms crossed and slight smile on her face as the wind blows her hair/She widen her eyes slightly/A deep rumbling from below)

(Something burst out fast/Lilith flies up to the sky and stops right in front of Aleena)
(Lilith isn't bruised or battered just light dusty/She brushes it off)

Lilith, Cute. Dropping a Cruise Ship on top of me. Clever. But it didn't hurt in the
       slightest. Judging by your power I say your a Winged Human too?
Aleena, That's right. Your A Winged Succubian Human. Yeah I figured that much just by
       at you.
Lilith, Well in that in that case are you ready?

Aleena, By all means.

(Lilith moving fast disappear then appears Aleena hits her with a quick TK blast/Sending her reeling/Aleena moving twice as fast striking her with even faster punches and kicks)

(A close of several left and right punches to the face/With her two fingers she summons a Ofuda/Ofuda is a Japanese Talisman to ward off evil spirits)

(She places the O-fuda on Lilith forehead/It cracking with holy energy/Lilith screaming in pain as it explodes/Blowing her back across the air)

(Queens New York/Jackson Heights/Camera comes down as Lilith slamming into the streets with a thud/Groaning/She looks up to the camera small drops of blood drip from the open wound where the O-fuda was/Gasping/She gets up)

(Seeing her blood on the ground/Gagging/Holding her stomach and mouth/Running over to the nearest trash can/Flips the top off/Vomiting)

(Aleena coming down/She sees Lilith/Vomiting continues/Walking over to her)

Aleena, Jeez. (Worried) Are you alright?

(Lilith looking back at her)

Lilith, Please don't use that anymore. Seeing my own blood make me sick.

Aleena, What blood? You mean that? (She points to it)

(Lilith retches/Vomiting again/Aleena wincing/Coughing)

Aleena, Huh. You mean you can't handle seeing blood? (Small chuckle)

Lilith, It's not. (Burps) funny. I used to be a Nurse. Unfortunately I had to give it up
       on accounting my Hemophobia. Including seeing a man's um "private parts" for the
       first time.
Aleena, I don't mind seeing man's dick. I made guys dick's hard when I let them see me

Lilith, Ok. Can we stop talking about it. Please (She flustered)

(Aleena notices something on Lilith's stomach just above her navel/A birthmark)

Lilith, What are you staring at?

Aleena, (Pointing) That mark on you belly.

Lilith, What about it?

Aleena, I've seen that mark before.

Lilith, What this? It's my birthmark.

Aleena, (Gasping) Now I remember. Echidna has one just like that above her navel.

Lilith, Echidna? Who's Echidna?

Aleena, She's my best friend and a Winged Naga Human. What's your last name?

Lilith, My name is Lilith. Lilith Astaroth Mumbiya.

Aleena, Mumbiya? That's her last name too. Oh my god. Echidna is your sister!

Lilith, WHAT? Wait a minute. I have a sister?!

(Dr. Strange and Iron Man flying towards Queens)

Iron Man, Jarvis have you located them yet?

Jarvis, They're just below you sir.

(They land as both Lilith in human form and Aleena sitting down at a Table at a Dinner)

Iron Man, There she is?

Aleena, It's ok guys. We've talked it over. She explained everything to me.

Lilith, I apologize for all the mess I caused you. I'm not usual the aggressive type.

Aleena, Lilith here is the older half sister of Echidna and Tiamat.

Lilith, Tiamat?

Aleena, Yeah you have two younger half sisters. Tiamat and Echidna. And she's a Princess.

Both, Your a Princess?

Lilith, My father wasn't just the leader of the Mumbiya Tribe. He was also the King.

(Dr. Strange bows like a gentlemen)

Dr. Strange, Forgive me Princess Lilith.

Lilith, Please don't. Lilith is just fine.

(Her eyes narrow and dart to the right/Aleena can sense it too)

(All four flying up into the Sky)

(The camera with a wide angle shot/Above the Queensboro Bridge/A massive wall of storm clouds manifesting above New York/Silhouettes of something large flying within them)

Aleena, There's two of them. Incredibly powerful.

