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Profile Oriel The Holy One

Name Oriel Nikita Storm
Aliases The Baroness The Great Holy One of Light The Celestial One The Ophanim The Guardian of Heaven.
Age 100,000,000
Species Winged Throne/Ophanim Human
Hair Color Holy White (Black when earth bound)
Skin Color White
Eye Color Bright Blue
Height 6 feet
Number of Wings Eight

Oriel Nikita Storm is a Heaven Born Winged Throne type Human. Since Heaven born Winged Humans tend to have for greater powers compared to Earth born Winged Humans. Oriel born during the Sixth Age of Solarius-Nargoth part of Heaven. She was born with eight white beautiful wings. Those who look upon her treamendous holy light sometimes refer to her as The Great Holy One of Light. She is a legend among her people.

Many stories surround Oriel. Some say she's the Guardian of Light and The Greatist Celestial One outside the Archangels of Heaven. She wields a tremendous power. She is regarded as one of the most powerful Winged Humans in Existence. Her power and holy light rivals that of Winged Cherubim Types Humans and Winged Seraphim type Humans.

It is said her voice alone can command an entire legions of Winged Humans and Angels. To strike fast and hard without a moments notice. Oriel is very loyal and will follow those who she deem worth following.

Oriel played a part in The Monster Wars. The exact details of this war is unknown at this time. What is known when Oriel manifested in Solarius-Nargoth during that War. All the factions on both sides came to a screeching halt. Realizing they could not defeat her. So the war was ended. Oriel having stopped the war before it truly got out of hand.

What become of Oriel The Holy One after that point is unknown. No one has seen Oriel since the Monster War. However. And this is a big however some rumors have started that she secrety stationed somewhere in some world. What world that is. Well not to spoil anything. Well you'll find out sooner than you think.


Oriel The Holy One is a Heaven Born Winged Humans. And like many Heaven born Winged Humans they are ten times stronger than those Earth Born types. And since Oriel is a Throne/Ophanim Winged Humans of the First Sphere. She is one the strongest Winged Human types ever. Her mere presence alone can frighten the most harded of evil entities. She wield near limitless vast of tremendous power.

Celstial Energy Manipulation, Oriel being Heaven born can wield control and generate vast amounts of celestial or cosmic energy. Her can destroy entire planets eight times the size of Jupiter. Wipe all darkness plantary size. Cast countless amounts of celestial holy and divine magic. Bend celestial reality to the point of opening a gateway from Heaven to Earth. Can wield near infinite power.

Celesital Reality Warp Manipulation, Oriel can bend control reality on a cosmic scale. Transform Galaxies into nothing. Reshape entire Solar Systems. Can cancel out other reality benders powers. Can transform any world into a Heaven like plain of existence and wield tremendous powers.

Celestial Super Strength, Oriel's super strength goes beyond normal scale. She can lift entire planets with one hand alone. She can shatter a super massive black hole with her bare hands. She can lift and bend near over 600,000 tons or more. Making her even stronger then Pre Crisis Superman

Super Speed, Oriel can move at speeds faster than Mach 12. And sometimes faster than light speed. She can move from planet to planet in less than half a minute.

Flight, Like all Winged Humans she flies with the use of her Eight Wings. She fly at speeds matching faster than Mach 12 or 14.

Shape Shifting. Like all Winged Humans she can shift between Winged Human form to Human and Celestial Winged Form in Heaven her true form.

Celestial Weather Manipulation, Oriel can control both Planetary and Celestial or Cosmic
forms of weather. On a massive scale. She can destroy entire stars. Control solar wings create massive celestial storms the size of Solar Systems. Can control multiple storm systems at once. Can call forth celestial white lightning that can destroy virtually anything in her path. She can summon massive storms strong enough to wipe out planets bigger than Jupiter. Her weather powers far exceeds those of Echidna.

