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Profile The Gyonoids Race

The Gyonoids race by the common tongue are humanoid robots. They are not man made beings evolved from a race of techno organic entity possibility descends of The Sentinel Race. First appearing during the First Age of Solarius-Nargoth. Gyonoids size varies from Robot to Robot however for the most past they're relatively human sized. There are reports of super sized Gyonoids only found in certain parts of Solarius-Nargoth.

Unlike man made robots. Gyonoids are born with a soul like everyone else along with human like emotions. They can feel happy sad angry remorse just like any other person.

Gyonoids are some of most highly intelligent beings in Solarius-Nargoth. They are the forerunner behind most of the creation of the First and Second Age technology after the disbandment of the Empire of the Jorogumo Race. Gyonoids helped in the rebuilding of the civilization of many inhabitants of Solarius-Nargoth.

Gyonoids are also served during some of the more violent wars before the arrival of Inari The Dark One. Gyonoids are regarded as one of them most versatile beings. Tasking with all sorts of jobs. Too many to name.

Gyonoids unlike normal robots can interbreed with a lot of other races. Like humans they possess the same sexual biology as humans and have been known to breed with both humans and Winged Humans alike an many other races.

Female Gynoiods can give birth like a human female can. Majority of female Gyonoids are highly attractive and garner the attention of both male humans and Gyonoids.

As stated above Gyonoids are not a man made or created race so they hate being labeled the stereotypical Mindless Robots created to serve the human race. Gyonoids are born not created and have the same rights as humans do. And do not view humans as master. Though some people forget that. Research suggest that Gyonoids and Sentinels are not just closely related in fact they may actually be cousins species to each other. Which means Gyonoids may lay with another ancient race of techno organic humanoid race.

The most known of this modern age is Rosaline Gears. The half breed Winged Gyonoid.
Profile The Gyonoids Race
another Profile The Gyonoids Race. Hope you enjoy bye.
????? ???? ??????

Voice, In my restless dreams I hear a voice calling to me. That voice that guides me. That drives me. I see a world unchanged by time. An hour can feel like an eternality.
It is the World beyond the Looking Glass. That Restless World. And yet when I venture I still see the Land of The Forgotten. This is my world of mine.

(A person/We cannot see who it is only through the silent person perspective can we see the world around us/The Figure is with a eerie fog written forest at night/No sound or ambiance/Figure walking slowly looking around the surrounding)

(The Figure looks down/Seeing a paper on the ground/Picking up the paper)
(Inspecting it/The words on it says Please don't die in my world)
(Putting the paper away)

Voice, I see the world beyond the world. In my dreams I see an endless void that goes on forever. Now matter how far I walk I can never reach the end of my world. Only to return to the beginning.

(The Figure continues through the eerie silent forest/No sounds of any kind/Seeing something in the distance/The silhouette of something large/The Figure walks towards the Silhouette/As the Figure gets closer the image is that of a Log Cabin/An abandon Log Cabin as no life is seen inside/The Figure walking towards the Cabin casting the shadow on the door/Opening the door/From the Figure's perspective an empty Cabin/No furniture within it)

(The Figure walks pass the corner and sees a single wood table/Goes over to the table/The Figure sees another note laying on the table/Picking it up/The words reads)
(Beware of what lies beyond your mind/Putting in pocket)

(Turns to the right and word written on the wall)

(It reads CAN'T TURN BACK/Below it another set/It reads MY TEARS ARE MY DOORWAY)

(The Figure backing away/Turning around/Leaving the Cabin/Stepping outside again)
(Going left and walking in that direction/Leaving the Cabin behind in the fog)

(Continuing on this path)

Voice, I see the end is near. I see the faithful eyes watching. I see the endless nothingness haunt my dreams. I feel the crushing weight of sadness overtake me. I can only wonder what has become of my World?