Lilith, Harpies.

Iron Man, (In a alarm) Did you say Harpies?!

Lilith, Yes. Two of them. Both near 300 feet in size.

(Iron Man hand trembles a little/He has a flashback to the Phoenix Harpy towering over him in the Sky/He holds his arm)

Jarvis, Sir. Sir? Are you alright Mr. Stark? Your blood pressure and heart rate has spiked
       up dramatically.
Iron Man, (Sweating in his suit) I'm fine Jarvis. I'm fine.

(They can only watches as the wall of thunderstorm clouds pass over Manhattan/The Two Harpy Silhouettes disappear into the clouds)

Aleena, I think we better go.

Lilith, By all means. Oh and I'm sorry miss Tachibana.

Aleena, For what?

Lilith, For calling Sailor Moon stupid. I want to show you something.

(She summons a photo/Aleena looks at the picture/Turns out Lilith is a Sailor Moon fan)
(She dressed as Sailor Jupiter Uniform/Slightly embarrassed by the photo)

Aleena, Cute.

(Somewhere in another universe/Sonic the Hedgehog and friend relaxing on the beach)
(The wind starts to blow/Sonic opening one of his eyes)

(Far off into the distance is a huge massive wall of clouds/Thunder)

          (The End)
Two Worlds Awakening Part 10
And there you have it another chaptered ended and events yet to come. The Forces of Evil are already on the move. Find out in Two Worlds Blue Blur Part 1 to find out bye.
Two Worlds Awakening Part 9

(Manhattan New York/Midtown)

(Dr. Strange and Tony Stark over the unconscious body of Lilith/Neither one of them can figure what just happened/Stark scratches his head/A close up with a queer look)

Tony Stark, This has to be a joke right. She takes one look at my arm which has a little
           bit of blood on it and she faints? Just like that?
Dr. Strange, She must suffer from Hemophobia.

Tony Stark, Fear of seeing blood? Hmph. Maybe I should bleed more.

Dr. Strange, That wouldn't help you in the long run.

(He wipes off the blood with his hand/Groans/She sits up slowly/She looks up at them)
(Backing away/Getting up off the ground)

Lilith, Sorry about that. I use to be a Nurse. I had to give that up because I couldn't
       stand to see the sight of blood.
Tony Stark, Uh no problem?

(A close up smile then out of nowhere she taps Tony as he goes flying into a parked car/Scream/Thudding/Alarm going off)

Dr. Strange, Tony!

Lilith, Anyway. Want to continue? (She charges energy in both hands walking towards Strange)

(Without warning something fast moving invisible force knocking her back straight through some building/Sonic boom)

Tony Stark, What the hell was that? Huh?

(Something lands off screen/Both looking/Lilith climbs out the wall she made on the side of the building/Casting a eye to the figure)

(The Figure turns out to be Yuriko Tachibana A.K.A Aleena The Fairy Eater/She is dressed in a Sailor Mars Sailor Uniform adult size/Complete with Red Star Earrings and Tiara/However her outfit is a little more tight considering Sailor Mars was a teenager and Aleena is an adult with adult sized body)

Aleena, Did I miss the party?

Tony Stark, Who is she?

Dr. Strange, Excuse me miss. Who exactly are you?

Aleena, I'm Yuriko Tachibana or Aleena if you wish. I'm Echidna's Childhood best friend.

Tony Stark, Your one of her friends. So that means you a Winged Human too?

Aleena, I am.

Tony Stark, Ok. Uh why are you dressed like that?

Aleena, Oh this. When I was a little girl two of my favorite childhood anime was Hello
       Kitty. And Sailor Moon. Sailor Mars was and still is my favorite Sailor Scout.
(Groans/She turns to face Lilith coming towards them)

Lilith, (Groans) That hurt you know. So who you supposed to be?

Aleena, Hello. I'm Sailor Mars.