Super Durability, Oriel can withstand blows from Cosmic Beings and Celestial Entities alike. She can move through a super massive Black Hole with ease. Can survive an exploding super nova star. She can survive in gravity a thousands times stronger than Earth.
Profile Oriel The Holy One
Another Profile on Oriel The Holy One. Enjoy Bye.
Profile Oceani The Air Dragoness

Name Oceani Selene
Aliases Ocean Dragon Girl The Dragoness Air Dragon Girl Oceanus Dragon Dragon Princess
Age 300
Species Winged Drakon/Dragon Girl
Eye Color Emerald Blue
Skin White Peach
Hair Color Dark Purple
Height 6 foot 6

Info, Oceani selene is the Winged Dragon. A Half Winged Human and Half Dragon Girl. She is the Dragon Princess of the Ocean Air Dragon Clan. Born during the Tenth Age of Solarius-Nargoth. Her early childhood is sketchy but see become friend with the younger Winged Water Naga Echidna. Becoming her friend a friendly rival.

Oceani spend her later years training to become the new Queen of the Ocean Air Dragon Clan after her mother Tiamat who is the current Queen of the Dragon Clan. Oceani attended the Order of Dragons. Where she learned Elemental magic. She pratice learning Air Water and Fire magic and with in 10 years she was awarded the title Master of Magic. She would continue to perfect her skills. She would do this to match her power wirh Echidna.

To whom she considered a rival. She wanted to prove herself stronger of the two. Oceani would offer visit Echidna in hopes she could defeat her. Though she didn't do this out of hatred or anger but to prove she was stronger than her.

Oceani would spend the next five years training herself to become stronger both in magic and physically. She would train almost every day to match Echidna's power and might to her own. Somewhat slightly obsessed but not to the point of madness.

One day Oceani would challedge Echidna to a battle to see who is the strongest of the two.
Which Echidna excepted although. They clashed for atleast a day. Considering Echidna was holding back. Echidna defeated Oceani in less then 24 hours later. Oceani satisfied with the results decided to continue her training until she is strong enough in her mind to beat Echidna.

Today Oceani is still Princess Oceani. She has matured and have fully mastered her abilities. One day she will likely challedge Echidna again someday. When that day comes could be anybody's guess.


Oceani is one the strongest Winged Drakon/Dragon Girls out there. Currently her power now rivals that of Echidna. She is a very powerful elemental spellcasters and ranks her in the top ten most powerful spellcasters in Solarius-Nargoth. That and her own Dragon like powers to boot. Making her one of the strongest beings in Solarius-Nargoth.

Air Manipulation, Oceani can manipulate air elemental magic. She can create powerful hurricane forced winds. Powerful to shatter entire mountains. Removing Oxygen fron a natural enviroment. Can manipulate the Jet Stream. Can creat and conjuer giant massive tornados.

Water Manipulation, Oceani can control water through Water elemental magic. She can freeze into ice create huge massive blizzards and snow storms on a planetary level. She can turn water into ice. Dehydrate a person bt removing the water from their body. Can make water hard enough to withstand a rocket/missile blast. Can control entire oceans with a mere thought.

Fire Breathing, Oceani can breath control and manipulate fire. One of her more natural abilities. She has complete control over it. She can melt things like reinforced stainless steel. Her fire is extremely powerful. She can even melt diamonds and crystals.

Super Strength, Oceani through training can lift and press over 100 tons. Rivalling her strength to Echidna.

Flight, Oceani can fly with the use of her wings or telekinesis. She been clocked at speeds faster than Mach 10. And sometimes even faster.

Super Speed, Oceani can move at incredible speed. She can run at speeds faster than mach 10 and her reaction times is faster than most super powered entities.

Super Durability, Because she's half Dragon Girl. She can withstand blows as powerful as Winged Humans. Survive an energy blast as powerful as a super nova exploding sun. and can take direct blast from semi cosmic entities. Making her one of the strongest beings in the world.
Profile Oceani The Air Dragoness
Another profile of Oceani The Air Dragoness hope you enjoy. Bye.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Profile The Angel Race

Angels are cosmic celestial humanoids. They're appearance varies for Angel to Angel. Angels were created by God and reside in the spiritual plain Heaven. Angels are both the Ancestors of both Nephilims and Winged Humans.