(As the Figure continues/Sounds of movement/The Figure stops then looks around/He continues/More sounds of movement/From the Figure POV sees something like a tree moving out the way almost like a long leg/The Figure continues as more tree like silhouette legs move out the way/Recedes into the fog/Branches breaking)

(The Tree like legs moving as the Figure moves towards something large/Getting closer and closer/The something reveals to be a very vast and large lake/The surface is smooth and still/Nothing breaking it and nothing moving around it?

(The Figure walks up to the end of the Lake/Peers into we can see the reflection of the Figure/The Figure jumps into the Lake/Nothing but absolute darkness)

(The Figure looking down into the depths of the darkness/Something large within it)
(The large something moves then opens its eyes looking up at the figure)
(Fades to darkness)

Voice, Within the deep I find the darkness. But the truth is the darkness has found me.

                 (The End) ???
????? ???? ??????
???? ???? ???? ???? ?????. ???? ????.
Two Worlds Side Stories Elder God Part 9

(New York Manhattan/New York Subway Entrance)

(Wolverine Iron Man and Dr. Strange standing by)

Iron Man, Well we now know this thing's weakness. Which is pretty obvious.

Dr. Strange, The Elder God hates bright lights. Which is why we must hurry. I've figured
            why the Elder God is waiting.
Wolverine, Waiting? Waiting for what?

(Casting his eyes to the Sun/Seeing beginning to set)

Dr. Strange, Waiting for the Sun to go down.

Iron Man, You don't mean...

Dr. Strange, The reason it attacked the Subway Station. It not's staking it's territory.
            It's waiting for the Sun to set and then this thing is going to come out and
            all hell will break loose. And mostly likely its going to kill a lot of
Iron Man, Then let's take this thing down now before it gets a chance.

Dr. Strange, I'm afraid that's a little too late. The Sun is almost setting. Our best bet
            is to confront it right here.
Iron Man, Something tells me I'm not going to like this.

Wolverine, We've got to clear out all this people now.

(The NYPD evacuate the area/Police sirens/All three gearing up/Strange watching the Sun as its almost setting/Darkness begins to surround them/All the people have cleared the area)

(Scene switch to the Sun)

Iron Man, Get ready. (The Sun sets/Nightfall)

(For a moment nothing/Complete silence/The camera slowly moves towards the entrance/Wolverine Strange and Iron Man clenching fist waiting)

(All is silent/Then the Thing erupts from the entryway/Yowling howl/Knocking them down in the process/Thudding/Strange getting up/Camera switches to the air/The darkness gathering in a swirling mass in the shape of a ball/A pair of eyes manifest within the darkness)

(Cat like yowling/It comes at them/Wolverine leaps up with extended claws trying to attack it/The thing with a fast moving swipe knocks Wolverine away/Screams/Strange summons a ball of white light throws it at the Creature/Elder God howls making contact with the light)

(Iron Man firing shoulder missile/Explosion/The Creature emerge from the smoke/Slams into Iron Man/Crashing into a car/Loud boom/Car alarm goes off)

(Dr. Strange conjures at white spear then throws it/Impaling the Entity/Howling screech)
(Strange puts up a shield as the creature attacks it quickly/Cracking the shield)

(Strange putting his hand together gathering energy the extends his arms outwards/Summoning a huge blast of light/Elder God screaming as it burns from the bright light/Backing off quickly/Transforms it into a large gaping maw/Roars/Comes at Strange)

(Strange runs then jumps up then summons several light blades that shoot out in all direction/Hitting the creature in the mouth/Screeching loudly)

(Wolverine running towards it then jumps slashes it on the side/Roars/Iron Man firing a barrage of missiles/Impact explosion/The Creatures crawls on the ground)

Iron Man, Looks like we've got this thing on the ropes.

(The Elder God chances shape as Iron Man approaches/The Elder God takes on a female humanoid shape/Looking up at Iron Man/He stops for a second)

(The Thing playing helpless extending its hand out)

Wolverine, Stark! Don't be fooled its trying to trick you!