(Lilith not impressed)

Lilith, Sailor Moon sucks.

(An angry vein appears on Aleena's forehead/The camera switches to Lilith as Aleena punches Lilith super hard in the face/Everything slowing down showing Lilith contorted face as she being punched/The punch breaking the sound barrier/Causing all the glass in nearby building to shatter)

(Sending her straight into the air/Aleena using her TK powers to fly up into air right above Lilith/She kicks her several times in the face then does a front flip kick/Lilith
falling down to the ground/Aleena reappears below then side kicks her away hard)

(Chinatown Manhattan/Whooshing sound/The people looking up/Lilith crashes lands in Chinatown/Screaming and fleeing/Groans/She tries to get up)

Lilith, (Groans) What just happened?

Aleena OS, You can think of me what you will. (Lilith looking up) But when you talk shit
          about Sailor Moon. That's when I get MAD!
Lilith, Your show is stupid. Who wants to be a magical girl anyway.

Aleena, (Angry) That's it! You've gone too far!

(She lands a blast of tremendous force explodes from her/Moving fast then before/She comes at Lilith unleashing some fast moving punches/Lilith blocking and defending avoiding two right hooks and a fast moving left the misses her face about two inches)

(She throws another hard right/Lilith punches but Aleena blocks with one hand then hauls back with a upwards swinging blow to the stomach/Blow landed/A straight left punch to the face/Lilith staggers with a smile then gathers energy in her hand)

(She fires a powerful blast of Blue Hellfire/Aleena extends her arms and parts it with a TK blast putting out the fire with easy/She moves then appears Lilith blocks her high knee attack with her arm/She fazes in and out behind Lilith super kicks her in the back of the head)

(Lilith send flying then stops herself goes up into the air/Aleena flies up after her)

(Dr. Strange and Tony Stark in his normal Iron Suit flying/Loud booming above/Seeing two extremely fast moving blurs just overhead of them)

Iron Man, Jarvis. Can you track their movements?

Jarvis, I cannot sir. Both individuals are moving at speeds exceeding Mach 10.

Iron Man, What about you Strange can you track them?

Dr. Strange, I'm afraid not Iron Man. They're moving too fast for me to keep up.

(Both exchanging fast moving attack both back away blasting each other with energy blast)
(Powers struggle on both/Lilith disappears then reappears to punches Aleena away)

(Aleena being knocked back/She looks ahead to see Lilith coming at her/She gesture with a mere flick/Somewhere in a Harbor/A massive Cruise Ship being lifted out of the water with all its people safely being remove/As they are both over Port Jersey)

(Aleena gesture with her finger/She flies away fast/Booming/A huge shadow cast over Lilith/She looks up only for the massive Cruise Ship to slam into at full force/Loud booming as the Ship hits the water with a thunderous clap)

(Aleena floating in mid air looking down)

Aleena, Next time you'll think twice about bad mouthing Sailor Moon.

(The End)
Two Worlds Awakening Part 9
Well that's a surprising twist to say the least. Has Aleena won. Is Lilith still alright. Will she ever meet her long lost sister. Why am I still asking question? All this and more in the finality Two Worlds Awakening Part 10. See you soon. Bye.
Two Worlds Awakening Part 8

(New York Manhattan Time Square/Madison Square Garden)
(Glowing light from Stark's new Golden Iron Suit)

Iron Man, Ready for round two?

Lilith, If you say so.

(With quick movement Iron Man fires a fast barrage of super missiles/Lilith flying around avoiding them/Multiple explosion/He appear in front then takes aim fires super energy beams at her/She comes at the camera flying through the blast/She punches only for Iron Man to catch her fist/Hitting her in the face with force/Knocking her back)

(She backs up then points her finger at him/She summons a small ball of blue hellfire/She fires it at him it grows into a massive fireball/It blast into Iron Man/Flaming boom)

(Dr. Strange shielding himself with his cloak/Then looks up/Iron Man remains unscathed)

Iron Man, Good thing I came prepared for things like this. Sorry sweet heart. I designed
         my suit to be incorporated with the latest addition of Hellfire upgrade.
         In other words hellfire flame resistance. It's a sure way guarantee solution.
Lilith, Is that right.