Angels have been around for a long time but they firsted appeared during the First Age of Solarius-Nargoth. They're purpose is to watch over humanity and guide them to Heaven when mortals die. Angels are ranked up to nine types from lowely Angel to Seraphim.

Before the creation of Solarius-Nargoth. The Archangel Lucifer lead a bloody campaign against his fellow Angels. Starting the First War in Heaven. Lucifer was cast out by his brother The Archangel Michael. When Angels manifest in Solarius-Nargoth they take the form of giant human like beings. Their size ranging from 80 feet to 180 feet or larger.

Most Female Angels are extremely beautiful with lovely cury figures and very large breasts. And pure white wings. Angels are extremely powerful entities. Capable of virtually anything. Putting them on par with their equally extremely powerful Descendants Winged Humans. An Angel true form in Heaven is more humanoid glowing light figure with large massive wings.

Angels along side their hybrid counterparts have played major roles in Solarius-Nargoth. They aided they Winged Humans in both battles against Vampire Wars The Magic Wars Dragon Wars and the War against Inari The Dark One. Even though Angels are pure good souls. However Angels have a dark side. Or should I say a naughty dark side.

Female Angels and Male Angels. Bur mostly females. That visit Solarius-Nargoth with the sole purpose of one thing. Satisfying their treamendous celestial lust. If they see a Human or Winged Human they will swoop down with treamendous speed and pin him or her to the ground and repeatively have sexual intercourse with them. Giving in to their repressed sexual nature and will not stop until they are satisfied. However Angels can spend up to days even weeks sexually assaulting said their victims over and over agains.

In an almost neverending series of sex. Which goes against their holy natures. However when a Angel in a lustful state they're not thinking about anything else but raping said victim to death. Or the closes thing to it. Any normal Human would be dead from all this sexual intercourse. Winged Humans fair no better. The Angels in question would bound said Winged Human to unbreakble holy chains. Even the strongest of them can't break them. And repeative have their way with them. Once it's over the Angel will have no memories of said event and go about thier business as usual.

Angels and Winged Humans share a somewhat complicated relationship. Since both Angels and Winged Humans are related. Sometimes their no love loss between them. That said it's not rare to see Winged Human Angel couples. Angels who stay on the physical plain with offer times couple with both Humans and Winged Humans.
Profile The Angel Race
Profile Angel Race. Hope you enjoy bye. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Two Worlds The Second War Part 8 Act 2 Arkham

(Gotham City Arkham Island)

(Penitentiary/Batman leaving Extreme Incarceration)

(Entering the hallway and see Joker's Cell Door and Dead body of a Black Sun Soldier)

Batman, (On Radio) Oracle we've got a problem. Joker's escape. Harley too. Not only that
        Dr. Vinentus is gone also. Man of Shadows left with him.
Oracle, Now what?

Batman, I'm going after them before they leave the Island.

(Distant Rumbling/Scene switches to A High-Tech Helicopter flying over the Penitentiary)
(Man of Shadows and Dr. Vinentus waiting on the roof)

Dr. Vinentus, Who is this Client of yours?

Man of Shadows, You'll see.

(Batman leaving the Penitentiary/The Helicopter flying overhead/Batman aims and shoots a tracking device on the tail end of the chopper/As it flies away)

(Aaron Cash and the remaining Arkham Security dragging off the dead bodies of the Black Sun Soldier/Minutes later the GCPD arrives on the Island/Commissioner Gordon walks over to Batman)

Commissioner Gordon, Rough night?

Batman, Joker and Harley escaped. I'll find soon enough. But we've got another problem.

Commissioner Gordon, Yes. We've rounded up most of the Black Sun Syndicate. A lot of them
                    dead. Just what went on here?
Batman, That's what I like to know.

(Deep pulsing rumble/Police looking up at the sky/Flashes of thunderless lightning/Camera pans upwards to the night sky/Suddenly what looks like falling burning multiple shooting stars descending down from the heavens)

(Everyone standing and awing at the sight)

Police Officer, Are those stars?