(A close up of its face with a large toothy grin then lunges at him in slow mo)
(Wolverine dashes quickly as the creature opens its mouth to swallow Iron Man)

(Wolverine out of nowhere impales it through the neck as it was inches away from Iron Man's face/Gurgling noise/Wolverine unsheathes his claws from its neck)

(It drops dead to the ground/The darkness disappears showing its true form/It's true form is some type of giant Crab like Scorpion with multiple tentacles)

(The stare at the odd mish mass creature/Strange comes over then places his hand on the creature/Reading its mind/The others look on/He finishes)

Dr. Strange, I see. This thing is called a Dark Crawler. A predatory Elder God that moves
            world to world seeking dark places then kills the inhabitants to devour its
            prey later.
Iron Man, You read its mind?

Dr. Strange. The Dark Crawler is more akin to a animal than a extremely highly intelligent
            creature. It's an Elder God but a very weak one. Usually they accompany more
            stronger and powerful Elder Gods.
Iron Man, Like Goroth The Devourer.

Dr. Strange, Yes I think it followed him. Wait.

Wolverine, What?

Dr. Strange, Dark Crawlers usually don't come along which means...

(They turn their attention towards the Subway/Multiple cat like yowling coming from the Subway Station)

Iron Man, Let me guess. These thing come in packs right?

Dr. Strange, Yes.

Iron Man, (Sighs) Well Logan are you up to the challenge?

Wolverine, Bring it on.

Iron Man, I bet 10Gs we beat these things in 10 minutes.

Wolverine, Make it 20Gs and we beat them in five minutes.

Iron Man, Your on pal.

Dr. Strange, Gentlemen. We've got company.

Iron Man, Time to go to work boys.

(Camera switches to the Subway entryway/Yowling noise/Multiple eyes manifesting/One Dark Crawlers comes straight at the camera with a mouth full of sharp teeth)

             (The End ????)
Two Worlds Side Stories Elder God Part 9
Sorry for the delay people I threw out my knee a couple a days ago. But I'm better and I wanted to finish this story. So I'm back. So what a way to end a storyline. Comeback for Two Worlds Uncharted 2 Part 7. And Two Worlds Phoenix Gray. Bye.
Two Worlds Side Stories Elder God Part 8

(New York City Manhattan/42nd Street Port Authority Bus Terminal)
(Southeastern entrance to the IND section/Strange Tony Stark and Logan arrives)

Tony Stark, This is it.

Logan, Right here?

Tony Stark, Since we know the Elder God is guarding the entryway to the main entrance. I
           wanted to see how far this thing's territory stretches. We'll try the second
           probe here.
Dr. Strange, Are you that confidant that this will work?

Tony Stark, Well we know this thing can't be a two places at once. Of course this is one
           way to test that theory.

(A minute later/Stark has the second Drone Probe air born/Drone descending down the entryway/Camera flipped on/As the Drone reaches the darkness/Dr. Strange cast a protection spell over it/It travels downward then turns to the left)

(Loud yowling/As the fast moving blur attacks the Probe)

Tony Stark, Looks like your spell works.

(From the camera's view/The fast moving blur reforms a few feet away from the camera/Turning into a solid mass of swirling darkness/Forming a pair of yellow eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth it lunges at the camera/Yowling grows/Static buzzing)

Tony Stark, Whoa. (Dropping the remote)

Logan, What happened?

Tony Stark, I think I caught a glimpse of this things actual form. And least I think it
Dr. Strange, It would seem our little test prove this thing can't be everywhere at once.
Tony Stark, And because of your protection spell caused it to show it's face. Now comes
           the tricky part.

(Returning the Time Square Main Subway entrance)

Tony Stark, If I'm right and attack this thing from both sides we might have a change to
           lure this thing out of the Subway. Logan I need you at the South End. We're
           going through here. If everything goes well we may get out of this alive.