(She backs away from him slightly/Stark somewhat perplexed)

Lilith, (In a more playful menacing tone) Then I guess I should stop playing around with
        you then.

(She closes her eye then spreads her arms out/A warping aura manifest around her as she reverts back to her Winged Succubian form/The walls of the surround building cracks and does the ground below her/Gasp/Strange can sense the sudden jump in her power)

(Beeping sound)

Jarvis, Warning. Warning. Sudden spike in power levels rising.

Iron Man, Thanks for the warning Jarvis. Nothing we can handle.

(He flies towards her as the camera coming towards Lilith/She opens her eyes with a slight glow/Iron Man gets blasted by a tremendous force of power/knocking him violently back with several parts of his armor flying off/Screaming/Sending flying across Manhattan)

Dr. Strange, Iron Man no!

(She disappears then reappears right above him in mere seconds/A flash of spark in her eyes/Iron Man gets blasted with a powerful force/Slams into the ground)

(She raise a finger/Manifesting a black ball of Anti-Matter with swirling purple energy surround it/She throws it downwards/Coming towards him/Strange flies towards him)

(He grabs a hold of him and moves out the way/The Anti-Matter ball instead of exploding it disintegrates the ground out of existence leaving a massive Sink Hole)

Iron Man, Thanks Strange.

(Stark looks at the gapping hole next to him)

Iron Man, Holy shit that could have been me.

Dr. Strange, Where's going to have to take her seriously now. I sense she's not playing
            around anymore.
Iron Man, Neither am I. (He flies up to her)

Dr. Strange, Tony wait.

(Flying towards her/Lilith blinks her eyes/Iron Man suit comes apart in mid air/She melts it with her blue hellfire/Screaming/Stark falling/Strange catches him)

(He channels his energy he fires a Mystical bolt/Blasting her away into another dimension)
(Strange lands with Stark/Stark is both surprised and utterly shocked)

(Suddenly Strange finds himself in a Hell Dimension surround by immense Blue Hellfire)
(Lilith manifesting on a giant Column/She cross her arms with a smile)

Lilith, Welcome to my world.

(Columns of fire rising beneath Strange as he flies up into the air/Channeling his power)

Dr. Strange, I call upon the power of the Vishanti. I seek your power.

(His body encircling a tremendous aura/He fires extremely powerful blast of energy/Lilith dodging it then fires summons Black lightning at him/Strange blocking the lightning with one hand/Summon Demon Worms erupting from the ground/Roaring/Strange avoid then blasting them with energy)

(She summons a powerful balls of Blue Hellfire/Shooting him with ball after ball/Strange freezes the balls then shatters them/He outstretches his hand then with a quick flash)

(Turning the entire area into a winter like dimension/Gasp/A snow falling/A flake lands on her nose)

(Strange casting Ice spells/Summoning Ice daggers at Lilith/She shoots them down with fire/She sends a wave of pure Hellfire/Strange shields himself then absorbs it)

(He blast her with a powerful mystical bolts/Grunting/Firing a double blast/Knocking her into a nearby Column/She flies out/Firing several blast of dark energy/Strange running across the ground then disappear/Then reappears in the air/He clasp his hands together)

Dr. Strange, Time to end this.

(With a flash Dr. Strange shattering the reality around him/Returning to Manhattan)

Tony Stark, Whoa. Strange where the hell did you go?

Dr. Strange, I was brought to a Hell dimension. Her home turf.

Lilith, Impressive. I didn't think you could do that. How you did you it?

Dr. Strange, Trade secret.

Lilith, Well time to end it. (She have surging aura around her/Gasp)

(Seeing a drop of blood fall from Tony Stark's arm)

Lilith, (Slightly freaking out) Is... that blood?

Tony Stark, (Looking at his arm) Uh yeah what about it?