(The Sky is filled with these shooting stars/Batman notices one coming in towards them)
(Gasp/It's right above them moving fast)

Batman, EVERONE MOVE OUT THE WAY. (frighten shouting/As the bright light coming down)

(Camera switches the shooting star as it plummets to the ground in a loud earth shattering boom/Intense winds/Batman looking/Police chattering/A huge hole in the ground)

(Batman stands up/Looking up white feathers floating downwards he catches one)

Batman, What in the world?

Commissioner Gordon, Batman.  (He goes over to Gordon as they standing over something)

(Batman comes into view/Looking down/His eyes widen/In the crater a humanoid with large white wings burning into the ground)

Commissioner Gordon, My god. Is that an Angel?

(Everyone looking up as the shooting stars are not stars but Angels and Winged Humans falling from Heaven/Sounds of distant booming/Everyone in Gotham City is watching the event/People screaming and traffic has stopped to a screeching halt)

(Angels and Winged Humans hitting the ground with intense force/Loud booming noise)

Commissioner Gordon, What the hell is going on here?

(Batman unable to answer is shocked by the sight)

(Both Man of Shadows and Dr. Vinentus watching from the Helicopter)

Dr. Vinentus, So It's finally happening. The War is spreading even here.

(The Helicopter flying over a Large building/The Symbol Black Sun Syndicate on the side)
(Soldiers waiting at the Heliport with several other High-Tech Helicopter)

(The Helicopter beginning to land/The Crew below guiding them down as the chopper lands/Man of Shadows and Dr. Vinentus getting out)

Dr. Vinentus, This client of yours.

(Phone ringing/Man of Shadows answering it)

Man of Shadows, My client is ready to see you. She will be pleased to meet you.

Dr. Vinentus, She?

(Entering The Building/Main Lobby/A couple of Dark Owls sitting on the second floor railing/Watching them walking past them)

(Man of Shadows leading Dr. Vinentus a long hallway)

(Dr. Vinentus looking around as Dark Owls staring at him watching from the windows)

Dr. Vinentus, Dark Owls?

(Reaching a large door with a feminine looking aperture/The Doors opening)

(A bunch of Dark Owls sitting every with a large elegant chair turned around/They walk inside/The camera shifts to the woman sitting in the chair however we can't see her just yet)

Woman, Well good evening Dr. Nathan Ivo Vinentus. (The Woman turns around to face him off screen) I've waited a long time to me you.

(Dr. Vinentus narrows his eyes)

Dr. Vinentus, It's you. You've come back.

(The Woman turns out to be none other than Morganna Grey as she smiles at him)

Dr. Vinentus, Morganna Grey.

              (The End?)
Two Worlds The Second War Part 8 Act 2 Arkham
Morganna Grey has returned and has mastermind the Jail break from Arkham Island. What plans does she have in store for Dr. Vinentus?
All secrets will be revealed in Two Worlds The Second War Part 9 Act 2 Arkham to find out. Bye.
Two Worlds The Second War Part 7 Act 2 Arkham

(Gotham City Arkham Island/Penitentiary)

(Batman enters the Penitentiary/Three Black Sun Soldiers standing by the Window)

Soldier, Our order is to stand guard until the Boss retrieve our guest.

(A Batarang hits the Soldier in the back of the head/The others turn around/Batman already in the air/Drop kicks the one on the left/The Soldier on the right tries to fire at him/But Batman disarms him with CQC then knocks him out)

      (Extreme Incarceration)

Man of Shadows, Good evening Doctor Vinentus.

Dr. Vinentus, And who are you?

Man of Shadows, I'm someone trying to free you. My client requested your service. I plan
               on freeing you. Though you knew that didn't you?
Dr. Vinentus, It's about time. Still I can free myself. And to answer another question.
             the answer is no. I have no intention of taking part in this war.
Man of Shadows, Whatever do you mean?

Dr. Vinentus, Don't play dumb with me. I know all about this heavenly war.

