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I'm Back.

I'm back. Sorry for no posting anything but over the weekend I threw my back out or pulled
a muscle in my back bad. Been confined to my bed for a couple of days. But my back is better and I can get back to Writing more Tales of Solarius-Nargoth and Two Worlds.

In fact coming soon Two Worlds The Invasion Begins. The beginning of The Inari War Saga.

See you later. Bye.
I'm Back.
See the description in the box. Bye for now.
Profile Alucard The Winged Dhampir

Name Alucard Adriana Mumbiya
Aliases The Vampire Prince The Day Walker Count Dracula The Dark Prince The Winged Vampire
Age 280 (Looks 20s to 30s)
Height 6 foot 6
Ethnicity (Romanian Caucasian)
Race Winged Dominion Vampire Dhampir Human
Eye Color White with Red (Glowing red)
Skin Color White
Hair Color Black
Number of Wings (Four Two Demonic Wings Two Fallen Wings)

Info, Alucard The Winged Dhampir born Alucard Adriana Mumbiya is the Prince and Son of
King Zamba and Queen Carmilla The Vampire Queen. She is the younger of Nerullia The
Draculina. And a descendant of Vlad The Impaler A.K.A Count Dracula bloodline. He is the
Cousin of Andromeda Uriel Lilith Tiamat and Echidna. Born to a family of powerful Winged
Humans and Dracula Bloodline Vampires.

Alucard is a anagram of Dracula which his mother originally going to name him. Alucard is
the most mysterious member of the family. By appearance Alucard is a incredibly feared
Dhampir. Not because he's the descendant of Dracula but because he hunt other evil
Vampire and other Demonic Creatures. Alucard comes off aloof scary someone eerie with
a menacing smile on his face. He somewhat act similar to his Hellsing counterpart.

But despite his unearthly appearance he's fierce and aggressive against his opponents.
Along with his sisters visited several supernatural based worlds. Including the
Castlevania World. Alucard would meet several members of The Belmont Clan that includes
Trevor Belmont and visited his Ancestor Leon Belmont. And some point later he would meet
a version of his ancestor Count Dracula. Though he didn't care for his Castlevania
Ancestor Counterpart. He would travel along with his Cousin Mina The Winged Dhampir.

When not traveling the worlds. Alucard would travel to visit his Aunt Nerullia. Who is
extremely glad to see him. (His mother and his Aunt have a sibling rivalry) Alucard would
has to place peace keeper between the both of them. They've been keeping against each
for thousands of years. Alucard can only roll his eyes trying to keep the peace. Well with
a little help from his Cousin Mina. But he always enjoys visiting his Aunt.

Alucard visited another world with another version of his Ancestor Count Dracula. This
turns out to be The Hellsing Universe however he didn't interact with The Hellsing
Organization. He watched from afar watching the battle between The Hellsing Organization
and Millennium. A Nazi Organization lead by The Major. He model some of his attire from
Alucard but kept his own version of his attire. Alucard would later join Rayleigh in a
battle against Werewolves a few days before Rayleigh returning to Solarius-Nargoth.
The whereabouts of Alucard right now is currently unknown but reports visiting a world
filled with Zombies. Alucard loves fighting Zombies.

Alucard is a incredible male Dhampir which who been known to attract the attention of
Winged Human Females and Female Vampires. He is a well build muscular man standing over
6 feet. His eyes are white and red irises and glows red at will. He has a beard and goatee
and long black flowing hair which he can change at will. His attire consist of a Black
Suit with Black Pants and Shoes. He wears a Red Dusters Trench Coat with large Brimmed
Red Hat. He sometimes will wear a Battle Armor with large flowing Black/Red Cape.
Complete with Long broad Sword. Like all Vampires and Dhampirs he has long canine teeth
which he can use to turn people into vampire or drink blood which he doesn't.


Alucard is a extremely and immeasurably powerful being and one the strongest beings in
Solarius-Nargoth. His vast tremendous and immeasurably power is strong to be felt across
several universes away at once including Heaven and Hell. His mere presence can drop the
temperature and cause atmospheric disturbance. He is power is so immeasurably strong that
most Demonic Creatures and Vampires fear him greatly. He's intimated many powerful beings
just by being within a few feet of him with isn't limited to Winged Humans and Angels.
He upper limits of his power is currently unknown and will use it more than most of his
cousins outside non combative battles. He's feared from Impaling his enemy similar to
his Ancestor Vlad Dracula. His is strong enough to destroy Galaxies 100 times larger
than the Solarius-Galaxy.