(She looks totally freak out even trembling then she faints instantly/Thudding)

Both, Huh? (Their jaws hit the ground)

Tony Stark, Uh? What just happened?

(The End)
Two Worlds Awakening Part 8
Yeah what a curve ball but a good one none the less. Find out what happens in Two Worlds Awakening Part 9. Bye.
Two Worlds Awakening Part 7

(Manhattan New York/Stark Towers)

(AC/DC Back in Black playing)

(The camera focus on the Elevator going up with a ding/Tony Stark jives to the beat of the song)

Tony Stark, Oh!. Yeah. (Dr. Strange walks out with him)

(Camera focus on the side with his version of dancing/In his Work Station)

Tony Stark, Morning Jarvis. How's it hanging.

Jarvis, Morning Sir. It's good to have you back again.

Tony Stark, The feeling is mutual. Let's see what we have to work with.

Dr. Strange, I appreciate the gesture. But do you even know how to combat this threat?

Tony Stark, Well giving what you told me and what Spiderman told me. I don't think she's
           really is a threat. Still one can't be too careful. Considering how powerful
           she is.
Dr. Strange, I don't have any illusions to the level of power she has. I fear this being
            many stronger than all of us.
Tony Stark, Hmm. Never stopped us in the past before. I mean we fought the Phoenix Force.
           Jarvis show me what you got.

(A large wall opens up and reveals a newer High tech model donned in silver and black)

Jarvis, Allow me to introduce the Mark 30 Mach Suit sir. It is equipped with the latest
       Particle Emersion Enhancer Drive.
Dr. Strange, What does that do.

Tony Stark, Since we'll be combating a more powerful supernatural entity I decide to
           upgrade my suit to combat such type.
Dr. Strange, Meaning?

Tony Stark, You'll just have to wait and see. Jarvis have you detected our Succubus
Jarvis, Tracking now sir.

(He gears up in the suit/Putting on the closing the face mask for the eye optics to come on)

Jarvis, I found her sir. She located somewhere near Time Square in Midtown.

Iron Man, Alright let's get ready. You ready for this?

Dr. Strange,  I've been ready the last ten minutes.

(He floats then flies out the window by bending the matter around it)

Iron Man, Is it just me or does anybody use doors anymore?

Jarvis, It's just you sir.

(The Flight Door opens and Iron Man takes to the air/Flying over Manhattan)

Iron Man, (Sighs) It feels good to be back in the saddle again.

(Beeping noise)

Jarvis, Sir your target is down below.

Iron Man, Thanks Jarvis. (Stark flies down along with Dr. Strange)

(Madison Square Garden/Lilith standing in of the entrance seeing what's playing)
(She looks over to her right as Iron Man and Dr. Strange land)

Iron Man, Ok Jarvis where is she?

Jarvis, Scanner indicate that she very close to you.

Iron Man, And don't see anyone except this woman in front of us? (The Realization sinks in)       Oh I see. So you can make yourself look human huh? You must me Lilith.

Lilith, (She looks at him then smiles) The proof is in the pudding don't you think?

Iron Man, That's all I need to know.

(He summons fast moving energy in his hand then fire a huge Repulser Ball/The camera comes at her/Huge explosion/Iron Man and Dr. Strange being pushed back/Knocking back some cars in the process/Grunting/Dust everywhere)

Dr. Strange, A little bit of overkill don't you think?

Iron Man, Works like a charm to me. Now I can go toe to toe with supernatural types.

(The dust settles with Lilith still standing there with half of her clothes blown off)
(She's surprised but smiles)

Lilith, You got me with that one. (She moves only for Strange to block her with a barrier then he thrust out both hand sending her back with intense force/Grunts/She flies backwards)

(Strange firing several beams of mystical energy all exploding at once/ She flies through it only to be surround by magical balls then direct hit/Explosion)

(She continues through it/Iron Man moving at incredible speed appear right in front of her/He throws a powerful fast moving punch knocking her back hard/Shatter the windows around them/He flies above her then grabs her by the leg then throws her upwards)

Iron Man, Try this on for size.