Man of Shadows, Of course you do. You are a Winged One.

Dr. Vinentus, Anyway let's go I like to get out of here before the War comes this way.

(The Man pulls out a device then pushes a button/Unlocking his Cell)

Man of Shadows, My client will be pleased.

Dr. Vinentus, Lead the way.

(Batman traveling through the hallways/Laughing nearby/Batman turns to the left/Seeing The Joker grinning at him from his Cell)

The Joker, Why dear Dark Knight. Did you come all this way for me?

Batman, I'm not here for you Joker.

The Joker, The Man in the Suit. (Laughing)

Batman, What do you know of him?

The Joker, Heading in that direction I suppose but one can only tell.

(Suddenly a single Black Sun Soldier comes from the corner/He takes him/Batman throws a batarang at him/Knocking his gun to the side/Discharge blast/Bullets hitting the side of the wall/Prisoners screaming/Batman running up and uppercuts him/Groans/Thud)

(Batman continues on/Joker uncovers his eyes and looks with an evil grin/As the device on the Cell Door is busted/Door unlocks and Joker walks out/Breathing heavily)

The Joker, Ah good old fresh air. (Walks over to the unconscious Soldier and takes his gun)

The Joker, Looks like you wont be needing this anymore. (Gunshots/Shooting him in the head)

(A minute later/Harley Quinn waiting in her cell/Cell Door opens)

Harley Quinn, Huh? (Joker opens the door) Mister J. How did you.

The Joker, No time to explain my dear. It' time to take our leave. The Batman is busy
          somewhere else.
(Harley walks out)

Harley Quinn, Where are we going?

The Joker, Where else. Gotham City. After all when Batman's away and The Joker will play.

(Chuckling/Maniacal laughing as they both leaving)

(Batman passing through the Main Cell Block/His shadows passes over the Cells/As Criminals and patience cower in fear in his presence)

(He enters the Extreme Incarceration Room/Several Black Sun Soldiers gathering her all turning and aiming their weapons at Batman)

(Both Man of Shadows and Dr. Vinentus standing behind them as they pass on through)

Man of Shadows, Congratulation Batman you've made it this for. We were just leaving.

Batman, Dr. Vinentus I presume.

Dr. Vinentus, You know of me?

Batman, I know your exile yourself here in Arkham. Pretending to be a patient here.
       You could have left anytime you wanted. Why?
Dr. Vinentus, That my dear boy. Is a story for another day.

(Both walking past Batman)

Man of Shadows, So long Batman. Shoot him if he leaves.

(Batman watching them pass and notice Man of Shadows changes his style of walking with his legs closer together/The Soldiers cocking their weapons)

(Man of Shadows touches his neck)

Man of Shadows, We have him. Sent a chopper.

(The Soldier about to fire)

Soldier, End of the line Batman. (Batman holding several smoke bombs in his hands)

(He throws them down/Boom/Gunfire/Coughing)

Soldier 2, Where the hell did he go?

(Suddenly Soldiers being picked off one by one/Sounds of struggling and blows landing)
(Gunfire/Screams/A body flies past him/Batman comes out of the darkness and punches him in the face/Screams/Thudding)

(The Smoke clears/Batman has knocked all the Black Sun Soldiers)

Batman, I got to catch up with them.

      (Batman leaving Extreme Incarceration)

          (The End)
Two Worlds The Second War Part 7 Act 2 Arkham
Man of Shadows and Dr. Vintenus on their way out and The Joker has escaped. Batman is in pursue of them. What will happen next. Find out in Two Worlds The Second War Part 8 Act 2 Arkham. Bye.


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Two Worlds One Story is more than just a crossover of Felarya and Solarius-Nargoth. It's a story about many connections to why the seperate worlds are so similiar. What going into Too much details. But it might answer some of the questions but that's up to the viewers whether or not me. Whether the story is canon or not it's all up to you the viewers. Although there's one people on Deviantart who doesn't like my Soloarius-Nargoth. But I wont mention him. But for the rest of you. Enjoy. Thank you.
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