Like all Winged Humans and Hybrids. Alucard has Celestial Red Halo Rings on his arms and
neck that suppresses his tremendous power. His aura is strong enough to knock unconscious
lesser minds and beings. His power is stronger than his parents and sister.

Immeasurable Hellfire Manipulation, Alucard can manifest generate control absorb draw near
countless amounts of Hellfire energy. He can control Mystical Demonic Celestial and Holy
Energy. He can incinerate beings as powerful as Cosmic Entities just by making eye contact
with a person. His control is so precise he can use his own version of Heat Vision by
projecting the energy through his eyes. His Hellfire abilities is 70 times stronger than
a Gas Giant Sun or Star. He can touch a item and melt it in microseconds. He can channel
near limitless Hellfire Manipulation by traveling to Hell and drawing upon the Hellfire
Energies there. He can control Hellfire in places that is considered impossible like
Underwater and the Vacuum of Outer Space.

Tremendous Weather Manipulation, Like all descendants of Dracula's Bloodline. Alucard can
control all forms of weather powers trained by his mother. Alucard has full mastery of his
powers. He can create fog mist acid toxin rain. Control all precipitation. He can control
the Jetstream on various planets at once creating multiple tremendous powerful Thunder
Storms. He can create power Blizzards Hurricane Typhoons Monsoon Maelstroms Tornados
Waterspouts. He can create Astral Plane Weather Manipulation. Hellfire Storms Dark Matter
and Anti-Matter Storms. He can control the electromagnetic spectrum at will. He can creat
weather in impossible places including Outer Space and Underwater. He can manipulate
Space Cosmic Weather powerful enough to destroy Solar Systems and Galaxies larger than
the Solarius-Galaxy.

Tremendous Telepath Manipulation, Being the Bloodline of Count Dracula. Alucard is a
extremely powerful psychic. He can control manipulate countless lesser and powerful minds
with near unlimited range. He can create powerful illusion that are strong enough to bend
Mind Reality Manipulation. This including Hypnosis. He can control thousands of not
millions of minds at will. His power can manipulate Zombies Vampires Animals Demonic
Creatures Dark Elementals and powerful Fallen Angels or Demons. He can control many
Dark Spirits including Wraiths Demons Ghouls Wights and various sorts of Dead Spirits.
He can shut down the minds of powerful beings including Winged Humans and Angels. He is
strong enough to bend the will of Semi Cosmic Beings. His power is near Galactic in
scale. He can control Telekinesis and Pyrokinesis on a powerful Galactic Scale.

Tremendous Energy Manipulation, Alucard can control manifest draw absorb channel near
countless amounts of energy. He can control Demonic Hellfire Celestial Holy and Divine
only rarely. Astral Quantum Kinetic Electromagnetic Gravitation Thermal Dark Matter Dark
Energy and Anti-Matter Energy. He is strong enough to destroy Galaxies Solar Systems
Black Holes Star Systems Suns Stars Planets. He can project energy with his eyes and
hands. He can create a powerful EMP Blast knocking technology within 600 miles radius.

Vampirism, Being half Vampire. Alucard like his Cousin Mother and Aunt. Can infect a
person through Vampirism by biting the neck of a person. Regardless of whether or not
their human or non human. This ability can world on animals humans other supernatural
creatures including Angels and Winged Humans. He can create weak or powerful Vampires
at will. He can control his Vampire Minions through their blood.

Blood Manipulation, Alucard like his Cousin Mina can control a person's blood through
their body. Similar to blood bending. Manipulating them like puppets. He can bend their
bodies and contorting them at will. He can also control the blood of Vampires at will.
He can bend Blood by draining their blood by bending it out of their bodies.