(He turns one of his hands into a super mega cannon/Gathering energy/Surging sound)
(He fires a powerful beam at her/Gasping/Explosion sending her up then exploding some more)

(He zooms up towards the sky where she comes down then hits him in the face/He doesn't feel it/He hauls back then punching her in the stomach/Grunting/He charging his fist up then connects with a powerful super punch that nearly breaks the sound barrier)

(Lilith zooming then crashes into a building/All the while Dr. Strange watching and quite impressed)

Dr. Strange, Well Stark you certainly surprised me today. I didn't think you new suit
            was capable of such high level combat.
Iron Man, (Laughs) I surprised myself sometimes. I figure if were going to fight beings
         like Lilith then we're going to have to match them power for power.

(Strange looks up at the sky/Lilith floating upside down waving at them with a smile)

Lilith, Been waiting long?

Iron Man, Wow. And here I thought I was the cocky one.

Dr. Strange, That makes too of us. Better yet let's turn up the heat.

Lilith, Hmm?

(Iron Man charges up and his Suit transforming into a bright light/Both shielding their eyes/Lilith looks back/Both gasping/Stark has transformed into a bright shimmering golden suit with a wild energy surrounding it/The light is so bright it can be seen from everyone within Manhattan/Even Strange is very surprised)

Iron Man, Alright time for round two. Are you ready?

    (The End)
Two Worlds Awakening Part 7
Just when you think Tony Stark was done he comes up with something new. Things are heating up for Tony Stark. Find out what happens in Two Worlds Awakening Part 8. Bye.
Profile Andromeda The Winged Pandorian

Name Andromeda Rhea Mumbiya
Aliases The Fifth Sister The Alien Princess Space Angel The Cosmic Angel Andromeda Tano
Age 400 (Looks 30s)
Height 6 foot 3
Ethnicity (Unknown probably don't have one)
Race Winged Seraphim Extraterrestrial Pandorian Human
Hair Color none
Skin Color Red
Eye Color Emerald Purple
Number of Wings six ( All white)

Info, Andromeda The Winged Pandorian born Andromeda Rhea Mumbiya is the first daughter of King Anansi. And the only daughter that wasn't trained in the arts of Weather Manipulation. Even though it was stated that Uriel was his oldest daughter. But he didn't
know wasn't aware of it. However Anansi knew about Andromeda as was told by Malachite The
White to keep it a secret. Even from his later loves in life. Because Malachite and Anansi
believe in the Prophecy. The Prophecy of The Coming of The Dweller of The Deep. And the
Return of the Five Legendary Warriors who defeated The Ancient Harpy some many millions of years ago.

(And we're not going to spoil that for you. So no Spoiler Alerts you'll just have to wait and see)

Andromeda was born on Solarius's Moon Pandorus. She is the only Winged Seraphim type in the whole family. (More on that later down the road) why she was born a Seraphim type unlike her father and her other half sisters is unknown. She like her other sisters makes her a Princess on both sides because her mother is still the Queen of Pandorus. Which also makes her the oldest half sister of them all.

Andromeda was born a very powerful psychic. At a young age she was already gifted with
both Telekinesis and Telepathic abilities along with assortment of other powers. She developed the Precognition abilities. In her minds eye she saw the coming of many Great Evils and the rise of warriors who would combat these Great Evils. She was trained on her home planet in the Pandorian Arts to help her master her full powers by both her Mother Gaia Mumbiya and King Anansi Mumbiya.

She learned to control her precognition ability but she learn that not everything that was meant to happen didn't necessarily mean it was going to happen. She had a vision of the future were she would meet her other four half sisters and their role in the grand scheme of Solarius-Nargoth. She was taught all sorts of survival skills weapon and hand to hand combat and how to full master all her powers to the highest degree. Though she was never taught how to control and manipulate the weather.