(Logan agrees with a nod then makes his way back to the Southern end/Stark pushes a button calling his suit/The Iron Suit flies then lands/Stark suits up)

Iron Man, If I'm right this thing will go for Wolverine first before realizing it being
         attacked on both sides.
Dr. Strange, If all goes according to your plan Stark.

Iron Man, You know me very resourceful.

(Both going into the Subway/A heavy eerie mist hangs over the area/Seeing blood scattered across the walls/The bodies of the people littered around)

Iron Man, (Radio) Wolverine what's your status?

Wolverine, (Radio) I'm fine. What about you? (Iron Man and Strange stop dead in their tracks looking at each other)

Iron Man, Wait... It's not attacking you?

Wolverine, No. I've been waiting for it to show up nothing happening.

Iron Man, Shit.

Dr. Strange, Logan can you detect it with your sense of smell?

Wolverine, No. I've been trying and I can't detect a scent anywhere.

Iron Man, Shit that's not good. Well it's not over here.

Wolverine, Then where did it go?

Iron Man, You don't think it overheard us earlier do you?

Dr. Strange, It might have.

(Camera switches above them/Low cat growling/A pair of large yellow cat like eyes watching them/Jumping on the tracks)

Iron Man, I don't understand my plan was fool proof. It should have worked.

Dr. Strange, Perhaps aren't as sound as you think.

Iron Man, All I know is that thing didn't attack Wolverine or us. It's almost like...

(Distant hissing/Iron Man quickly turns to the left/In the darkness of the tunnel the piercing yellow eyes of the Elder God staring back at Iron Man)

Iron Man, Oh no. (The Thing comes straight at the camera/Iron Man firing his lasers)

(The Thing moves to quickly it swipes at hit knocking Iron Man down damaging his suit with three long claw marks/Dr. Strange comes back and throws a light orb into the air)

(Bright flashes of light/The Thing yowls in pain the quickly recedes back into the darkness/Before it disappears complete Iron Man catches a glimpse of it/The form and shape is isn't completely humanoid but very feminine in form)

(Dr. Strange helps Iron Man up)

Dr. Strange, Are you alright?

Iron Man, (Groans) Nothing but a quick trip to the Auto shop will do.

(Both looking down the dark tunnel)

Dr. Strange, Well now we know it's weakness. It hate bright lights. Which is way it chose
            a Subway Station to hide in.
Iron Man, Well now we know how to fight. Question is where did it go?

                     (The End)
Two Worlds Side Stories Elder God Part 8
Well things are getting a little more interesting. I how they can combat this thing soon. Find out in Two Worlds Side Stories Part 9 to find out. Bye.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
Two Worlds Side Stories Elder God Part 7

(New York City Manhattan/New York Time Square Subway entrance)
(Dr. Strange speaking to the Officer on hand he walks back to Logan and Stark waiting by the entrance to the Subway)

Tony Stark, Anything?

Dr. Strange, I spoke with the Situation Officer. No one has gone in or come out within the
            last half hour. Then Police don't want to send in anymore guys until we know
            its safe to go in.
Tony Stark, Giving what we're dealing with that isn't the case. I wonder.

Logan, What?

Tony Stark, I'm going to try something. I want to see how close I can get before it
           it strikes.

(Tony moves slowly towards the entryway/Camera follows him/Inches closer/A constant sound of Cat like low yowling and moaning coming from within in a eerie tone/Tony Stark reaches for the darkness/Loud yowling something swipes his hand before he reached for it)

(Stark screaming/Backing away holding his hand with is bleeding badly)

Tony Stark, FUCK! (Groaning)

Dr. Strange, Tony!

Logan, What the hell. (Three long deep gash wounds on his hand)

Dr. Strange, Allow me. (He starts healing his wounds)

Tony Stark, I barely got even close before it attacked me. Shit. It's almost like a...

Dr. Strange, Territorial display. I've notice that.