Intangibility, Alucard can move fly and walk through solid matter at will. He can walk
through walls ceiling and floors. He can use this ability to phase bullets and bombs
at will. He can move through magical and supernatural barriers and force fields. He is
strong enough to phase through energy fields and celestial fields at will. He can
regenerate his body by becoming intangible and reverting back to corporeal form. His
ability to manipulate shadow/darkness manipulation by blending or disappearing into the
darkness. Even if you know he was there you wont see him. He can stand over your bed
without you knowing it. He's been known to do that from time to time.

Vampire Immunity, Being half Vampire. Like his Cousin Aunt and Mother Alucard is immune
to most Vampire Weaknesses. His is immune to the rays of Sunlight and walkout in broad
daylight. He can't be staked or burn by Holy Water only powerful Holy Celestial can hurt
him. He immune to Garlic. He hates Garlic.

Master Swordsman, Being trained by his Mother. Alucard is a extremely skilled Swordsman.
His powers strikes and swings can't be registered or detected. Moving 30 times faster
than the human eyes can see. His skills are on par with his other Sword Wielding Cousins.
Combined with his skills in Hand to Hand combat makes him a incredibly dangerous opponent.
He can swing his sword faster than Mach 70 to Mach 100 and sometimes faster than the Speed
of Light. Like his Ancestor he known to impale his opponents just like Dracula during his
life as Warlord.

Tremendous Super Strength, Alucard is a incredibly powerful being. He can lift bench crush
punch fight press well exceeding over 100 to 400 tons. He wield tremendous strength in
his hands arms and legs. He can create fissure into the ground wider than Death Valley.
He can punch a Planet in half 70 times larger than Planet Jupiter. His is a incredibly
powerful Hand to Hand Combative and Martial Arts Master. This combined with his skills
makes him one of the toughest and strongest fighters in Solarius-Nargoth. He one time
bested his Cousin Tafari. He is strong enough to punch a hole through a dimensional
gate with monstrous force. He knocked out a powerful Seraphim Winged Human in one blow.

Tremendous Super Speed, Alucard can run dodge fight thick react 30 times faster than the
human eye can blink. He can dodge bullets from point blank from heavy Machine Guns and
Gatling Guns. He fast enough to catch missiles moving faster than Mach 7 to Mach 10.
He can break the sound barrier at will.

Flight, Like all Winged Humans and Hybrids. Alucard can fly with the use of either his
Demonic or Fallen Wings or through the use of Telekinesis. He can fly at speeds faster
than Mach 70 to Mach 300. He can fly at speeds faster than the Speed of Light and break
the sound barrier at will.

Shape Shifting, Like all Winged Humans and Hybrids. Alucard can change his shape at will.
And being the part of the Dracula Bloodline he change change between his Winged Vampire
Form his Human form. A Bat Mist Wolf Bugs shapeless mass of darkness mist fog energy
multiple Bat forms. He can change into his Dracula Form complete with Armor and Sword
and Flowing Cape. He rarely changes his size at will.
Profile Alucard The Winged Dhampir
Profile on Alucard The Winged Dhampir. I hope you enjoy it. Well that's all for now. See you later bye.
Tales of Solarius-Nargoth The Dark Goddess Part 6

(Solarius-Nargoth/The Shopping Mall)

(The Skies are darken by the pitch black dark storm clouds/Thunder crashing)

(The surging energy shooting up into the sky/Rayleigh Malachite and Areion can only watch)
(in horror/All their efforts from preventing Inari The Dark One from returning)

(From the clouds White Celestial Feathers falling from the Dark Clouds/Thunder rumbling)
(Seeing the falling feathers from the clouds/Areion catches one of these feathers)

Areion, These feathers. They belong to... (Sounds of wings flapping)

(Inari's laughters echoes through the area)

Malachite, We failed. We've done everything we could to prevent this and we failed.
          I'm sorry Areion Rayleigh. I've prided myself in stopping evil wherever it
          maybe. But I couldn't stop Inari.
Areion, Don't be so hard on yourself. This was bound to happen. Now we must contend
       ourselves with Inari.

(Areion walks past Malachite and stares up into the moving dark clouds)

Areion, INARI! (Echoing) Show yourself.