Andromeda's one vision of her father fighting against Inari The Dark One in their first meeting along side Ariella The Wise. Andromeda was taught by her father Enochian. The Language of Angels and Heaven. She would leave her home planet and visit Solarius-Nargoth.

Arriving at Solarius-Nargoth she would bare witness to the aftermath affects of the War against Inari The Dark One. She didn't know at the time but her younger half sister Uriel Mumbiya was also present at the aftermath but the two never crossed paths.

Andromeda decided to leave Solarius-Nargoth and venture out into the multiverse thus training herself to her absolute maximum power. She has been referred as Cosmic Angel or Space Angel.

Around this time Andromeda crossed paths with The Green Lantern Corps and were helped them on a case in the Red Zone Space were all the Red Lantern inhabit. She later meet The Guardians of The Galaxy and took a ride with Doctor Who. She would later go back to her home Planet to visit her mother from time to time.

One thing Andromeda doesn't like which was carried by her entire race is the term Alien. She finds the name very insulting and offensive to her. She finds it very stereotypical and damning to her race. The Humans who see her often call her an Alien to which technically she is and thinks she either going to abduct them or look down upon them or
Anal Probe them.

(Yes I'm bringing up the Anal Probing/Don't ask it wouldn't make sense anyway)

She hates the term Alien and prefer to be called either Extraterrestrial or Pandorian. Just don't call her a Alien. She hates being compared to illegal aliens. Get the hint?


Andromeda is one the strongest beings in existence And in Pandorus. She is the only Seraphim type and has mastered all her powers she is the functionally a Cosmic Being in terms of power. Making her the only Cosmic Celestial Being next to her Sister Uriel. Her power exceeds both her race her parents and her sisters. making her the most powerful Sister in The Mumbiya Family.

As stated above Andromeda never learned weather manipulation but her vast array of powers makes up for her lack of weather powers. Just like her sister before her the upper limits to her powers is unknown since we don't know how truly powerful her other sisters. Giving she a technically a Cosmic Celestial Being or Cosmic Being in short. Her powers are on a Galactic Scale compared to the Planetary powers of her sisters.

Cosmic Telepathic, Andromeda is a extremely powerful Telepathic. She powers exceeds that of Aleena. She can read control and manipulate minds on a galactic level. She's been known to cause extreme mental paralysis on a universal scale she can shut down millions of not billions of minds all at once. She can induce pleasant or nightmarish dreams. Project images that doesn't exist. She at once point made somebody's head explode! (BOOM)
(Sorry) Cast illusions. She powerful enough to manipulate the mind of another Cosmic Being. She has near Omni Sight of semi level of Cosmic Awareness. Andromeda can preform Mental Healing. She can heal damaged or broken mind and cure them of the SPACE MADNESS!

(Again sorry/I couldn't resist that one)

Cosmic Telekinesis, Andromeda is a extremely powerful Telekinetic also on a Galactic scale. She can destroy entire planets 10 times the size of Jupiter. She can destroy entire Solar Systems. She can generate Cosmic Pyrokinesis. She can control reshape and
manipulate both Cosmic and Planetary matter on a near Galaxy sized scale. She rip apart dimensional and supernatural force fields and barriers. She at one point collapse a Super
Massive Black Holes with relative ease. Andromeda even shielding a planet from a Exploding super gas giant star. She can lift over trillions of tons. She can project an Astral Form to move in and out within the Astral Planes where she can wield Astral Bending manipulation.

Precognitive, Andromeda being part Pandorian she is naturally gifted with Precognition.
She has the power to see into the future which she has complete control. However as stated above Andromeda Precognitive abilities aren't 100% right or accurate when it comes to the future. She has been wrong on several occasions in the past. She can control the future she can only make guesses on it.

Survival Skills, As stated in The Pandorian Profile. Pandorians were originally a tribal race. They were tree dwellers that lived in the tropical rain forest of Pandorus Moon. She was taught how to survival in the Jungles of both Pandorus and Solarius-Nargoth. Her race was a Predatory Species and most hunted at night. She has the ability to see at night and in complete darkness. She trained in tool making and survival weapons on hunting prey.