Tony Stark, I thought the Elder Gods were more like immense beings with highly advanced
           intelligence. This thing is more akin to....

Dr. Strange, A territorial feral animal then a highly intelligent being. I would say we
            don't fully understand the nature and the complexity of these Entities.
            After all we've only fought one of these things so far. We don't know what
            there motives are. If this thing even has a motive.

Logan, Then how are we going to fight this thing if we can't get anywhere near it without
      being sliced in half.

Stark, Good question. (Strange healed his hand)

       (A minute later while setting up there only little area/A large container sits next to Stark)

Tony Stark, Since we know that we can't enter the Subway without getting ripped apart I
           decide to change our tactics a little. Here let me show you.

(Opening the container and pulls out a large mechanical drone like device)

Tony Stark, It's time for a more scientific approach.

Logan, What kind of gizmo is that?

Tony Stark, It's the new Stark Enterprise OS UAV. I was going to reveal this at a later
           date since this is only a prototype. But I going to test this thing out.
           This will allow us to see inside the Subway station and see just what hell
           we are dealing with.

(Stark reaches for a remote control from his pocket then switches on the button/The UAV hums to life then levitates up/Using the remote guides the Drone into the Station/The heads up display is in real time/Stark viewing through the camera)

(Loud screeching yowling as the drove attack on all sides by fast moving blurs/The Thing tears apart the drone into pieces/Static buzzing/Yells)

Tony Stark, Damn it. We've lost the Drone.

Logan, What did you expect?

Tony Stark, Logan you don't understand. That Drone UAV was created using Reinforced Steel
           Titanium Alloy laced with Vanadium carbine uranium material. And that thing
           tore it apart less then five seconds. It shouldn't be able to do that.
Logan, Damn.

Dr. Strange, If a scientific approach wont work then let's try a mystical one.

(Dr. Strange goes into a meditative trance/Using astral projection/His spirit floats above his body then floats towards entrance way/From his point of view/Going inside)

(Gasp/The Entire station inside is riddled with dead bodies of all the people/Blood is spattered everywhere as body parts scattered everywhere/Screeching Yowling/Something takes a swipe at him/Dr. Strange yells as he plops to the ground)

Dr. Strange, The Creature became aware of my presence. I didn't think it would detect me.
Tony Stark, What did you see.

Dr. Strange, Bodies. Dead bodies everywhere. It was horrible. That thing killed every last
            person in the Subway Station. The Entity didn't spare anyone. No mercy.
            Whatever that thing is it's not a fully sentient mind. It's more a like a
            highly aggressive animal then a come collective being. This Elder God isn't
            like the other one we fought.

Logan, If since science and sorcery can't help then what can? How do we fight this thing?
      We damn sure can't even get close to it without it tearing us to shreds.

Tony Stark, We're in quite a pickle. We clearly we can't fight this Elder God the same way
           we've fought the other one. Hmm. Well for once I don't have an answer for this
Logan, Well there's a surprise.

Tony Stark, What I mean is I don't have a answer for it yet. But I'm going to. We've been
           in worse case scenarios like this. However this one have left me stumped.
           If we can't go in there then perhaps we should try luring it out.
Dr. Strange, What did you have in mind.

                     (Tony Stark smiles a big pearly smile)

                    (The End)
Two Worlds Side Stories Elder God Part 7
And what sort of plan does Stark have up his sleeve? Well you'll just have to find out later in Two Worlds Side Stories Elder God Part 8 to find out. Bye.


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Two Worlds One Story is more than just a crossover of Felarya and Solarius-Nargoth. It's a story about many connections to why the seperate worlds are so similiar. What going into Too much details. But it might answer some of the questions but that's up to the viewers whether or not me. Whether the story is canon or not it's all up to you the viewers. Although there's one people on Deviantart who doesn't like my Soloarius-Nargoth. But I wont mention him. But for the rest of you. Enjoy. Thank you.
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