(The swirling dark clouds above/A flashing light and white feathers falling)
(Something bright zooms down then slams into the ground with a tremendous flash of light)
(and boom/Vision becomes blurred/A figure stands in front of them with large celestial)
(wings then disappears/They advert their eyes then the light dies down/Gasp)

(A Tall Japanese Woman with long white hair with Fox Ears with a rounded v shape feminine)
(face with red slit expressive eyes with Bottle Coke Glasses with a couple of line small)
(whiskers on her face/She dons a Furisode/Yukata Kimono white Kitsune designs on them)
(She has a curvy hourglass feminine figure with shapely hips and very large breasts whom)
(are close to popping out her kimono/She has very large Nine Fox Tails and Six large)
(Seraphim Wings sprouting from her back/Turns out Inari is a Winged Human/This is Inari)
(The Dark Winged One/She stands there with a small smile on her face/The most feared)
(being in all of Solarius-Nargoth)

Malachite, Inari. So it is true. Your part Winged Human. I should have known. No normal
          Nine Tailed Kyuubi is that insanely strong.

(She gestures her fingers and forms a chair and sits on it/Giving us a panty shot before)
(crossing her legs/With her head on her fist with a grin pushes up her glasses)

Inari, You figure it out. You get a gold star. Both my parents where Heaven born types.
      A Seraphim Winged Human and Celestial Nine Tail Kyuubi. (She smiles)

Malachite, So what now Inari? Your planning conquering Solarius-Nargoth aren't you?

Inari, (Small sighs) You would think that wouldn't you. But I have no intentions of
      conquering Solarius-Nargoth. Be sealed away from the Physical World for the past
      6,000 years. I decided I don't want to conquer this world anymore.
Areion, Why?

Inari, Because. Conquering this world bores me. So I decided to set my sights on something
      far more interesting. The Other worlds.
Areion, Other Worlds?

Inari, What you think I didn't know about the Heroes from other worlds. I became aware of
      it. During The Gaia-Nexus incident. I've seen the heroes this world interacting
      with those worlds. I plan to conquer them. Neat huh?

Malachite, No. I wont allow you to conquer them. Your evil reigns ends here.

(Malachite channeling a Spell/He fires a powerful Attack Spell/Camera travels towards)
(Inari/She is unmoved as the blast connects with her aura and does absolutely nothing)
(Both gasp/She sits their unmoved by the Attack Spell)

(Malachite place his hand on the ground/A column of powerful energy erupts below Inari)
(She nonchalantly as the blast explodes in her face/The dust settles/She looks back)
(up at them/A blurry effect around her eyes/The flash a small light/Suddenly Malachite's)
(Wizard Staff explodes in his hand with a monstrous force/Explosion/Screaming/Nearly)
(Shredding his body/Land thud)

Areion, Malachite!

(He turns to Inari/Summoning Sigils around and surrounding Inari as she continues to sit)
(in the chair/He thrusts at the camera with clench fist/The Sigils shatter then blanks)
(Inari with tremendous magical force/He stands there waiting/Gasp/The dust clears)

(Inari is unaffected by the attack/Moving only her eyes she glazes at Areion)

Inari, Are you finished? (Areion is both surprised and shocked his attack did nothing)

(She blinks her eyes/A tremendous blast of power strikes Areion/Screaming/He falls back)
(violently/Reverting back to his True Spirit Horse Form/Rayleigh runs past Areion towards)
(the camera/Summoning an Energy Sword/Running towards Inari)

Areion, No Rayleigh don't.

(He swings his sword/Inari without moving too much catches his blade between two of her)
(finger/Energy surging from his sword/Struggling/She looks at him not flinching)
(However Rayleigh slips then goes down as the camera zooms into her cleavage/Boop sound)

(Rayleigh finds his face right between her very large breasts/He looks up at her from)
(her cleavage/Close up of her slightly annoyed face/Sighs rolling her eyes)

(Camera pans away/Loud slapping sound/Rayleigh with a red slap mark on his face as he)
(holds his cheek/Inari's hands smoking/Rayleigh walking with the smoking slap print on)
(his face)

Inari, I haven't forgotten the time you grouped my boobs.

(Areion and Malachite stand their not knowing what to think as he walks past/Small groans)

Malachite, What were you thinking?

Rayleigh, Hey I didn't do it on purpose. I slipped.

Inari, (She gets up out of her chair) This has been fun Kiddies but I've got more
       important things to do. I thank you for these amusing but known of you can beat
Malachite, Maybe not. But Echidna can.