Sharp Teeth and Claws, Another thing that wasn't mention that Pandorian has natural sharp
teeth like a canine and sharp claw like nails. Which she can retracted her nail claws at will. Giving she half Winged Human her nail claws are much longer and sharper than a
normal Pandorian Claws. She powerful to rips through solid steel reinforce titanium. And strong enough to slice a crystal or diamond in half.

Camouflage manipulation, Andromeda like all Pandorians have the natural ability to camouflage themselves within their natural surrounding. Her camouflage abilities works on the same principles like a Cuttlefish or Octopus. She can blend in virtually any visible
background. This isn't limited to Jungles or Concrete Jungles. Like her sister Uriel.
Andromeda can blend in even with Clouds Space Dust. Comets and even Black Holes. Even if
you knew she was there you'll never see her. Her Camouflage powers would make even Dryads
jealous with envy.

Gravity/Magnetic Manipulation, Andromeda can control the fundamental forces of both Gravity and Magnetism on a Galactic/Planetary level. She can alter control entire planets and Solar Systems by disrupting the biometric electrical energy spectrum of a planet of axis. She generate massive electrical storms bend practically all forms of metalloids. Her precise control of metal. She can literally pull out a planet right down to the ionic atomic particles. She can control gravity by disrupting the magnetic field that control a planet's axis. She can crush some with gravity ten times stronger than a Super Black Holes. Her gravitational force is strong enough to collapse a Galaxy the size of the Milky Way.

Cosmic Energy Manipulation, Andromeda can control wield generate near infinite amounts of cosmic energy. She can destroy planets. Wipe out entire Solar Systems. Destroy other Cosmic Beings. She can both forms of Dark matter and Anti-Matter on a Galactic Scale.

Enochian, Andromeda can speak all forms of Enochian. She can communicate with both Angels
         and Winged Humans. She could ever talk to God if she wanted to.

Alien Language, Andromeda have studied and is fluent in many Alien languages.

Martial Arts, Being part Pandorian Andromeda was trained in the Pandorian hand to hand
combat. She is a master at martial arts. She strong enough to take on several opponents at once. She even bested her mother in combat who was considered the greatest martial artist on Pandorus-Moon. She is trained in both unarmed and armed combat.

Super Strength, Andromeda being part Winged Humans can lift press and exceed levels higher then 100 tons. She been known to rip apart mountains. Punch a hole through really
powerful magical and dimensional barriers. She strong enough to lift up a pull and lift planets 50 times larger than Planet Earth. She once tore apart a giant Red Star three times the size of Earth's Sun with her bare hands.

Super Speed, Andromeda can move think and react faster than the speed of sound. She can move a speed higher then Mach 17. She can traverse the cosmos faster than the speed of light. On planet she can move at speeds faster than Mach 20.

Flight, Like all Winged Humans and hybrid times. She flies with her six Seraphim Wings or through the act of Telekinesis. She been clocked moving faster then the speed of sound and higher than Mach 17.

Echolocation, Being half Pandorian. Uses her Head Tails as Sonar. She locate and hear sounds at vibrating lower than ultra sound. She can detect incoming or oncoming objects in total darkness. Her echolocation works the same way a Bat Sonar.

Shape Shifting, Like all Winged Humans. Andromeda can shift between her Pandorian form her Winged Pondorian form her human form at will and can change her size too.

One thing I forgot to mention. Andromeda personality is different from her sister. She more the calm no nonsense type. She also a Pacifist. She prefers non violent solutions to a problem in a more pragmatic sense. She takes her views more seriously manner. She not the angry type. But if you manage to anger her. Which is hard to do since she rarely loses her temper. If she does her wrath can be quiet monstrous to behold.
Profile Andromeda The Winged Pandorian
Profile on Andromeda The Winged Pandorian. And these is all part of a the Prophecy. Which I can't tell you here. So bye.


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