Inari, Echidna? (Narrows eyes) Please your faith in that Slutty Snake Bitch is unwavering.
      She will be the first one to die by my hands along and all her friends.

(She spreads her wings with smiles then flies up into the air with tremendous speed)

Malachite, We must warn the Heroes of the other worlds. Inari's coming and she's bringing
          her army with them.

(The Unknown Location)

(Echidna talking to the Disembodied Voice of Eve)

Eve's Voice, Inari The Dark One is free. She has returned to the physical world.

Echidna, Oh no.

Eve's Voice, And you are the only one who can defeat her. Will a little guidance from
Echidna, Ok. But I still don't know who you are truly.

Eve's Voice, You will know in time. We will speak again.

(A bright flash/And Echidna is back in Solarius-Nargoth)

Echidna, Huh? (Looking around having returned back to Solarius-Nargoth) Whoa freaky.

(The Army's of Inari are waiting at The newly constructed Gateways to other worlds)
(Wings flapping/Inari appearing from the clouds above then lands with her Army turning)
(and bowing towards their Lord and Master)

Inari, And now my faithful Servants. We begin our conquest of the Multiverse. The Heroes
      the Multiverse will never see us coming. Begin.

(The Portal Gateways opening with surging energy/Her massive Army going through the Gate)
(ways/She stands there with a smile on her face)

                   (The End)
Tales of Solarius-Nargoth The Dark Goddess Part 6
The Greatest Evil known all of Solarius-Nargoth is free to continue her reign of evil. Not only that she's part Winged Human. Can our heroes survive the onslaught of Inari's Forces. Well find out soon enough. Join us in our major storylines Heroes versus Inari. Two Worlds Angel of Darkness too. See you later bye.
Tails of Solarius-Nargoth The Dark Goddess Part 5

(Unknown Location)

(A close up of a pair of eyes waking up/Groans/The person is Echidna in her natural Ocean)
(Winged Form/She wakes up/Sitting up/She finds herself in mysterious abandoned Cavern)

(The Cavern has some partially destroyed Temple/Camera slowly pans to what appears a)
(bright light coming from the ceiling possibly from outside)

Echidna,(Groans) Where am I? How did I get here? Where is here to be exact.

(Whispering above)

Female Voice, (Echoing ethereal tone) So you've finally awaken.

(Echidna looking towards the shimmering celestial ethereal light glowing from the)

Female Voice, I've been waiting a long time for you Echidna.

Echidna, Thank you but who are you? And how do you know my name. (Camera switches to the)

Female Voice, I'm the holy light of all Celestial Ones. I was The One before The Ones.
             I'm everlasting love. I was then one all would call Mother of ALL.
Echidna, Mother of All?

Female Voice, You can call me Eve.

Echidna, Eve?

Female Voice, Yes. And I come to you know. The hour of The Dark Goddess is coming. Even
             those who are rushing to prevent her resurrection is at hand. But nothing
             will stop the inevitable. The Celestial Dark Goddess will return.
Echidna, Ah who is this Dark Goddess your talking about.

Female Voice, Yohko Hatsune The Celestial Goddess or Winged Goddess. You know her by her
             other name Inari The Dark One. (Gasp)

(Solarius-Nargoth/Shopping Mall)

(All three flying down towards the bottom of the Shopping Mall/The lower they get the)
(very power of Inari is growing stronger by the minute)

Rayleigh, (Groans) Holy shit can you guys feel that.

Malachite, Yes. It's Inari's power is stronger than its every been and growling stronger.

Rayleigh, I knew her power was unimaginable and incalculably strong but this goes beyond
         anything I've every felt.
Areion, Yes not even Valagron The Destroyer was this high leveled. Except for the one who
       was controlling him. Her true power rivals Inari.

(As they descend to the bottom floor/A large massive hole centering at the very bottom)
(They land right at the edge of the massive hole/Sensing the absolute power emanating)
(from the hole itself/Sensing a incalculable powerful presence)

Malachite, It's down there. The Heart of Darkness. She will emerge from down there.

Rayleigh, Well like no time like the present. (With a smile as he leaps to fly down)

Malachite, You really know how to kill the mood don't you?

(Areion shakes his head and shrugs/They also descends into the gigantic hole)

(Rayleigh looks to the left/There in the background a Massive Ancient Japanese Temple)
(surround by water from all sides large Black Leafed Cherry Blossom Trees and a Forest)
(in the background along with Mountain like structures/A large Bridge that connects can)
(be seen)

Rayleigh, How can something like this can even exist down here?

Malachite, The Shopping Mall was built over the Temple. Mostly likely had The Shopping
          Mall concealed over it preventing anyone from finding it.
Areion, Until now. We must hurry. Look.

(In the Temple Courtyard are Cloaked Figures dress in Shinto Priest attire/The about to)
(Place The Heart of Darkness on the Statue of their Goddess with Six Wings/Putting The)
(Heart of Darkness in it's hands)

Rayleigh, Damn it. The ritual is already starting. (He flies down there fast)

(Priest chanting/As The Heart of Darkness glowing/Surging energy/Malachite and Areion)
(land/Areion fires a White Holy Spell/The blast hits the ground behind them)

(The Priest turning around/Rayleigh summons his Energy Sword then points it at them)

Rayleigh, Care to discuss the matter further?

(The Priest fleeing from them/Surging energy/The energy from The Heart is pouring into)
(the large door with Kanji Symbols/Seeing the Door at the top of the stairs)

Rayleigh, I'll try to remove The Heart. (Rumbling/The Door begins to creak) See if you
         can stop the doors from opening.

(Malachite and Areion fly up to the Door/Rayleigh surrounds his sword with celestial)
(energy/He slams his sword down upon it/Surging sound/Struggling sound/Chaotic energy)
(flowing from it/The Doors begins to open/Areion and Malachite casting a Sealing Spell)

(Rayleigh trying to cut through the Orb/Grunting/Pressing hard/He's trying to shatter the)
Heart of Darkness/Rayleigh yells/With a push he cuts The Heart of Darkness in half)

(It explodes with energy going in every direction/Blinding light explosion/Screams)

(The light blinds them/Thunder rumble noise/For a second nothing/The dust clears)
(Rayleigh getting up off the ground/Groans/Areion and Malachite are on their feet too)

Rayleigh, Did we do it?

Malachite, (Looking around seeing nothing) Yes.  

Areion, You manage to pull The Heart out?

Rayleigh, No. I was able to cut straight through it.

Both, What? (Flying down towards him/Seeing what's left of The Heart of Darkness)

Rayleigh, What's wrong? (Looking at him with almost worried)

Areion, I don't think you were suppose to destroy it.

Rayleigh, What do you mean?

(Loud rumbling/They all spin around quickly/The Doors pulse and trembling/Deep monstrous)
(rumbling/Surging sound/The entire Temple starting to shake and glow with tremendous)
(aura/Wind picking up/Flashes of light/Suddenly the Doors bursting open/With a massive)
(overwhelming force)

(Monstrous winds immeasurable swirling surging energy erupts from the Temple/Blasting)
(back all three of them with ungodly force/Camera shaking violently as the escaping)
(surging winds and energy rising up out of the temple in a gigantic swirling vortex)
(Of power/Camera switches to outside as the energy spreading and reaching the sky)

(Massive destructive thunderstorms manifesting above/Thunder crashing with Celestial)
(Lightning/Every supernatural being including Winged Humans can sense the Incalculable)
(energy/The Column of energy continues to grow/Rayleigh Malachite and Areion fleeing)
(from escaping Celestial and Dark Energy bursting through the massive hole)

(All three fleeing the Shopping Mall as it begins to crumble slightly as the vortex)
(of power flying up and blanketing the sky in pitch black darkness)

Malachite, We failed. Inari wanted you to destroy her Heart of Darkness it contained the
          power she needed to fly break free. And now we've failed. after 6,000 years.
          Inari The Dark One is free once more.

(Both Areion and Rayleigh look on at the swirling energy escaping into the sky)
(All they can do is watch in absolute horror)

                 (The End)
Tales of Solarius-Nargoth The Dark Goddess Part 5
And so after 6,000 years of imprisonment in the Spiritual Plane. The Greatest Evil known to all of Solarius-Nargoth. Inari The Dark One is finally free once again. Find out what happens in Tales of Solarius-Nargoth The Dark Goddess to find out what happens. Bye.
Tales of Solarius-Nargoth The Dark Goddess Part 4

(Solarius-Nargoth/Shopping Mall)

(Rayleigh Malachite and Areion huddle back to back/A feminine voice laughing/Ringing)
(Out from every direction/Laughing echoing in a ominous manner)

Malachite, What is it?

Rayleigh, My guess It's Inari? Did you say she might have become aware of our presence?

Areion, I sense it. It's all around us.

(Thunder Clap/Looking up/A vortex of energy manifesting above them/Red lightning flashes)
(across the vortex/Bolts of Lightning travels downwards/Malachite flies up using his)
(Staff/He chants a Spell/A large white energy dome appears/Blocking the lighting)

(Areion with his hands summons a ball of white light/He throws it into the air)
(The Ball hits the vortex/Surging sound/It dissipates the vortex)

(Areion chanting a Holy Spell/The energy in his hand expands in all direction)
(Creatures fleeing/The light blinds the camera/Areion uplifts the darkness surrounding)
(the Shopping Mall/He lands along with Malachite and Rayleigh)

Rayleigh, You manage to banish the darkness.

Areion, Yes. For how long I don't know. Until we reach our destination we must proceed
       with caution. We're still on Inari's playing field. She could destroy us before
       we arrive.
Rayleigh, I'm afraid it's much worse than you think.

Malachite, Why?

Rayleigh, Before I came here I arrived in Solarius-Nargoth. I saw a sight that shocked
         me to my very core.

(Scene fades to a flashback)

(In a large spread of land in the Toriko County of Neo Japan/Rayleigh with spreads wings)
(landing and observing something out of frame/Gasp)

Rayleigh, My God.

(The Camera switches around to the massive land/There a massive Army of Werewolves Skin)
(Walker Demon Dogs Kyuubis Kitsunes Winged Humans The Four Werewolf General and The)
(Knights of Darkness/The Army Number is well over 10,000,000 to 20,000,000 and still)
(counting/The Army of Inari preparing for War/Awaiting in front of newly constructed)
(Gates/Her Army is growing in numbers/He now estimate well over 100,000,000 Soldiers)

Rayleigh's Voice Over, Inari's Army is preparing for all out war. I counted before I left
                      well over 100,000,000 and possibly coming.

(The surprised and overly shocked and frighten expressions on their face)

Rayleigh, And that's not all. I saw her Soldier building Gates. Some type of Portal Gates.
         I believe She plans on sending her forces through the gates.

(Flashback over)

Areion, It's becoming perfectly clear now. Inari is no longer content on conquering
       Solarius-Nargoth anymore. She wants to conquer all of the Multiverse. She wants
       to conquer all worlds and universes. She wants to rule all of creation.
Malachite, My god she's insane? She can summit the entire multiverse under her will?

Rayleigh, I would say yes. She's no long interested in merely conquering Solarius-Nargoth
         anymore. Now she wants to conquer everything else in between.
Areion, Then we have no time to wait. We must stop Inari's crossing over into the
       physical world at any cost. We can't allow Inari to succeed in her plans.

(Female Voice laughing that echoes the all around them)

Female Voice, (A feminine and gently tone) You know you shouldn't fill your minds with
             such foolish ideas. You know you can't stop me.
Rayleigh, What was that?

Malachite, It's her. It's Inari.

(Her true voice heard for the first time in the Storylines)

Inari's voice, Even now my Followers are already on the verse of opening the Doorway to
              allow me to crossover to this plane of existence.
Areion, We will stop you before that happens Inari. You wont succeed. We will stop you
       no matter the cost.

(Inari ominous laughing echoes throughout the mall)

Areion, We must hurry. We prevent the resurrection and return of Inari The Dark One. If
       we fail it will mean the end of everything.

(All three are flying down towards the bottom where the darkness still exist)

                (The End)
Tales of Solarius-Nargoth The Dark Goddess Part 4
Our fears have just gotten a hell of a lot worse. Inari The Dark One plans on conquering all of Creation if she is freed. Can our heroes stop Inari before she returns to the
Physical World. If they fail it would mean the end of everything. Find out in Tales of Solarius-Nargoth The Dark Goddess Part 5. See you later bye.


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